fire emblem: dark dragon and the sword of light

Im gonna clear up the Fire Emblem 15 question once and for all:

Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light is the 1st game.

Gaiden is the 2nd game.

Mystery of the Emblem is the 3rd game.

Genealogy of the Holy War is the 4th game.

Archanea Saga is the 5th game.

Thracia 776 is the 6th game.

The Binding Blade is the 7th game.

The Blazing Blade is the 8th game.

The Sacred Stones is the 9th game.

Path of Radiance is the 10th game.

Radiant Dawn is the 11th game.

Shadow Dragon is the 12th game.

New Mystery of the Emblem is the 13th game.

Awakening is the 14th game.

Birthright is the 15th game.

Conquest is the 15th game.

Revelation is the 15th game.

0 (Cipher) is the 15th game.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions is the 15th game.

Heroes will be the 15th game.

Shadows of Valencia will be the 15th game.

Warriors will be the 15th game.

Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch (working title) will be the 15th game.

Its really not that hard to understand guys.

As it’s 20th April 2015 in Japan, this means that the Famicom game Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light was released twenty-five years ago! With Fire Emblem If and Illusory Revelations#FE due out in Japan later this year, the series is showing no signs of showing down! Happy 25th Anniversary Fire Emblem!

I’d like to see Fire Emblem attempt making a game (maybe a side game/spinoff, but a TRPG nonetheless) where all of the classes are completely new and/or revamped. There’d still basic archtypes, such as ‘healer’, but the healer might have an innate combat use or buffing ability or something we haven’t seen before. Basically, I’d like to see IS 'stretch their creative muscles’ like they did going from Dark Dragon and Sword of Light to Gaiden again.