I was at Acen as Grima!Robin this year!  Robin is one of my favourite characters, so I figured it was time to tackle this monster cloak of his.  (I’m already making a list of improvements to make for Otakon, so you’ll see me back even better!)

All the costume sewing was done by me!
Makeup done by Eli
Wig Chopping done by Bridg

Please visit me on my Twitter at SecondPrinces since that’s where I hang out and post a lot of WIP for cosplay.


Reviving Tiki becaaaause I finally have a Nowi near me to cosplay with! So yeah later this year I’ll shoot FE:A again with a friend as Nowi and our group is going to be a little bigger <3<3<3<3 (or next year only because I don’t want @iichijouji to die from the heat)