you deserve better from me than one sword
in a world of troubles. ❞
— Chrom / Chapter 13: Family Reunion

I ran into these awesome cosplayers while at PAX Prime this past weekend! I’m super grateful to them for allowing me to take a few photos of them :) 

Chrom: Pihyarara Cosplay
Lucina: Elehal Cosplay
Photographer: sorairo-days Cosplay


“I want to be a proper lady like my sister. …But don’t tell anyone I said that.”

My Fire Emblem Awakening Lissa Cosplay. Like me on Facebook

Photographer - Wig from Circusdoll - Costume from Procosplay -  Staff by Ryan Baka - Review coming soon here - Watch this costume in action

I’ve taken a break from pokemon and made some trinkets for Fire Emblem (since I’ve been replaying Awakening). I hope you guys like them! :D

Pendants available at Trinket Geek:

Mark of Exalt Steel

Lucina Brooch

Lucina Eye

FE:A Dragons

Mark of Exalt

Mark of Grima


Hi guys!! I’m so excited!

I actually managed to fix up my Kjelle in time for Fanime! I remade a lot of the arm/leg armor to fit better and be sleeker + give me more mobility! I also fixed the wreath/shoulder armor and made it so it sat on my shoulders more accurately instead of having the back stick up like before I’M SO STOKED

All of these photos are by the totally awesome Somatic Studios he snapped them so quick too wowee

ALSO I just installed TagViewer and I can’t believe all of the nice things people have been saying about my cosplay, thank you thank you I hope we can all be buds ; u ;/

My FB page is here also if you want to check it out! Miss Steak

AND if you want to see my Kjelle “in action” I’m featured in this totally rad video


It seems our fates are joined

It took a year but we finally had a photoshoot of these two dorks! After all the time and effort we put into making nearly every piece of these costumes by hand, it’s nice to finally have pictures, and we hope to get more this summer~

Chrom - [ bleachcakecosplay ]  Robin - [ lendra-chan ] Photos - [ FB/tumblr