fire burn the ice

We danced that night, like fire and ice— we burned at every touch and melt at the intimate caresses. We loved every second of that stolen, forbidden moment. The rhythm that shouts the cries of soulmates yearning for each other was blaring inside our hearts.

“They always believed that we’ll end up together right?” You asked. I hummed in agreement. You put your hands on my waist, as I leaned my head into your chest. “But you never loved me.” I said. You found yourself humored. Laughter reverberated in your chest as if you heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Why? Did you ever love me?” You asked, daring me to answer. You were so confident that you knew my answer. But you were wrong.

“At some point, I sure did.”

I then felt your heart hammered inside your chest as I bury my tears in it.

—  Excerpt from the story I hope to finish. // A.S
About Magnus' "I would do anything for you, but I won't risk your life"
  • what I say: I'm okay
  • what I mean: but do you see what this means? Do you see the true meaning behind Magnus' words? He said "anything". He said he would do anything for Alec, and please just think about what "anything" really means, not for a regular person with limited resources, not even for a Shadowhunter or any other Downworlder, but for Magnus. Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, capable of opening damn portals to damn everywhere and reduce every world to ashes, if that's what he wants. Capable of creating the most incredible beauty and the most devastating destruction, of making the ice burn and the fire freeze. That's the Magnus who said he would do anything for Alec, and that anything is actually the most grandious offering because for Magnus "anything" is basically every damn thing that you can think of, even the most impossible. And Magnus is offering that to Alec. Magnus is practically saying he would destroy every damn world or create new life, anything for Alec, whatever Alec needs. And that's so breathtaking because Magnus and Alec hasn't known each other for a long time, and still Magnus is offering to Alec everything he is and everything he has. Because Magnus didn't even put a limit to his offer, except risking Alec's life, because Alec is so important to him already he wouldn't hurt Alec, so important he would do anything at all for him, destroy every damn world or create new life, anything but not risking Alec's life. Because Magnus fucking Bane has already made protecting Alec his mission, and he would do anything for him, whatever Alec needs, but he won't lose him. And I can already feel that "anything" even includes Magnus risking his own life if that's what it's needed to save Alec and it's so breathtaking it hurts

Whatever burns burns eternally
So take me in turns internally
When I’m on fire
My body will be
Forever yours
Nocturnal me

In an ice-capped fire
Of burning wood
In our world of wire
Ignite our dreams of starry skies
And you and me
As realised our bigger themes

Oh, take me internally
Forever yours
Nocturnal me
Take me internally
Forever yours
Nocturnal me

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I love how Kibum and Taemin join forces to destroy our souls

taemin and key are a… dangerous combination tbh. I wonder if it’s because, in a way, when juxtaposed, they come off as opposites of the same sphere. not entirely different from each other and just similar enough to form a contrast between them while still complementing each other well.

like I love how sharp kibum’s features and dancing style is, compared to taemin’s soft face and fluid movements. reasons why their part in spoiler is on a whole other level, just like that shoot for ceci

when it comes to stage personas, at least, taemin is smoke and mist; kibum is the burn of both fire and ice itself.

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lmaoo eran seems so short tempered! i can most definitely relate, im really looking forward to this new series! ngl that lil excerpt made my day thank u pia :) <3

Eran is short tempered, lol. He’s also about the equivalent of a 19-20 year old emotionally so you know, he has some growing to do. He’s arrogant, short-tempered, and very determined.

Eran cracks me up actually, I thought I’d have problems writing him / getting into his head, because Mosk is the character I more immediately empathised with. But writing Eran’s perspective in these initial chapters has been great, and I really feel I’m starting to ‘get’ him now.

Though that being said, I know he and Mosk won’t necessarily be likeable either, which is somewhat deliberate. It’ll be interesting to see who likes who, for a long time with Game Theory, there was a very clear Team Augus and Team Gwyn, and then some people in the middle who liked both (and over time that’s shifted too), so….yeah, just…*rubs hands together.*

A song of ice and fire

The show begins with a fire. Mary’s life ended with a fire and the story of her children began with a fire. And now, Mary experiences ice.

The title of the episode, The Foundry, refers to a place where metal is heated until it melts enough to be modeled. But the monster of the week freezes his victim’s hearts. (A thought for another day: the parallel between Moriarty and Toni Bevell established by Dean calling Toni “evil Elsa” from Frozen).

What do fire and ice have in common? They burn.

“Is that a burn” Dean asks the coroner as he sees the mark on the victim’s arm. “Frostbite” the coroner answers. Frostbite is a burn. Extreme cold and extreme heat basically have the same effects.

The frostbite mark was given by the child. The child represents the “middle ground” of ice and fire. The burn.

If Hugo Moriarty represents the toxic parenthood (in fact, toxic fatherhood), toxic masculinity, and everything connected to John, and Mary represents, well, everything connected to herself, and femininity, the child represents what is caught in the middle.

Lucas carries the same name as the boy Dean connected with in Dead in the Water. An episode about water; now we have an episode about ice. I think we need to go back to Dead in the Water to understand The Foundry. Third episode in the season, too.

Kids are the best, huh? Andrea Barr–and Sam–think Dean is just spouting bullshit to flirt with her, but then both Andrea and Sam realize that Dean meant that. He really is good with children. He cares about Lucas and is able to connect with him where no other adult has managed to. Dean connects with Lucas because he’s just like that little boy; he’s gone through the same trauma, has even stopped talking for a while just like Lucas. (And just like that Lucas, The Foundry’s Lucas doesn’t speak, either).

I love kids. Sam snorts at that–Dean doesn’t even know a single child, right? But he doesn’t realize that Dean has grown a child. He’s been his parent. His mother, in the absence of their real mother.

Look at this exchange:

DEAN All right, so what if we take off and this thing isn’t done? You know, what if we’ve missed something? What if more people get hurt?

SAM But why would you think that?

DEAN Because Lucas was really scared.

SAM That’s what this is about?

DEAN I just don’t want to leave this town until I know the kid’s okay.

SAM Who are you? And what have you done with my brother?

That’s always been your brother, Sam.

In Dead in the Water, Dean shows the ambivalence of his character – he’s a child and a parent at the same time. He’s a frightened little boy, and the person who shouldered the responsibility to take care of the family and grow Sam.

You’re scared. It’s okay. I understand. See, when I was your age, I saw something real bad happen to my mom, and I was scared, too. I didn’t feel like talking, just like you. But see, my mom—I know she wanted me to be brave. I think about that every day. And I do my best to be brave. And maybe, your dad wants you to be brave too.

Kids are strong. You’d be surprised what they can deal with. Dean says in Dead in the Water.

In The Foundry, Dean’s ambivalence is still there. He is an adult who has been in a parent role for so long, but he’s still a little boy. As the musical said, underneath the manly sheen, he’s […] a boy named Dean.

Oops, I started this post planning to talk about Mary and I’ve talked almost entirely about Dean. But, well, it’s all connected. The boy Lucas represents all Dean, Sam and Mary, Moriarty represents all John, Mary and Dean… but I’ve been talking about that in other posts. I think this post is written terribly, I hope it’s vaguely understandable, my brain is not cooperating much.

rey completely and utterly destroys kylo. she kicks him to the ground and brands his face with her lightsaber. her presence is pure rage and fire and passion and she shakes him down to the depths of his soul. she upsets his plans, ruins his game, storms his mind and uncovers his greatest fear and exposes what he really is to himself. her contempt and scorn for him are palpable, burned into his soul forever with her searing passion and the last shot of him in the entire movie is him trying to lift himself up to get a better look at the woman who just destroyed him. this kid, this idiottttttttttttt, this utter moron, who keeps trying to be something he isn’t, who keeps fighting against the light as hard as he possible can gets WRECKED by a pretty little scavenger girl who was supposed to be his prisoner, who came out of nowhere and flattened him, shattering his entire world with her fire and passion and rage. and I’m not supposed to want him, this kid, this MORON, this idiot, this deluded wanna-be darth Vader, this melodramatic baby, this clumsy and inadequate macaroon to fall heart-crushingly in love with her????

she broke his entire world, smashed it to smithereens and left him in its ruins. it just makes sense she’d do the same to his heart. 

but do you ever think about the endless possibilities of a doran x aelin romance? like the two of them reading in bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms. and aelin melting dorian’s icicles while he’s practicing just to troll him. and then running away as he chases her laughing. 

also, dorian and aelin just sitting and talking about nehemia and chaol and sorscha and sam. after their talks, they’d just hold each other, content to know that they survived and found each other. 

aelin teaching dorian how to play the piano and fight hand-to-hand. dorian teaching aelin how to read and speak Eyllwe’s language. aelin and dorian planning the reconstruction of the new, grand Orynth library together.

but also, aelin coming up with a reckless plan and dorian being the voice of reason and helping her come up with a better plan that won’t be as dangerous. 

aelin burning head to toe in fire and dorian embracing her with his ice to cool her fire down. dorian holding out an ice hand and aelin melting it away with her fire as they hold hands. 

dorian letting aelin know that he thanks the gods everyday for the moment he met her in endovier because he doesn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t met her. aelin noting that he was the first person who saved her and saw through her walls. dorian telling her that she was the one who saved him instead because she helped change him to grow from a boy to a man and she saved him from the valg prince who inhabited his body. 

and aelin telling him that it’s what they do; they save each other.