fire emblem 3ds spoilers

Fire Emblem If/Fates:             

  • Birthright and Conquest Routes (2015-2016, Nintendo 3DS)

ファイアーエムブレムif | Fire Emblem Fate

泡沫の記憶編 DLC | Utakata no Kioku Hen DLC
Chapter 6. 果てぬ黎明 (Endless Dawn) Ending Credit

“はじめまして、カンナ。” —- シグレ
“Nice to meet you, Kana.” —- Shigure

*This is for the Anon who was afraid of not being able to beat the last map without someone getting killed. But then again, hey! if I can (and I was on Lunatic!), then you can as well!! :D* 


SERIOUSLY? We had ONE MORE DAY. ONE. MORE. DAY. And then there would have been trailer hype, there would have been “Praise Daddy Sakurai!”, there would have been and ACTUALLY OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

WE HAVEN’T HAD AN ACTUALLY SURPRISE REVEAL FOR A NEW CHARACTER SINCE ROBIN. THINK ABOUT THAT. All the other character trailers were ruined by the Smash 3DS leaks in the summer of last year.

Sakurai has dedicated the last THREE YEARS of his life to this game and keeping everything he does under a veil of secrecy to announce it when he deems fit. HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR THE MAN AND LET HIM DO THE ANNOUNCING. THAT’S LIKE OPENING SOMEONE ELSE’S PRESENT FOR THEM ON CHRISTMAS, YOU JUST DON’T FUCKING DO IT.


The battle song you hear from battling the Marth Amiibo in Fire Emblem if/Fates

…I have always been the fell dragon… …since the day I was born… …I wish that I were human! That I could have lived a normal life with you! …But I’m not, and I can’t… ”

Oracle’s favorite Ylisse characters, in no particular order: Robin

I know that Robin is a hit or miss character for many, as she is something new but familiar in an expanded way for the series of Fire Emblem. Which I’ve made this comparison about her before, saying that she shares similarities to the two playable characters from Dragon Age; The Warden and Hawke.

We don’t exactly choose Robin’s personality, as she has one for herself. Outside of her being serious and devoted to her role as a strategist, she’s shown to be very blithe, and for the sake of irony; human. What I think is required of her in that job is to make the harder decisions, since no punches can really be pulled during wartime.

We’ve had characters from the other games make, so to speak, deals with devils for what may or may not be for their desire of the greater good. Robin had no such will to make a choice, given her heart was that of the Fell Dragon. She still fought Grima every step of the way for years, killing her friends and putting their own children through hell, along with her own son, in the hope that she and the Fell Dragon would be killed together.