fire emblem; kakusei

  • you: Het!Chrobin’s supportz sux
  • me, an intellectual: While supports do play a factor, Chrobin has ship tease that goes beyond their supports, canonically, no matter who marries who. Might I also add, well past Chapter 13. And no matter what gender Robin is. It’s always Robin who gives Chrom an ear to listen with in Chapter 6, it’s always Robin who pulls Chrom out of his Heroic BSOD, it’s always Robin Chrom is so grateful, he thanks the gods to have ties with, it’s always Robin Chrom trusts, it’s always Robin’s life and existence Chrom priorities even though their sacrifice would prevent things from repeating itself. Which is not even counting how Chrom rejects any notion of ending Robin’s life, let it be prevent Validar from controlling them, or sacrificing themselves to end Grima’s existence. And, of course, let’s not forget it’s ALWAYS Chrom’s voice that first breaks Robin out of their own near-Heroic BSOD during the Endgame. Likewise, a Robin of either gender always declares their life began when Chrom found them, and in the Future Past DLC Grima flat-out says Robin, regardless of gender, loved Chrom. So, really the Het!Chrobin supports are just one little tiny piece of a far bigger picture. A ‘greater whole‘, if you will.

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