fire is amazing


An RPG inspired by the Phanga. Coming soon by @p-lizzle

PHANDOM: *sees whiskers aren’t straight*

Phil: “It represents your personality.”


Dan actually being supportive of Phil winning a Dan vs. Phil instead of being his typical whiny baby self was the biggest surprise of 2016


Dan and Phil // cities 

new drawing :D
hope you guys like it
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also did a time lapse vid, pls check it out as well it’s pretty satisfying 😉
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my mom thinks that it’s bad that i talk to people online like mom i could meet this person that’s like four years older than me and then drive to where they live and hangout a weekend while their parents are gone and then become their best friend and fast forward a few years move in with them and then move to the big city with them and become successful with them and have a sold out, worldwide show with them and-

drew this on the train yesterday 
I feel like this is a good drawing to finish the year with 🌟
hope you guys like it & hope you all are having wonderful holidays ❤️
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