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After re-watching this (for the millionth time cause what is life) I find it interesting how in the “Decision” scene we get two reactions from the older brothers.

Ryoma looks confident and assured that Corrin will come to their birth family, after seeing the “evil” that Nohr has done–especially what happen to their mother, thinking that he has shown everything he could to his sibling that he lost for so many years and they won’t doubt to come home with them.

Xander on the other hand, shows a flash of concern and desperation since he knows he is losing another sibling to the Hoshidans (since in the Nohr drama CD, he told Laslow that he lost many siblings in different ways–one of them is that some became prisoners of war by Hoshido) and while he’s fully aware that Corrin’s birth family is the Hoshidans, that doesn’t mean he was still emotional prepared to lose them.

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Could you do leo in 3A?? If you're still doing em c:

this boy doesn’t deserve it..