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2016 - Many Brazillians aren’t very happy with the Olympics being held in their country, with the state spending millions on stadiums and temporary infrastructure and lavish presents for corrupt IOC officials, while the country and the province and the city are in big recessions with no money for essentials like teachers and firefighters and hospitals. So here are some Brazilians doing their best to sabotage the carrying of the Olympic torch. 

The Gold medal goes to the first gif, in which a group of local kids actually manage to  steal the torch and run off with it, ending in a riot with tear gas and rubber bullets. The other gifs are valiant tries by individuals doing their best to extinguish the torch. I guess this again goes to show the importance of solidarity and working together. [video]/[video]


Alright, I’ll put an ad in the papers, “Wanted: kind home for enormous savage rodent! Answers to the name of Sybil.”

This awesome LEGO model of the Fawlty Towers hotel foyer was created by 21-year-old Cornell University student and LEGO builder Nathan Feist. It’s full of delightful details from the hysterical 1970s British sitcom about a dysfunctional little hotel in the seaside town of Torquay (on the ‘English Riviera’), written by and starring the inimitable John Cleese and his then-wife Connie Booth. Note the fire extinguisher, fire alarm, and the infamous moose head that hangs above the lobby desk (for now), complete with its broken antler.

Feist showed off his creation at BrickFair Virginia, but he says the model is actually still a work in progress:

'I plan to modify this and post another set of photos once I get some parts I don’t yet own and will maybe even build the upstairs or exterior.’

Whatever you do, don’t go in there asking for a Waldorf salad.

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