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heh it’s nothing special, and the second one it’s a silly thing i wanted to do since the mercs are so close, and they actually remind me of maaaany popular ships i’ve seen… i still wanted to include engiescout because i like it, and flash fire because it’s quite popular c: anyway, enjoy! yes saxton actually said those words

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The Tradition and History of the American Fire Helmet

After the first few times a warrior took a stick to the head, someone determined a protective covering was warranted.

It seemed logical that something should be developed to shield our heads from harm. After all, our most vulnerable organ, the brain, was right there and ripe for disaster. When firefighting became more readily organized in the American Colonial period, the first firefighting “stovepipe” helmet also appeared. It wasn’t until 1836, however, when a New York City firefighter, Henry Gratacap, developed what is familiar to most as the firefighting helmet.

According to an article by my friend and colleague, Chief Pete Lamb, Gratacap’s helmet considered function first. The helmet was made of leather, which was tough and resisted breakage and burning. The high dome deflected falling objects; the “front piece” advertised unit, rank, and usually some other identifier or decoration and the “front holder” could be used to break windows. The long brim to the rear channeled water and burning embers off the helmet and to the rear where they could fall harmlessly down and not into the collar of the coat. The traditional American firefighting helmet has changed little since those days and that shape has come to be a recognizable symbol of “the job”.

Even the components of the helmet have their own stories.

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Pokemon Family shield Tattoo.

This is a commission for a friend of my other half. The shield is Palmer and Dillon combined and given a pokemon twist. He said as the symbols of the houses are a greyhound and a lion respectively, could we use Mightyena and Pyroar.

This one was really good fun and it gave me a chance to use some different skills and techniques.