fire divas


I thought it’d be cute if Diva and Sera asked Bakura to join them on their travels….. so here’s just a couple doodles of that (Bakura is that poor easily fooled tourist to which Diva is like no no don’t you dare look over there)

“This is a bad idea.”

“Don’t worry about it, Daichi-san!” Nishinoya leaned up from Asahi’s shoulders and pressed the front half of the colorful Happy Birthday banner to the hood over the alcohol shelves. Asahi offered him a strip of clear tape and Nishinoya took it. “It’ll be fun!” he said cheerfully.

“For you,” Daichi scowled as he set a plate on the counter and covered it in multi-colored sprinkles.

“C’mon, Sawamura!” Kuroo called from across the bar where he stood on a booth, hanging up streamers. “It’s a party! It’ll be a blast!”

“It’ll be a blast, until I have to clean up tomorrow morning,” Daichi grumbled. He rimmed a large martini glass with frosting and then dipped it into the sprinkles.

“Is Sawa-chan still complaining?” Oikawa’s voice echoed from the bar’s speakers.

“Yes,” everyone answered in a shout.

“Sawa-chan, just shut up and enjoy the party.”

Bokuto bounded up to the counter, Akaashi following at a slower pace, a bag slung over his shoulder.

“Okay, everyone take a sparkler!”

“Sparkler?” Daichi blanched.

“Woo!” Asahi lowered Nishinoya from his shoulders and he raced around the counter. “I want two of them! I’m gonna dual wield! Ryuu, get over here!”

Akaashi opened his bag and Bokuto started handing the fireworks out as people gathered around.

“This is a bad idea,” Daichi rubbed his eyes. “My bar is going to burn down.”

“Daichi…” Asahi stood at his shoulder. “Maybe I should call the fire department and have them on standby…”

“Fire and liquor, what could possibly go wrong?” Hanamaki waved his sparkler in Daichi’s face.

He slapped it away with a scowl. “I’m going to have ashes all over the god damn floor. You bastards better show up tomorrow morning and help me clean this place!”

Everyone scoffed and rolled their eyes.

“You sons of bitches!”

Asahi grabbed two candles in the shapes of a two and a four and carried them around the counter in the direction of the karaoke stage where an immense cake rested on a short table. Iwaizumi stood beside it, browsing through the karaoke machine, a half empty beer in his hands.

“Is Sawa-chan still complaining?” Oikawa’s voice echoed through the speakers.

“It’s okay, Daichi-san!” Hinata leaned on the counter and smiled wide, “I’ll come help clean up!”

Daichi smiled, “Hinata, you’re my favorite.”

“Anything for you, Dad!” Hinata gave him a thumbs up and ran off across the bar to where Kenma sat in a booth playing his DS.

Daichi turned to the others as they covered their mouths to stifle their laughter.

“Alright, which one of you bastards told him to call me that?”

Kuroo snickered, “Well, Suga-senpai is his mom, right?”

“That makes you his dad!” Bokuto said brightly.

“We tried to get him to call you Daddy but he wouldn’t,” Matsukawa said dully.

“Thank God,” Daichi set his martini glass aside and lifted a cocktail shaker.

“Yes, that is a privilege granted only to Sugawara-san,” Akaashi nodded seriously.

“No, not even he’s allowed to call me that,” Daichi filled the shaker with ice. “He just does what he wants.”

Akaashi turned to Bokuto and leveled him with a stare.

“Bokuto-san. May I call you Da—”

“Noooo,” Bokuto’s cheeks flamed and he turned and ran across the bar.

Kuroo patted Akaashi’s back, “Don’t mind.”


Daichi glanced up from his cocktail as Ushijima walked up to the counter with Tendou, Semi, and Shirabu. Each of their arms were loaded with various brightly colored flowers.

“Is this sufficient foliage?” Ushijima asked, blinking slowly.

“Jesus,” Daichi muttered. “Uh… yeah, that’s sufficient. Now where do you plan to put them?”

They glanced around quietly.

Shirabu let out a sigh, “I knew I shouldn’t have come to this stupid party.”

“Why did you come?” Hanamaki asked.

“He heard Miya would be here,” Tendou said with a smirk.

“Shut up! That’s not why!”

“It’s not?” Miya appeared out of nowhere and slid in behind Shirabu, placing his hands on his waist.

Shirabu’s cheeks blazed, “It’s not.”

“Now, now, Kenjirou,” Miya pressed his lips to his ear, reaching around and plucking a red rose from the bouquet in his arms. He held it up to his face, “Don’t play coy. You’re much cuter when you are honest with your feelings. Like last weekend when we—”

AAUUUUGHH!” Shirabu threw the flowers into the air and they scattered across the floor. “I’m leaving!” he turned and marched towards the door.

Miya snickered and gave chase, “Now, now, Kenjirou, I was just kidding…”

“Fuck off!”

Daichi measured cake vodka into the shaker with a scowl, avoiding looking at the fresh mess on his floor.

Ushijima glanced down at the flowers and then asked, “So… on the floor…”

“Hell no,” Daichi snapped. He added the final ingredients of his cocktail and capped the shaker.

“Ah!” Hinata’s voice drew his attention. He stood up on the booth’s seat, “Shimizu-san just texted me! They’re on the street!”

EVERYONE STAY CALM!” Bokuto started running around in circles, waving his two unlit sparklers.

The bar hummed with excitement as everyone took their places. Daichi hurriedly shook the cocktail and then strained it into the martini glass. He grabbed a can of whipped cream from under the counter and covered the top of the drink with it.

“Dim the lights!” Kuroo commanded, whipping a lighter from his pocket. “Everyone hold out your sparklers and I’ll come light them!”

“Fuck, this is going to be a disaster,” Daichi muttered, gently sticking a single candle into the whipped cream.

“Oh my god I’m so excited,” Oikawa’s voice said giddily through the speakers.

Daichi carried the cocktail around the counter and stood near the front of the group. Kuroo moved from person to person, lighting their sparklers. Laughter floated through the bar as sparks exploded across the floor.

Daichi winced.

“This is a bad idea,” he muttered.

“This is a great idea,” Hanamaki said behind his shoulder.

“The best idea,” Matsukawa agreed.

Asahi dimmed the lights and a hush fell over the bar. Kuroo bolted to Daichi and lit the candle in his cocktail and then joined Bokuto on the other side of room. A few moments ticked by, the only sound the crackling of the numerous sparklers.

And then the door was opening and Sugawara’s voice floated inside,

Listen. The only thing I want for my birthday is for Daichi to fuck me until I can’t feel my legs—”

He, Shimizu, and Yaku entered the bar and everyone bellowed,


Sugawara jumped, letting out a terrified screech. Shimizu hid a smile behind her hand and Yaku laughed.

Sugawara’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he stared around the bar.

“Wh-what?” he blinked rapidly.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” everyone cheered again.

Tendou threw his flowers in the air with an exuberant, “Yahoo!

Semi and Ushijima followed suit and Daichi suppressed his groan.

Tanaka, Hinata, and Nishinoya ran back and forth, waving their sparklers above their heads.

Sugawara’s cheeks flushed and he found Daichi among the crowd. Daichi smiled warmly and lifted his cocktail.

“Happy birthday.”

Sugawara walked towards him, eyes still wide, mouth still gaping open, but now curved into a shocked grin. Daichi held the drink out.

“Go on, make a wish.”

Sugawara giggled and pressed a hand to his eyes momentarily.

“What could I possibly wish for?” he whispered. “I have everything I’ve ever wanted…”

Daichi’s chest warmed, “Then maybe wish that my bar doesn’t catch on fire?”

Sugawara let out a laugh and lowered his hand from his glossy eyes. He leaned forward and blew out the candle. The bar erupted in cheers and Daichi plucked the candle from the whipped cream and handed the drink over. Sugawara grabbed his arm and sipped the cocktail as the first tear slipped down his cheek.

Daichi pressed a hand to the small of his back and kissed him gently on the forehead.


Everyone turned towards Iwaizumi, leaning on the wall next to the karaoke station.

Sugawara’s eyes widened once more at the sight of the cake, “Holy—”

Suddenly, the top half exploded backwards and Oikawa thrust to his feet from inside the cake, arms held high above his head. He was shirtless, with two golden tassels stuck over his nipples.

He lowered the microphone in his hand to his lips and started to sing,

Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to youuuuu…

Sugawara shrieked and laughed, leaning heavily into Daichi’s side.

The rest of the bar joined in with the song,

Happy birthday, Sugawaraaaa…

Oikawa scowled, “Stop it. Only me. I’m supposed to sing.”

Haaaaaappy birthday to youuuu!” they finished and Oikawa stomped angrily.

“You ruined it! Bastards! This was my moment!”

Sugawara laughed and laughed until tears were streaming down his cheeks.

And many moooorrre,” Hanamaki sang loudly.

“AH!” Oikawa crawled out of the cake, destroying the rest of it. “No! Let me!” He cleared his throat and sang in a low, sultry voice,

And many mooorrree…

“Suga-san, happy birthday!” Hinata bounded up to him and Oikawa let out a screech and hurled the microphone across the bar, nailing Bokuto in the temple.

Sugawara hugged Hinata and then everyone was crowding around, shouting birthday wishes, pulling him left and right and kissing his cheeks.

“Hey now,” Daichi scolded. “Don’t get too handsy…”

Suddenly a loud ringing echoed through the bar and the sprinklers went off, spraying water to every corner of the room.








“God fucking damn it,” Daichi pulled his vest off and held it over Sugawara’s head.

Sugawara laughed and turned to him. He leaned in close, grinning gleefully up into his face.

“I’m so happy!” he said. “Thank you!”

Daichi stared down at him for a long second before a slow, warm smile spread over his face. He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.

“Happy birthday,” he whispered as he pulled away.

Sugawara handed his cocktail over to Akaashi standing nearby and wrapped his arms around Daichi’s waist.



“I didn’t wish for your bar to not catch fire.”

Daichi blinked in surprise, “Then what did you wish for?”

His eyes glinted mischievously and Daichi knew the answer before he even said it.

“That dick.”

Well… it’s not what I originally planned but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY SUGA! Good luck on scorin’ that dick later.

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