fire flower


Happy Sunday everybody!
Spent this quiet morning studying and revising for tomorrow (and taking pictures of this week’s spread, obviously).
Now it’s time for a cup of tea and another episode of pll :)

Day 4 of Linktober, the Bombug Keeper of the Fire Flower!

The bombug is a strange creature that eats the buds of the Fire Flower and grows ceramic bombs on their backs. Over time the bomb grows into a full shell and then drops from its back so it can begin making a new one. The Gorons farm entire fields of these to run their shops and blast delicious rocks from the mountanside.

But beware of picking a Fire Flower or be prepared to face their wrath!


I did it!! Its done!! YAAAS!!!

This is Abraxos rolling in flowers with Manon. I tried to make his wings sparkly cause of the spider silk XD. 

Im gonna upload this to my redbubble.