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You know how sometimes you get ideas that you really like, and can’t wait to makes something with them, only to realize after you did them that they kinda seemed better in your head?

Happened to me.

Well, as a bonus, here’s an alternate ending.

A digital painting of Fire Prince Zuko, avatar last airbender. I’ve always admired this character.

Anyways, since this is a fanart you may use it either for reference, fanfiction, or other purposes as long as you ask me for PERMISSION. You may not edit or crop it in any other way, it’s copyrighted thank you.

NOTE : another version of this with no scar : [x]

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#84: Fire Nation School (AtLA 302, "The Headband")

Presumably because our heroes are all kids, the first two books of AtLA give us some idea of education in the Four Nations—training games at the Southern Air Temple, combat and healing classes (with students accepted at the master’s discretion) in the Northern Water Tribe, and masters-for-hire in the Earth Kingdom, as well as the one-on-one tutoring Aang and his friends search for everywhere they go.

Here it’s the Fire Nation’s turn, and their education system is both more advanced and more disturbing than anything we’ve seen so far. 

Our creators based the Fire Nation of Aang’s time partly on Imperial (ultra-nationalist?) Japan, and this is one of the episodes where it’s most apparent. Aang first shows up in Fire Nation school because he’s dragged there by the truancy officers, but he stays because he’s learning things about the Fire Nation he could never pick up by spying from the outside. 

Information about the Fire Lord, for one thing.

Here I must go off on a brief tangent about one of the funniest visual jokes in the entire show—Aang’s noodle portrait of the Fire Lord, which is so brilliant it almost deserves a Top 100 entry to itself. First of all, it’s visually hilarious for both its similarity to the real thing and its display of Aang’s usual effortless prowess; secondly, it’s quite surreal to picture Aang’s entire class of preteens engaged in making these as yet another way to “mold their young minds." 

School isn’t all fun, though. If the Fire Nation is missing some of the technologically advanced twentieth-century propaganda devices we see used in The Legend of Korra, they have mastered the control of information, erasing the airbender genocide in favor of imaginary battles between Fire Lord Sozin’s troops and the “Air Nation Army.” And Aang suffers a run-in with the sort of bully who would make a great Fire Nation Army grunt, leading to a run-in with the school’s equally nasty headmaster. 

Because this show never keeps things dark for long, the writers turn that encounter to comedic purposes (Wang Fire, anyone?), but it’s a still reminder of how lucky these kids are that regime change is coming.

Soon it will be Fire Lord Zuko’s portrait hanging in schools throughout the Fire Nation, if he doesn’t discontinue that practice first. Though he might not mind the noodle portrait thing, as long as the court painter got his good side for the kids to copy.

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What’s even more impressive about Meelo’s portrait of Korra is that, the boy hasn’t seen her for 3 years and he was still able to draw a amazing portrait of Korra. Plus it looks exactly looks like her. Meelo done that drawing based on his memory, while Sokka drew a rubbish portrait with Team avatar in front of him. Oh Meelo you cease to amaze me.

Meelo’s Korra portrait done based on memory and no observation

Sokka’s team avatar portrait done with 100 observation, but still manages to be a EPIC fail

All I know is Meelo didn’t get any Sokka drawing-genes but he might have got some of Aangs remember his Fire-lord Ozai noodle portrait

That was neat