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Series: Part 1 of The Adventures of Phire Brigade

Special clone trooper squad Phire Brigade goes to 79’s for a night out. They meet some old friends, and make some new enemies, and remember that they are––and will always be––brothers.

“But I just can’t stress how much this means to me. You ask me what I do, what do I make, how much I make, and let me tell you, I do wake up at 3 AM to risk my life for the lives of your family, dragging an attack line into a burning aircraft- gearing up for search and rescue for your grandma that’s trapped in the basement- I make your day better by making sure your cat is down on the ground where it’s supposed to be. How much do I make? Well let me tell you I do enough to make my day better knowing that I could help you at least a bit. It’s rewarding. Very, very rewarding.”


Virginia Military Institute Cadets
New Market, Virginia - May 15, 1864

The year was 1864, and for three years the Federal Army had tried everything to defeat the Confederate forces. Many battles had been fought with both sides winning and losing. Casualty counts were far beyond what anyone had considered possible. General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia had lost a major battle at Gettysburg, but the South’s willingness to fight for their independence had not diminished.

Federal strategy began to focus on destroying the South’s infrastructure which supplied Confederate forces in the field. In May, Federal General Franz Sigel’s army began its march from Winchester, intent on destroying the Virginia Central Railroad located in Staunton. If successful, General Lee’s Army would no longer receive the rich stores and supplies from the Shenandoah Valley.

To stop the Federal advance, the sparse Confederate forces under the command of General John C. Breckinridge and General John D. Imboden gathered all the troops they could muster. The Virginia Military Institute’s Superintendent Francis Smith was asked if his “School Boy Soldiers” would fall in. Taught from the very beginning at VMI the principles of duty and honor, the young men were eager to prove their worth as soldiers. The cadets marched for 4 days covering 80 muddy miles from Lexington to New Market in the drenching rain.

The battle of New Market began in earnest on the stormy morning of the 15th with lightning, thunder, and cannon fire echoing across the valley. General Breckinridge had not wanted to deploy his 250 young VMI cadets, and held them in a reserve position on the battlefield. But when a large gap opened in the center line of battle, Breckinridge with tears in his eyes said, “Put the boys in, and may God forgive me for the order.”

As the boys moved forward behind their colors the storm greatly intensified, with lightning, thunder and driving rain. Now in the eye of the storm, under heavy cannon and musket fire the cadets began taking casualties. Undeterred, they fought forward through a low section of the field with standing water and deep mud, with a number of the boys losing their socks and shoes. A 12 pound Napoleon cannon was abandoned in the face of the cadet’s charge, which the cheering boys captured. A Confederate officer watching the cadets said their charge “surpassed anything that I witnessed during the war.”

General Breckinridge would later ride to their position and say “Young gentlemen, I have you to thank for the result of today’s operations. Well done, Virginians…well done men!”

The actions of those brave cadets fulfilled the motto of VMI, and would be remembered daily from that day forward. “In Bellō Praesidium - In War A Tower Of Strength”.

Art by John Paul Strain
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Characters: Mousetrap (OC), Peale (OC)
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Series: Part 2 of The Adventures of Phire Brigade

Mousetrap feels like he’s not like other clones. He wants to talk to his older brother about it, but what if Peale thinks he’s weird, or broken or something?

Heat: AU Firefighter/Paramedic!Dean Part One

Heat: AU Firefighter/Paramedic!Dean Part One

Summary: Reader is in an apartment fire and is badly burned (read the warnings please!). She goes with her friend Charlie to thank the firefighters that pulled her out and meets Dean. Fluff ensues with some smut ahead!! Stay tuned!

Pairings: Firefighter/Paramedic!Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, Sam, Charlie, and Reader

Word Count: 1,815

Warnings: Talk of burns, being in a fire, and language with fluff at the end. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THOSE ARE TRIGGERS FOR YOU!

A/N: I grew up the daughter of a fire chief and was a fire cadet myself for 6 years. Always had a thing for the hot guys I met at the firehouse. This is part one, with part two coming soon! As always feedback is much appreciated and let me know if you want to be tagged in part two! Tags at the bottom. Stay awesome everyone! <3

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Darkness. Heat. Gasping. Coughing. No air. Heat. Darkness.

Your eyes start to flutter close as you collapse onto the ground.

The last thing you see as your eyes close is a foggy light. You hear shouts among the cackles as it all goes black.

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Founders Day Practice

Nov. 8, 2017—Cadets fire the howitzers during a practice parade this evening in preparation for the Founders Day parade this Friday. The parade will feature a 17-gun salute honoring the Institute’s founders and the nation’s veterans.—VMI Photos by Kelly Nye and Maj. John Robertson IV.


It’s 8:30 a.m. and the sun is already heating up the artificial turf at Banning High School’s football field. Some 70 ninth- and 10th-graders line up on their stomachs for push-ups.

For some of these kids, the “push-up ready” pose looks like a cross between an aborted yoga position and a nap.

“Come on! Butts down, hips off the ground, shoulders over your hand!” barks Los Angeles Fire Capt. Eddie Marez.


“One, sir!” the sleepy students shout.

“Didn’t say ‘up’ yet. Start all over!” Marez yells.

The students, dressed in blue T-shirts and shorts that say “LAFD Academy,” try again in unison.

Most students don’t make it to 10.

The morning workout at this school in LA’s Wilmington neighborhood is part of two new LAFD magnet programs. The department hopes to inspire future firefighters or emergency medical technicians — and boost diversity — in a department that remains 96.5 percent male and about 50 percent white.

Indeed, LA isn’t alone. Nationally, the firefighting ranks are largely white and overwhelmingly male.

Can A School District Help Diversify A Fire Department?

Photos: Roxanne Turpen for NPR

On 8 March 1997 a cadet opened fire at a military school in  Kamyshin, Volgograd oblast. It was 18 years old  Sergei Lepnev who killed his captain and five fellow cadets. Two other people were wounded. Sergei planned the crime very thoroughly to make sure that he will be able to kill those who were on his “kill list”. After the shooting Sergei fled the crime scene with two rifles and 180 rounds of ammunition. He was arrested 12 hours later. Investigators found his diary in which he wrote that he hates his captain and he is being bullied by him. Sergei also wrote about break up with Elvira, a woman he loved. During their last meeting he said to her: “If you’ll leave me, I’ll become a murderer and the whole world will know my name. I promise”. Initially Sergei Lepnev was sentenced to death and was supposed to be executed by firing squad but later he was resentenced to life imprisonment with possibility of parole after 25 years. He most likely will be released in 2022.


Practice in the Rain

Sept. 6, 2017—Cadets practice today for a big weekend on post. Events include two parades, reunion activities, and a game against Catawba College, during which cadets will fire Little John.—VMI Photos by Kelly Nye and Maj. John Robertson IV.

anonymous asked:

Im a female fire cadet and when i started i had people, including career firefighters, telling me i couldn't handle it. i wasn't strong, or fast enough to get the job done right like the guys could. i heard it all, but instead of feeling bad for myself i let it fuel me. After a year of hard work i got assigned as a battalion chief for my second year, im the first female chief in the 20 years our station has been offering the program. So i say to my sisters; prove them wrong, but do it with grace