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Properties of Sands

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

⌲ Beach Sand: Use for calming or anxiety spells to gradually wash away and smooth out fear/negativity, for spells of change, or in magick for motivation or strength

Desert Sand: Use for cursing to “dry out” your target of wealth/luck/happiness/etc, or add to a resilience spell for the capability to grow through hard times or situations

⌲ River Sand: Use for spells that are focused on moving on physically or mentally, or for change and/or healing magick - Can also serve as an elemental water offering

⌲ Volcanic Sand: Use for destructive spells or curses, in magick to reveal deeper or hidden meanings/feelings, or for banishing magick - Can also serve as an elemental fire offering

 Heavy Mineral/Crystal Sand: (Sands with significant presence of Quartz, Garnet, Olivine, Hematite, etc.) Use in magick for personal growth, focus, or motivation. If you have a sand heavily composed of a specific gemstone (quartz, for example) usable as a substitute for that gemstone in spellwork.

⌲ Black Sand: Use for protection, banishing, or negativity-based spells

 Biogenic Sand: (Sand composed majorly of bioorganisms - shells, skeletons, bones, corals, etc.) Use in magick for healing or protection

Lavenderwhisp’s Witch Types Master Post (Jan 2016)

Witch: magical practitioner

Elemental Witch: Witches who work around the 5 elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit.

Earth Witch: Witches who specifically work with their magic around the element of Earth, through grounding exercises, rock/soil collecting, crystal magic, and Green Witchery. Earth zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Types of Earth Witches:

Green Witch: use plants/herbs/flowers in herbal and natural magic, such as using them in spells and creating remedies with them.

Garden Witch: A version of a Green Witch, they enjoy working with the earth through gardening and using their herbs and plants to help and care for their families and loved ones.

Flora Witch: Similar to the above witches, they work with flowers in their practice. Their Book of Shadows would likely be full of Green Witchery, such as than herbs and herbal recipes, and flower classifications and associations.

Marijuana Witch: A type of Green Witch, Marijuana has been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes throughout history. These witches use marijuana for magical purposes and use herbal recipes with marijuana. 

Rock Witch: Witches who work with all rocks, including stones and crystals. They enjoy geology and their Book of Shadows is full of geology and crystal healing. They are most likely involved in a scientific field, such as geography or archaeology where they can be close to the Earth.

Crystal Witch: Witches who work with stones and crystals, such as through crystal healing. Their Book of Shadows will most likely have information about the stones, chakra balance, and crystal meditation.

Forest Witch: A witch who enjoys the company of trees and live amongst them. The seclusion is perfect for cottage magic and tree magic. They also enjoy the company of fey and woodland animals, and use local plants.

Swamp Witch: Witches who live within the swamps, use swamp plants, and enjoy the company of swamp animals.

Desert Witch: A witch who lives in the desert, enjoys the natural desert scenery, uses desert plants, bones, sand in their practice, collects desert rocks, and befriend desert animals such as snakes, lizards, and scorpions. They also tend to use the elements of Wind and Fire as well as Earth in their practice. They normally worship desert deities and study desert lore in their area.

Sand Witch: Sand witches live where a lot of sand is in the local earth, such as the desert or the beach. Their home is filled with different types of sand and rocks.

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hp magical creatures : Merpeople

“Merpeople are divided up into various sub-species or races, depending on where they live. In modern times, those merpeople living in warmer waters take on a more beautiful appearance, while those in colder waters, such as the selkies of Scotland and the Merrows of Ireland are less attractive.”


These are all the paintings I did for the month of August! Threw in some portrait studies for this month. They were very rewarding to complete and I’d like to do more studies in the future c: 

And now I’d like to thank all my follower (old and new!) for all the love you all show my art c: Every Like, Comment and Reblog is very much appreciated and it means the world that y’all like my art!  

Sorry for the long post! SEE YA IN SEPTEMBER


B E A U T Y Altar S E T U P

How to set up a Beauty Altar

A Beauty Altar is a good way to bring positive and pure energy into your space and display your craft items. Aphrodite devotees can also include a statue or representation of Aphrodite.

What to put on your Altar:

✨ Gemstones and crystals like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Green Calcite, Aventurine, Jade and Opalite.

✨ White Feathers

✨Flowers such as roses, lavender and hibiscus

✨ Herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage

✨ Your favorite jewelry and enchanted jewelry.

✨Sea shells and pearls to remind you of Aphrodite

✨ Candles in one corner to represent fire

✨ Moon Water in one corner to represent Water

✨ A shell in one corner to represent Earth

✨ A shell in one corner to represent the Air you hear when you put it to your ear

✨ A trinket box to house your jewelry

✨ A pitcher or container of sea water

✨A bowl for flowers, crystals or important items

✨ Beauty products or potions you’ve made yourself

✨ Your favorite scent or perfume

Color schemes that are good to work with is pinks, blues, silvers, golds and soft greens. An altar cloth in one of these colors or silver platter makes a good base.

Make some magic!