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Tonight Is For US (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Here it is!! My second Newt Scamander X Reader fic and I could not be more excited. I just want to thank everyone for all the support so far. It is truly amazing to find people who read and enjoy your writing. It inspires me so much and I already have more ideas dancing around in my mind to write and so THANK YOU SO MUCH. As long as one person likes these, I’ll do my best to keep them coming. 

I want to dedicate this story to all of you who are hurting and in need of some comfort. I hope that reading this helps you find the strength in yourself to know that there is hope and your lives have meaning. Sometimes, a really difficult obstacle is the very thing that makes us stronger. Be brave, dear ones.


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Title: Tonight Is For Us

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Rating: T

Warnings: lots of fluff, some angsty feels, and then more fluff 

Fluff Level: TO THE MOON!

Additional notes: There’s a bit of Newt POV in here that I haven’t attempted before, so hopefully I did him a bit of justice.

Also, if you enjoy this, can you please send feedback? It really helps motivate me and I welcome ALL of it!

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“Darling? I’M HOME!” Newt hollered as he entered your apartment. Carefully, he removed his coat and scarf and hung them on the rack beside the door. When you did not answer Newt sauntered to the window, peering outside at the city he had just escaped. It was bright and bustling - people going about their evening business. He felt very glad to be home and away from the chaos.

Newt swiveled around to survey the current state of the apartment. There was a glowing fire under the mantel, a record on the turntable playing soft piano music and the delicious smell of warm bread lingering in the air. It was always a refreshing feeling to come home from a busy day to such calm surroundings. Newt walked into the dining room and saw a single place set at the table. Newt felt somewhat dismayed; he had missed dinner with you once again. His business at MACUSA had kept him late into the afternoon. He sighed, resting his case on the floor.

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Emma + Books

This got out of hand. As usual.

Killian has books stacked all over the house – uneven piles that she trips over in the middle of the night, neat stacks that sit on the edge of the counter, hoards of unreturned library books that she’s just sure are racking up fines in the thousands.

“I’m the only bloody civilized human who bothers to check the things out, love. I’m sure Belle will overlook my malfeasance.” He mutters with a roll of his eyes and she taps her fingers impatiently on the stack by the door. But he just grins and distracts her with his lips on hers and everything else fades away until it’s nothing but them. She never thought the villainous Captain Hook’s worst crime would be failure to return library books.

(But he’s not a villain, never was really. She likes to tease him on his piss-poor attempt at villainy and he growls, face falling into an adorable frown.)


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