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Athena or Eileen or Jack

I’ve seen several other posts about Athena as an Eileen mirror (starting from the fact she couldn’t hear Sam and Jack because of her headphones). But Jack’s actions sort of boost the 12.17 parallels through the roof:

Sam introduced Jack, and Athena made a comment about Jack being too young to be an FBI agent as Jack sort of wandered off like a lost kid. Sam handwaved it with, “He’s in training. He was top of his class.”

And if that doesn’t just remind me of Renny “Top of my class at Kendricks” Rawlings…

But at that point, it’s JACK that takes over Eileen’s position from 12.17. He pulled the exact same sort of accidental “I was aiming for the bad guy and oopsie killed an innocent bystander, AKA top of his class Renny.”

And this for Jack was as good as shooting himself… or the Nougaty human part of himself. Just like Eileen shooting Renny with the Colt while she was aiming for Dagon, because Dagon set the situation up exactly that way (essentially  “framed” Eileen to kill Renny). It truly wasn’t Eileen’s fault. Just like the guard’s death truly wasn’t Jack’s fault. But just like with Eileen, that doesn’t change the way they feel about it.

Dave set the guard up, telling him not to try and be a hero, or he’d end up dead. And that’s exactly what the guard was doing– trying to be a hero, sneaking up on Dave just as Jack unleashed his power in Dave’s direction. The guard shouldn’t have been there, just like Renny shouldn’t have been standing opposite to where all the people firing guns were standing… it was just a terrible coincidence, but for Jack it was a sort of confirmation of however good his intentions, his power is still dangerous to people.

So he runs.

One final note on Athena… Dave just wanted to “protect” her and take care of her, and he wanted her to just sit there and let him do so. He claimed everything he was doing (from killing Deputy Carl to robbing the bank) was for us. And Athena had already given up on him, and I wanted to high five her when she yelled “There is no us.”

Poor Athena got splattered with Dave. I hope she goes on to have a long and successful career in SFX makeup

Americans Sink Their First U-Boat

German sailors on the deck of the U-58 after the vessel had announced its intent to surrender.

November 17 1917, Queenstown [Cobh]–American destroyers had been serving in the waters off of Ireland since May, serving under overall British command; by the end of July, the Americans had 37 destroyers based in Queesntown, mainly on anti-submarine or convoy escort duty.  They had yet to sink a single German submarine, however, always a difficult task in the best of times.

Around 4PM on November 17, the USS Fanning sighted the periscope of U-58, which was preparing for an attack on the British merchant ship SS Welshman.  The Fanning quickly engaged, dropping three depth charges; she was soon joined by the USS Nicholson, which dropped another one.  One of the Fanning’s depth charges, damaging the U-boat, which surfaced and attempted to open fire with its deck gun.  They were outmatched by the destroyers, however, which scored another hit with their own guns; the resulting damage prevented any hope of the Germans escaping with another dive.  The submarine soon surrendered, and the entire crew (save two who were killed in the battle) were taken into captivity.  The submarine itself was scuttled by the Germans to make sure it could not fall into the Americans’ hands.

Today in 1916: French Pilot Bombs Munich, Lands in Italy
Today in 1915: Britain Suffers First Loss of a Hospital Ship
Today in 1914: Falkenhayn Calls Off Western Offensives, Suggests Peace

A gun, polished gray steel.  Somehow familiar.  Identical to the smallest guns she had seen the guerrilla fighters carrying.

Alrighty, then! Maybe this sort of blur is what powers bags of necessity, or Wander’s hat in Wander Over Yonder…

I don’t know how useful this might be to Hana. She doesn’t sound like she had any more experience with guns than the rest of her family, and it’s her against at least seven trained soldiers with weapons of their own and hostages.

Then again, I was already thinking Hana might’ve developed a power even before she was visited by the apparently benevolent(???) Karahindiba.

I can’t use this.  The thought was cold in her mind.  If I use this, they’ll kill the others the second I fire.


The gun shimmered, became that blur of green and black, then settled into a new shape.  She’d seen this, too.

Hm. This seems similar to Miss Militia’s power.

One of the fighters had been talking to Hana, showing her his English gun magazine, in an effort to get in good graces with her older sister.  This was similar to the gun she’d just had in her hand, but there was a metal tube on the front, nearly doubling the gun’s length.  The tube, she knew, made guns quieter.

Maybe I was wrong about this being set in the present, and this is Miss Militia’s backstory? Seems like an odd choice, especially with how thoroughly American her design is.

Or maybe this is set in the present, and the same thing with Karahindiba happened to Miss Militia in the past?

The rest of the children and the other soldiers were far behind.  It was still nearly impossible, but-

<Walk!> the soldier behind her shouted.  <Walk or->

Oh right, I forgot to comment on the gun. Specifically the silencer - it might help her gain at least some additional element of surprise, but I’m not sure just how much quieter they make the guns.

She wheeled around, holding the gun in both hands.  She took a second to steady her aim, and the Turkish soldier’s surprise bought her just enough time to pull the trigger.

Well. This kind of ruins what I was talking about - namely hiding the gun a bit, making them confused about where the bullet came from - but I’m not sure it would work anyway.

Hannah’s eyes snapped open.

This is why I don’t sleep.

…alright. So all that was a dream, had by a Hannah with a far more American way to spell it. For now, I’m guessing that Hana made it out of whichever country she was in and is now having nightmares about the day she got her power.

Also, that places the event firmly in the past. Maybe Hannah is Miss Militia after all?

Oh, and I suppose she’s about to hear the air raid sirens, too, taking her morning from bad to worse.

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