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  1. Ko Ko Bop - EXO
  2. My I - Seventeen
  3. Blind - Monsta X
  4. Stay With Me - Chanyeol & Punch
  5. Broken Heart - Monsta X
  6. You & I - 2Chain
  7. So Far Away - Agust D
  8. Stuck - Monsta X
  9. Not Today - BTS
  10. Fire - Mad Clown 

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I understand “McHanzo” is the ship name for Hanzo & McCree but the more I see it, the more I think I’m gonna go to sleep one night and start dreaming of Blizzard doing a big promotional campaign where part of it involves a new Hanzo skin where he’s dressed in reds and yellows and in clown makeup firing one and half foot long french fries from his bow.


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BTS Texts;-
21st Century Girl Dance Practice
Accidentally Walking In On BTS Shirtless
Accidentally Sending BTS A Text Meant For Your BFF
Accidentally Sending Your BTS Boyfriend A Text For Your Best Friend
Accidentally Spilling Something In BTS’s Shoes
After Hearing You Warm Up Your Voice
After Watching A Scary Movie With BTS
Angry J-Hope And Jimin When Someone Is Rude To You
Annoying Brother Jungkook
Asking Them Which Member They Would Sleep With If They Had To
Baby Pictures - Jin - Yoongi - Hobi - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook
Bad Pickup Lines From BTS
Best Friend Namjoon
Best Friend Namjoon ver.2 (accidentally did the same request twice didnt i)
Body Positivity (Yoongi, Hoseok and Jungkook)
BTS Calming You Down After Someone Insulted Your Sister
BTS Talking In Their Sleep
BTS When You’re Having A Girls Night
BTS Worrying When You’re Too Busy To Eat
Comforting BTS
Convincing You Hoseok Is Your Soulmate
Convincing You Jimin Is Your Soulmate
Convincing You Jin Is Your Soulmate
Convincing You Jungkook Is Your Soulmate
Convincing You Namjoon Is Your Soulmate
Convincing You Taehyung Is Your Soulmate
Convincing You Yoongi Is Your Soulmate
Drunk BTS
Drunk Karaoke With BTS
Dumb Picture Texts With Jungkook
Everyday Texts With Yoongi - Part 1 - Part 2
Finding Out You’re A Kickboxer
Finding Out Your Coworker Likes You
Finding Out You’re Dating Hoseok
Finding Out You’re Dating Yoongi
Finding Out You Have Coulrophobia (Fear Of Clowns)
Freaking Out Over WINGS - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Goodnight Texts
Hoseok and Taehyung Keeping You Positive
Hoseok’s Birthday
Hoseok Getting Amnesia And Forgetting You - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 -
Jealous Poly!VHope
Jilin’s Birthday
Jimin Hinting That He Likes You
Jimin Missing You
Jungkook’s Birthday 
Jungkook Meme Texts
Namjoon’s Birthday
Namjoon Cheering You Up
Panicking When You Don’t Want To Eat
Period Texts - (Yoongi, Namjoon and Taehyung)
Period Texts - All Members
Poking Fun At Yoongi
Poly!SugaMon Fluff
Poly!SugaMon - For Male ARMYs
Poly!SugaMon Missing You And Fighting For Your Attention
Poly!TaeKook pt.1
Poly!TaeKook pt.2
Poly!TaeGi Asking About Dinner Plans
Poly!YoonMin pt.1
Poly!YoonMin pt.2
Poly!YoonMin pt.3
Poly!YoonMin Fluff
Protective Jungkook When His Noona Is Dating Yoongi
Research Project Partner Yoongi
Saying Sorry After A Fight
Save Me MV
Sending The Boys To Buy Tampons
Setting You Up With Hoseok
Setting You Up With Jimin
Setting You Up With Taehyung ver.1
Setting You Up With Taehyung ver.2
Spamming BTS With Shrek Memes
Taehyung Being A Little Shit
Taehyung Cheering Up His Plus-Size Partner
Taehyung Meme Texts
Taehyung’s Reaction When Another Guy Kisses You
Talking In Your Sleep
Texting Namjoon When You Wake Up In The Hospital
Texting Taehyung When You Panic During A Presentation
Their Reaction When You’re On ‘We Got Married’ With Your Ultimate Bias
Trying To Creep You Out With Dolls
Trying To Make You Admit That You Like Hoseok
Trying To Make You Admit That You Like Yoongi
Trying To Set You Up With Jimin
When BTS Catch You Checking Them Out
When You Don’t Tell Yoongi You’re Having An Operation
When You Have Clinical Depression
When You Hear Someone In Your House Through The Night
When You Hurt Your Foot While Learning Their Dances
When You’re Intimidated By Jungkook
When Your Parents Can See Dirty Texts From BTS
When You Refuse To Go Out To Eat
When You Straighten Your Naturally Curly Hair (Yoongi, Tae and Kook)
When You Wake Up And Your BTS Boyfriend Isn’t Next To You
Young Forever Concept Photos
Young Forever MV
Yoongi’s Birthday 2017
Yoongi Comforting You
Yoongi Finds The Song You Wrote For Him
Yoongi Missing You
Yoongi’s Reaction When You Sing Your Niece To Sleep
Your Brother Texting BTS And They Reveal Something Dirty About You

BTS Snaps;-
Bad Pickup Lines From Jungkook
Best Friend Jimin Finding Out About Your Crush On Yoongi
Best Friends With Jimin and Taehyung
BTS Cheering You Up After A Bad Week
BTS Wanting Cuddles
Congratulating You On Being Clean From Drinking For 3 Months
Congratulating You On Being Free From Self Harm For A Year
Drunk Hoseok Confessing
Finding Out You Have A Unique Birthmark
Game Night
Hobi’s Birthday
Ignoring BTS While You’re Reading
Jealous Jimin
Jealous Jimin When You’re Better Friends On Snapchat With Yoongi
Jealous Jungkook
Jealous Poly!JiKook
Jealous Poly!YoonMin
Jimin Hinting That He Likes You
Jimin Missing You
Jin Asking You On A Dinner Date
Keeping You Company At A Party
Long Distance Relationship With Hoseok
Maknae Line Calling You Noona
Missing You
Movie Night
Moving In With Poly!YoonMin
Namjoon Missing You
Poly!YoonMin Missing You
Puppy Bangtan
Random Jungkook Snaps
Sending You Disney Song Lyrics
Sneaking Out For Ice Cream
Taehyung Being A Little Shit
Taehyung Being Needy
Wanting You To Compliment Them
When The Guys Are Locked Out Of Your Place
When You Have Anxiety And Are Afraid Of Puking
When You’re Having A Panic Attack
When You Steal Their Clothes
Wingman Hoseok
Wishing You A Happy Birthday
Yoongi’s Birthday pt.1
Yoongi’s Birthday pt.2
Yoongi Missing You
Yoongi Missing You - new ver.

Random Posts;-
One Person

If The Guys Had Instagram -
Kim SeokjinMin YoongiJung HoseokKim Namjoon
Park JiminKim TaehyungJeon Jungkook –

Things That'll Never Be The Same Again After You Got Into KPop

- the word “Mama”
- pandas, dragons, deers, bunnies, wolves
- carats
- clown masks
- fire
- fire trucks
- playing with fire
- “inspires”
- the Lotto
- dinosaurs
- keys
- rice
- the letters N, V, DK, L, PO
- a crayon
- eyeliner
- CL (champions league)
- light sabers
- red lights
- rubber ducks
- winner, loser
- the sun
- Zico mineral water
- coconuts and bowl cuts
- the army
- running men
- chicken
- lucifer

Same-title kpop songs
  • Wolf: EXO, HyunA
  • Lonely: Spica, Hyolyn, B1A4, Kanto, 2NE1, N.Flying, Jonghyun
  • Cupid: Kara, Oh My Girl
  • Fire: Mad Clown, BTS, 2NE1, JJCC
  • Mamma Mia: Kara, Narsha
  • You and Me: Kisum, HyunA, Astro
  • Mama: Nicole, Exo
  • Pray: Sunny Hill, FT Island, Gain, Babylon
  • Hello: Nu'Est, ZTao*, B.I.G, HuhGak, Boys Republic, SHInee, Primary,
  • Tonight: Winner, Spica, Big Bang, UP10TION
  • Stay: MBlaq, Black Pink, Bing Bang
  • Run Away: JaeJoong, Kara. RP,
  • Butterfly: BTS, JaeJoong, Loveholic
  • I Love You: Rain, Akdong Musucian, 2NE1
  • Never Ever: Jiyeon, GOT7
  • Paradise: DIA, Hyolyn, EXO, S.E.S, NCT 127, T Max, GOT7
  • Only One: APink, BoA, JYJ, ZIA
  • Danger: Taemin, BTS
  • Bad Girl: Ladies Code, Beast, Lee Hyori*, Purfles, Bumkey, SNSD,
  • Good Luck: AOA, Beast
  • Excuse me: Bestie, AOA
  • Ice Cream: Red Velvet, HyunA
  • Flower: Junsu, Yong Junhyung, SNSD
  • Breathe: Miss A, Lee Hi, ZE:A, G-Dragon
  • Beautiful: Monsta X, Beast