fire for my dry mouth

Call me Shashu. Apiru.
I’ll turn to Sea People
Storms of nomads
Followers of Yahoo

Let your hair down
I’ll cascade between
A lawless worm

My tongue a lance on fire
River mouths dry up
Your spawn twitch on shore
Your eggs burst on my approach

For propaganda is old
And I’m older still
The story is mine and not
The land littered with remnants
Dense with spit out lies
Truth hangs yellow over distant hills
A smudge of smog we curl lips at



After the rebellion has ended and Peeta and Katniss return to district twelve, they are all free but from their nightmares.  But tonight Katniss finds herself in a dream that leads to some self discovery involving her relationship with Peeta.  When the dream turns to something more that what she’s used to, what happens when she wakes to find the man of her dreams there to comfort her yet again?  

Rated for smut.  Pre-epilogue.  Collaborated with the fabulous double-knotted-shoelace who will be writing Dreaming which is Peeta’s POV.

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