fire burn the ice

Headcanons: How Sandor Clegane acts around his crush

Request:  “could you do a headcanon for how Sandor would feel and act if he had a crush on the reader?”
Author’s Note: Thank you for requesting <3 this is me rn:

• Let me start this with: he is abrasive as hell, even a bit more than usual.

• This man is not processing his emotions properly, he never learnt how.

• He will almost try to avoid you. But he wants to protect you so??

• He will never let you come into harms way. Ever.

• He will never meet your eyes while talking to you

• On the topic off talking, he will give short answers and only speak when spoken too at first. Also expect cursing. He has even less of a filter in this state.

• What is this state, you ask? This boy is  F L U S T E R E D 

• You are like a deity in his eyes. Your kindness? Incredible. Your smile? Amazing. Your kind touches? hELP HIM!! 

• He cannot deal with someone as wonderful as you being so nice to a ‘monster’ like him

• After a while of bottling this up, there will be something of an argument between you two and he will blurt out his feelings.

• After that things move at a classic GRRM Glacial pace towards a happy ending for you both. haha! Slow burn for yooooou

if Shakespeare had written you, you’d be Juliet
with fair features and soft hands,
this whole world would love you like their own
Maya Angelou could write you stronger
she’d pick you up and set you free
you’ve always been a caged bird, and caged birds need to sing
Edgar Allen Poe would write you darker
he’d give you pale hands and veins so dark they’d be rivers
he’d make you a Dream Within a Dream; with blue eyes deeper than his City in the Sea
if Walt Whitman had written you, you’d be green
green with envy, green, like the Leaves of Grass in the sun
your heart would beat Drum-Taps and your very flesh would be a poem
Robert Browning would have written you with a whisper of confession
he would have written you with love, hope, fear, faith
you would have been his humanity
if Natalie Diaz wrote you she’d probably make you wild
she’d write you, babydoll eyes and bubble gum cheeks
you’d be her journal of metaphors and her box of hyperboles
Robert Frost would have made you burning
you’d be fire dipped gold and ice covered isolation
a beautiful mix of rock, water, bone
and everything else a mountain is made of

but you wrote yourself hidden
buried yourself in the constellations and drowned yourself in grey moon reflections
you wrote yourself simply, when all these poets I’ve ever studied would have made you a masterpiece

—  C.P. || All These Poets