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Hey @leidensygdom decided to do sketches on various styles too , instead of full pics :D 

Silly traditional drawings featuring my OC Adira :D The artist I tried to copy is the name near the pic, if the pic has no name then it was something from the top of my head. Some ended up deviating from the artist I tried to copy, like the one from thatmiallers or my failed attempt at zelulae. Black pen on A5paper, no pencil :3

You know, I’ve never noticed before, since it’s so zoomed out, but I think that it’s amazing how detailed Lucina’s art is.

The artist even 

put in the brand in her eye

Like that is really amazing!

It’s even on her attack art. Maiponpon did a fantastic job on Lucina!

The irony of conservatives constantly yelling about how liberals are these sensitive snowflakes and then losing their shit when Tonya Laryngitis said that it’s hypocritical and inconsistent to be in favor of small government, but yet advocate for government intervention in women’s individual healthcare, a statement that led to her firing, is…. delicious

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A woman
without a man
is still a woman.
A lover.
A sister.
A daughter.
A friend.
A mother.
She isn’t lost.
Her name isn’t lonely
or angry black woman.
She isn’t thirsty?
She isn’t hunting
for a male to carry home.
She is aware of her fire;
Nothing can quench
her thirst besides God.
He alone satisfies her soul.
A woman
without a man
is still a poem,
the world is trying to understand.
She is woman,
every morning.
every blessed day.


Karen Owusu


Top 25 Favorite Female Characters
16. Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire)
I miss her so fucking much. She was so fucking amazing. She was always caring about the fire house and she was funny af. I love her to death and I miss her so much. She’s the only reason I’m rewatching the show tbh.

begin again: 18

pairing: jiminxreader
length: 3.1k words
genre: angst/fluff

other parts

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I was just thinking back to some of Amy’s storylines.. remember when she slept with Dodger? And there was Lee and Ally the Aussie. Remember when Steph saved her and the kids from the fire? Remember when her and Ste faked Leah having Leukaemia to scam the village? Remember when she actually stood up to Brendan Brady? Good times, good times.

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I don't know you and that is fine, but oh my stars I love you. Bless all the little Nonny Mormon hearts that you broke by being mean with their religion.


So my sister is super aggressive. I told her I had troubles with a coworker and her advice was “Molotov cocktail to the face. Works every time.” This is the kind of woman who goes to Walmart to scream at strangers in the parking lot. Her manager once shushed her in a meeting and she made it her life’s mission to get her fired (and succeeded). She narrowly avoids physical confrontations in the drivethru of McDonalds weekly. My sister is straight up aggressive. 

I’m not. One time a coworker made a snide remark at me and I burst into tears on the spot. I’m delicate and I desperately want people to like me and most of the time I feel like I’m barely hanging on. I have recurring stress nightmares that my friends don’t really like me. I struggle to set and enforce boundaries, I feel bad when I forget to water my plants, and I feel guilty about literally everything all the time. And then someone goes on anon and talks shit? On the internet??? And thinks I give a fuck?????

 I don’t want to be mean to Mormons! I don’t want to be mean to anyone! I want to be left alone, and I want to write fanfic in the hour of downtime I have every day between when I get out of work and I go to bed. It’s like that old saying, “I ask for so little, and boy do I get it.” But I mean, if people are going to throw themselves at me and say I attacked them, I might as well give them something to complain about. 

What can I say, I aim to please. 


the smell is what hits her first; a rolling wave of warm air, and with it, the stench of cooked flesh that makes her stomach rumble far louder than she’d like.

she can hear the standards as they sway in the hot breeze, the thick fabric distinguishable from the NCR’s thin cotton flags. the crackle and the heat of the flames guides her way.

it’s nothing compared to the fire that licks at her heart. she’s seen this before; and knowing the Legion, she will be seeing it again as she moves far from the safety of the Californian border.