fire emblem jill


A while ago I participated in two Fire Emblem zines! It was amazing taking part in this project with other super talented artists! :D

Check the zine’s page on tumblr here: @togetherweridefanzine
And twitter here: TWRzine

EDIT: I should add seeing that this got a decent amount of reblogs that I’m still waiting for my Owain/L'Arachel fanfic ok please get to it guys send me fica I’VE BEEN ADVOCATING FOR THIS CRACKSHIP FOR YEARS NOW

fecipher twitter, 9-6-2017: “Sincere Dragonlord, Jill”

[Card Showcase] It is said that people fight in the name of their fatherland. But the truth is…? The prospect of reuniting with those precious to her on the field of battle, only to cross blades with them, gravely worries Jill. Thus, she resolves to follow her own heart. Fighting for what she believes in hones her axe and, as she wheels in the sky, she becomes a crimson fang! (Illust. Saori Toyota)

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