fire cleanses all

Hillary Clinton has been through the cleansing fire. Let’s all prepare ourselves to behold the phoenix that emerges.

The Magnificent Martyrdom Of Hillary Clinton

Like an artist who dies at 27, we can now forever canonize the Administration That Could Have Been. Everything about the imaginary Hillary Administration will always be bright, shiny, and scented with pumpkin spice. Her administration sits, an unopened vintage toy on a shelf   — full of possibility and joy, the perfect future that never was.

The difference between a political martyrdom and an actual one is that she’s around to enjoy it. Hillary is off the leash. Can you imagine what a badass like HRC can accomplish when she has no presidency or campaign to tie her down?

She can champion the rights of women and children worldwide without being tied to the bureaucracy of the State Department or the objections of Congress. If she wants to go to Afghanistan and build 1,000 schools for girls, she could do that. If she wants to hobnob with Angela Merkel, raise funds for Syrian refugees, and personally negotiate corporate climate change plans, she can. Try and stop her.

She could never smile in public again. Or she can smile all the goddamn time.

She can call out injustices in our own country without having to consider the political ramifications. She could go to a Black Lives Matter rally, march at the very front, and shout, “Our government needs to do more!” at the top of her lungs.

She can take our politicians  —  of either party  —  to task, publicly and loudly. She doesn’t need their endorsements or their votes for anything. If Republicans are parroting Trump’s hateful anti-immigrant, or anti-LGBTQ, or anti-anything rhetoric, she can tweet: “What a total bunch of a-holes.” She doesn’t have to watch her language anymore. If Democrats try to jump on that bandwagon and claim that they are just “representing their district,” she can swat them down and rub their cowardly little noses in that dog shit while saying “BAD. NO.” At least metaphorically. I think.

She can tattoo “STRONGER” on her bicep. Or on her neck, for that matter.

She can get that motorcycle that she’s been eyeing for years. And no, not some namby pamby Harley Davidson road couch. Hillary rides a black Triumph.

She can ride that motorcycle right into the lobby of her building and just leave it there. Because who’s gonna stop her?

She can walk into the conference room, drop her motorcycle helmet on the table with a bang and say, “Alright folks, who are we gonna set right today?” and then crack her knuckles.

Hillary Clinton has been through the cleansing fire. Let’s all prepare ourselves to behold the phoenix that emerges.
She can accept any donation to the Clinton Foundation that she wants and put that money towards helping every Syrian refugee find a home in the United States.

She can be as loud and as shrill as she goddamn pleases.


this a cleansing bath i came up with the other day and all you gonna need is a red candle, if you do not have one any sort of candle is appropriate 

light up the candle and place it somewhere you can see it 

bathe as you normally would, and imagine all of your negativity going away with the water 

take a minute to relax and imagine fire burning your body cleansing you of all that no longer serves you 

after you’re done, put lotion or a cream that makes you feel fluffy and cute, or spray yourself with a perfume that you like the most, just take a minute to enjoy yourself