fire by the lake

End of the dream  by Lichon


I’ve always loved this picture. Makes me laugh. Thinking about jumping into the lake during a forest fire and trying to take a self-portrait. All after my ACL knee surgery. It wasn’t the best idea to take a self-portrait in the water with a recovering knee. Nevertheless, the results are stunning.

Ok so like in the avatar world you would think that waterbenders would be the fire fighters right? Like a bunch a of waterbenders just getting water from a lake or a river and dousing the fire. But you know what’s better? Firebender fire fighters. Just like someone’s house catches on fire and firebenders just… turn it off,,.. Just like no, the fire is done for today


hp magical creatures : Merpeople

“Merpeople are divided up into various sub-species or races, depending on where they live. In modern times, those merpeople living in warmer waters take on a more beautiful appearance, while those in colder waters, such as the selkies of Scotland and the Merrows of Ireland are less attractive.”