fire clown

Things That'll Never Be The Same Again After You Got Into KPop

- the word “Mama”
- pandas, dragons, deers, bunnies, wolves
- carats
- clown masks
- fire
- fire trucks
- playing with fire
- “inspires”
- the Lotto
- dinosaurs
- keys
- rice
- the letters N, V, DK, L, PO
- a crayon
- eyeliner
- CL (champions league)
- light sabers
- red lights
- rubber ducks
- winner, loser
- the sun
- Zico mineral water
- coconuts and bowl cuts
- the army
- running men
- chicken
- lucifer

Vintage postcard of the world famous Clown Lodge in Mosswood Park, Oakland, California, and its ward commandant, Hertz Hepner, who went by the clown name: Giggles Waddlepot.

After his death in 1962, in an ugly road rage incident that killed all 32 of the passengers inside his tiny car, in a show of respect, the Brotherhood of Clowns retired the name of Waddlepot for use as a clown.

Even if your name was actually Waddlepot, and it said Waddlepot on your birth certificate, if you wanted to perform as a legitimate clown you were forbidden to use the name and would have had to come up with something else. May I suggest: Peaches McFruitSalad.

The Clown Lodge was a nightclub for clowns and clowning fanatics, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Arts that Require Big Shoes (AARBS).

Mimes were never welcome in the building, and it is thought a mime started the fire in 1973 that destroyed the lodge after clowns with seltzer bottles were unable to extinguish the flames.

Though Baby Gruenwald is one of the few babies who isn’t instantly repulsed by clowns, neither is he amused by their antics.