fire helmet

Here, have some kinda self indulgent Leo/Hinoka doodles because I was bored and I feel obligated to contribute to such a tiny boat of a ship :V



heh it’s nothing special, and the second one it’s a silly thing i wanted to do since the mercs are so close, and they actually remind me of maaaany popular ships i’ve seen… i still wanted to include engiescout because i like it, and flash fire because it’s quite popular c: anyway, enjoy! yes saxton actually said those words

feel free to use them as you like!

For @nepheather-week day 3, stars! Really late because I caught a cold, oops. Let’s pretend it’s just as hard to see the stars from cities in Tellius as it is here. Heather likes listening to Nephenee’s voice when she’s explaining something she’s excited about, it’s relaxing.

december prompts- warm fire

hux ended up back at ren‘s after the finalizer’s life day party so kylo shares his favorite traditions– getting drunk on blue milk eggnog and warming up by the fire of grandpa vader’s helmet …