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This week’s&Last week’s doodles

End of semester has been keeping me busy but I was able to draw in my spare time! ;w;)9
Also, I’ve been playing Echoes (JPN ver). I love the game and the characters already♥

I hope you’ve been enjoying the spring weather (if it is spring where you live)!


I love finding videos of active volcanic eruptions up close. Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island recently woke up again, pumping out basaltic lava flows and producing fire fountains. Here a drone inches up to the edge of the fire fountaining and the lava flow and gives a great view. When the drone zooms in, watch the rocky wall at the edge of the fire fountains - nice little shots of the suddenly cooled lava avalanching down.


The Doom fell on Valyria. Mountains cracked up open like eggs, lakes and rivers boiled, fountains of fire, ash and smoke spewed from the ground so high and so hot that even dragons burned in flight. The land splintered, and the angry sea rushed in. In hours, the greatest city in history became history.


The volcano Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is driven by a hotspot, much like Hawaii, It regularly erupts hot, basaltic lava in fire-fountain eruptions and the whole island is constructed out of eruptions like this. It had some spectacular eruptions in 2016, and here’s its first awakening for 2017. Some really good fire fountaining combined with glowing lava flows at night.

a playlist for those who’s hearts lie at sea 

(a few of these songs are on other playlists, sorry about that!) 

Alt j arrival in nara // Of monsters and men lakehouse // Alt j dissolve me // The Decemberists down by the water // Arcade fire deep blue // Alt j bloodflood // Gorillaz Pirate jet // Gregory and the hawk boats & birds // The Shins gone for good // Fountains of Wayne sink to the bottom // The Beatles octopus’s garden //  Blondie the tide is high // Alt j Matilda // Coldplay swallowed in the sea // Steven Universe soundtrack love like you 

you can listen here

forest playlist x

space playlist x

rain playlist x 

(font consultant: drunk-april-ludgate)

(ocean picture consultant: pluto-prince


based on sully and sumia’s support in the harvest scramble (which was so gay, just go read it) 

sully finally accepted to take part to the beauty contest but only…. if sumia was with her 8D 



More of my summoner & Alfonse doodle… They were playing Trouble Maker in the cafe when I was thinking of these two so.

(I was waiting for the rain to stop at a cafe today… and it went on for 7 hours until I finally had to run in the rain TwT)> So I drew the summoner waiting for the rain to stop to go see Alfonse what a nerd)

ACNL Witchcraft

I’ve gotten back into playing acnl recently and been noticing so much witchy stuff you can do!! A lot of it is up to your own interpretation & you have to make your own correspondences but I wanted to post about it so here ya go

-divination based on which gem you get from the gem rock each day
-could also do this with fossils or gyroids but gems already have correspondence resources so they’re easier
-seashell divination!!
-Katrina is literally a fortune teller built into the game, USE HER
-you could especially use the lucky clothing piece of the day in a luck spell if you have a similar thing irl!!
-using villagers as tarot of some sort, coming up with correspondences for each and depending on if they’re moving out, in, or staying, use that for divination(ie if a lazy villager is moving out it could mean nows your chance to get shit done)
-for the correspondences you could base it on their looks(color, clothing style), language(catchphrase, quote), species, personality(lazy, cranky, etc) & more, it should be easy to discover your own correspondences! (:
-you could also time travel to do this faster/get readings as many times as you want per day
-altars for deities in rooms!! You could even have specific characters for specific deities
-eating fruit/anything else edible like cake in honor of deities or as an offering of sorts
-ik I have a lot of divination on this post as is but divining with flowers!! based on the colors of them and/or what kind of flower it is!! you can even do this based on placement of the flowers(ie if it’s near a river it can be linked to water correspondences, or specifically river correspondences)
-I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST DIVINATION ONE divining with letters received from villagers,, gifts are bonus points
-like sending them a letter with a question(gift included or not) and using the letter they send back as an answer to the question, the paper they used can also be relevant(lotus, firework, etc), and any gifts they give you
-doing spells IN GAME!! like you can set up everything!! you have access to crystals, flowers, seashells(sea witchcraft anyone?), fruits(kitchen witchcraft!!), it’s a cool way to do low budget witchcraft!!
-you can also use fish and bugs in spells!! and literally anything really there’s a ton of furniture and clothes and oh boy think of the possibilities?? amazing
-candles are in the game too but you don’t have a wide selection
-if you don’t have all the materials for a spell irl finish it in game!!
-using lucky items as a boost in spells!!
-the emotion things you can get(idr what they’re called or w/e) for intent in spellwork
-you could do things like curses by burying an object representing a person then burying pitfalls all around them
-or a blessing but with crystals itself of pitfalls or something
-you get the idea
-SIGILS USING RELEVANT ITEMS. money sigil? place money bags(or anything else in the game you can get corresponding to money) in the shape of the sigil. love sigil? there’s so many rose options and each color can mean different things, go for it
-sigil fireworks
-need to bury something in a spell but for example it’s not biodegradable, or you can’t bury something for some reason? just do it in game!! you could put it behind a house or something if you don’t wanna ruin the aesthetic of your town
-disposing of spellwork items by selling them to Reese
-or by mailing them away
-public works projects have so much potential i don’t know where to start, I might come up with some specific ideas later but for now just think about it yourself, it ain’t hard to figure out(fire pits, fountains, wind turbines, flower arches, there’s stuff for all the elements and more)
-yknow that thing where you can “report” villagers for being problematic? use that in curses, problematic language for a silence curse for example
-transformation spell? go to shampoodles and get a makeover
-turnips for anything money related as they are a popular source of money in the game
-using npcs themselves in spells. need something to represent crafting? Cyrus. fashion? any of the able sisters or Gracie. anything youth or children related? Timmy & Tommy. so much more but I’ll stop here.
-you can customize so much furniture to have your own patterns, use this!! sigils, color correspondences, there’s so many possibilities!!
-sleep/dream spell? Dream suite. You could even perform spells while in the dream town and have it be kind of like the astral!
-K.K. songs for any music magic, the names themselves can lead to correspondences
-with the added option of the amiibo it makes it possible to make acnl magic more physical and present in this world. you could use the amiibo like a wand of sorts!
-island tours as a base for spells
-doing different initiatives in honor of deities(plant a tree for Demeter for example)
-emoji spells but instead using the extra symbols you have access to in game(heart, star, etc)
-multiple ways to implement this, for example have it be a villagers greeting/catchphrase and every time they say it in activates, you could send a letter to future you with it, put it on the bulletin board, etc
-making a sigil pattern then displaying it at able sisters and for every villagers that starts wearing it, more power for the sigil

I never intended for this post to get so long but you can obviously see how much potential there is! This list was compiled over a couple of days, imagine how much more I could come up with if I spent longer on this!!
If anyone wants me to make a correspondence list for anything acnl(especially villagers/npcs) lmk and I’ll try to do it. (: If you want me to go in depth about any of the ideas above just ask and I can make a separate post about it.
If you do anything based on these ideas please lmk!! I’d love to see what you did!! :D I might post about some of the things I do. ^-^ 
Some of these ideas could work in other versions of animal crossing but this is intended for acnl. do what works for you

anonymous asked:

Love your blog so far! Here's my prompt to you: how would Lukas, Forsyth and Python respond after seeing their s/o alive again from using the revival fountain?

How would Lukas, Forsyth and Python react to s/o coming back to life:

Thirsty Note: I must say, this is one request I have been really excited for. This is such a good idea and I honestly had so much fun writing it! It would be so bittersweet to see a lover once more after you thought they were gone forever. Thank you so much for this beautiful idea! <3 I hope you enjoy reading them! (Also super happy you’re loving the blog!!!)


I never thought I’d see them again.

They died bravely in battle, something that I know they would have wanted, but it still weighed heavy on my heart. The thought of never seeing them again, to never see their smile or hear their laugh was something I couldn’t tolerate. I became more of an emotionless shell than I ever was and no one could find a way to help me.

Not until we found that fountain.

We hadn’t known what exactly it would do. It was different than the other fountains we had come across in our travels. This one was golden and had some mysterious feeling about it. I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly, my love was once again standing in front of me.

I just stared for a while, thinking it was a dream, a hallucination, perhaps I myself had died and not realized it. I had to steel myself to reach out to touch them and I gasped when I felt solid flesh and bone, and warmth. This was not the cold body I clutched in the battlefield, this was real and warm and alive.

Before I knew it, my eyes were welling up with tears and they gave me a soft smile, the same smile I thought I would never see again.

The other members of the Deliverance stood in shock, but gave us the space we needed. I reached out to grasp my love once more, and my hand was met with the softness of their cheek as I caressed it.

“Hello, Lukas, my love,” they whispered in their sweet voice. “I told you I’d see you again.”

I vaguely recall hearing those words fall out of their mouth before they took their final breath, and I thank Mila for this blessing bestowed upon me.

My future was back, my life had purpose again, and I let myself feel for the first time since they died.

I walked closer to them, and pulled them into my arms where they belong. In my head, I vowed to do more to protect them, for I don’t think I could handle losing them once more. Without them, my life is truly meaningless, and without them I felt nothing but emptiness.

I pulled away to look at my love’s face, and leaned in for a chaste kiss. My heart was in overdrive, and everyone was watching but I didn’t care. The love of my life was back in my arms, and that is all that mattered.

“Welcome home, my love.”


When they died, I felt as if a part of me died with them.

I no longer felt the determination I was known for, or the passion to continue fighting. Instead, misery took their place. I hadn’t known I had fallen so in love with them until I held their corpse in my arms. There was nothing I could do to bring them back, and I began to hate the thought of fighting another second. This war is what brought them to their early end, and this war is what I blame for taking my happiness away from me.

When we had reached the deeper part of the newest dungeon, I felt like lying down and giving up right there. Nothing seemed worth my effort anymore. I was listening to the other’s talk about a fountain, but I paid them no mind. Lately all I can think about is them; their smile, their laugh, their touch, all of it gone, and with it, my own will to live.

I was lost in my own world of depression until I felt a timid tap on my shoulder.

I turned, and nearly collapsed on the spot.

There they were, in front of me once more. The wound they had sustained that battle was no longer visible, and instead there was a warm smile on their face. I had half a mind to think I was going insane, but the other members of the Deliverance were standing around, all with tears in their eyes.

I felt my hands tremble as I reached out to see if what stood before me was an illusion, but I was met with skin. The same skin I loved every night before we retired for the next day.

I looked up and into their eyes, the same ones I gazed into when I first said, “I love you”, and they were sparkling with the same mirth and warmth as they did back then.

“Is it really you?” I stutter out, and I can hear the waver in my voice. They smile and nod, taking my trembling hands into their own and bringing them to their chest, where to my utter shock, I felt a strong heartbeat.

“Yes, my dear, and it was your love that brought me back.” They said, tears forming in their eyes as well.

I broke down then, folding into their awaiting arms. I never felt more at peace.

I felt renewed. A new passion was put ablaze in my heart; to make sure I never lost them again.

“I will do you right this time, my love,” I sob into their chest. “I promise.”


Life has always been rough for me, but losing them was the icing on the cake.

I didn’t let many know just how broken their death had left me. I didn’t need to, it is something every member of the Deliverance just understood. So much was lost in this war, and every single one of us had been hit by the devastation it brought.

I figured life was meaningless before, but now without them, it felt even more excruciating to go on. I felt like I was being split in two, the pain of losing them was so terrible, but I didn’t want their sacrifice to be in vain. A part of me wanted to lie with them in that battlefield and die beside them, but the other half knew that if I did just that, their death would be meaningless.

So, I continued the fight in their honor. The most recent had brought us to a deep dungeon, where we came across a fountain. This is where I usually find my own little corner to hide away from everyone else and collect my thoughts. These are the times I usually think about them.

I need to remind myself every day why I continue this fight, because if I didn’t I know I would use my own bow against myself.

There was a commotion near the fountain, and I instinctively grabbed my bow, ready to fight. Instead, I was met with a blinding light before a figure emerged from the fountain.

A figure I knew all too well.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them there again. It was something I dreamed about, but never thought would happen. Bringing people back from the dead isn’t exactly something you hear every day, but it appears this fountain worked a miracle.  

Before I could react, they were running over to me. I opened my arms, and they fell into them.

I couldn’t believe how warm they felt. I couldn’t believe the tears I felt soaking through my armor, and I especially couldn’t believe that I felt tears falling down my own face.

“Come on now, you’re making me all emotional,” I laugh into their shoulder, but I squeeze them tighter, not yet ready to let them go. “You leave me and now you think you can just come back?”

I feel their breath against my neck, and their heart pounding against my chest.

“Sorry dear, I just couldn’t wait to see you again,” they laugh against my neck. “Aren’t you happy to see me again?”

Now, I’m not a typical worshipper, but I thank Mila for allowing me to see my love again.

I give one last squeeze before I pull away to look at their smiling face.

“Of course, I am,” I lean in to whisper in their ear. “Please don’t ever leave me again.”


Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island produces pretty regular, spectacular eruptions and another started just recently. Take a drone delivered view across the fields of basaltic lava rivers as they spread out from the crater, and you even get to hear the sound of the fire fountaining at one point.