Krysta: Really excited this week. Guess why?

Kit: It’s “peach week” in your Fruit of the Week club?

Krysta: How did you know? I’m excited about that but I’m really excited about Fire Emblem Fates!! We started Fire Emblem FEbruary last week on Nintendo Minute and we’re doing a month of videos dedicated to this amazing game. So, since it’s occupying our hearts and minds, why not talk about it today too!

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Fire Emblem Fates cut the facepetting.

But left in the essentially the same sort of thing content of blowing on/touching your waifu/husbando


Nintendo of America cut out exactly enough to make the weebs mad.

And left in exactly enough to make the anti-weebs mad.

I’m actually impressed, they’re perfecting incompetence as an art form, in themselves.