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“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.”

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zuko x katara you’re my siblings’s best friend and i absolutely hate you but pretend to be my boy/girlfriend to piss off my family au

this doesn’t fit the prompt exactly because i set it post-series, but canonically sokka and zuko are best friends, and zuko and katara used to hate each other, so… *moonwalks away*

you’re still the song on my breath

“I’m a war hero,” Katara chanted as she stomped down the Northern Water Tribe’s elegant crystal walkways. “I’m the youngest master waterbender and I helped save the world. I will not be treated like a child!”

A nearby ice sculpture rattled and then exploded from the sheer force of her ire. The shards whistled through the air, almost putting a messy end to the person coming up the path towards her. But he reacted quickly, kicking up a wall of orange flames that melted the icy projectiles… as well as the walkway.

Before any serious damage could be done, Katara doused the fire with a good blast from her water skins. She blinked at the pale face and the golden eyes that emerged through the haze of steam.

“I’m a war hero,” she repeated, still too angry to get her thoughts in order.

Zuko scratched the back of his head, looking puzzled. “I don’t think anyone’s questioning that.”

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