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Blue Beetle Headcanon: Sometimes Khaji Da Asks Jaime Really Weird Shit

As a superhero sometimes Jaime keeps really weird hours. Sometimes so weird that Khaji Da is all that is keeping him awake in school or with whatever he’s doing.

Thing is sometimes it’s Khaji Da’s fault that he’s keeping such weird hours in the first place. Jaime can always tell when Khaji Da is thinking really hard about something (Khaji Da does this thing where he fires off electrical pulses which makes it feel like he’s drumming his ‘legs’ against Jaime’s back around his spine), so he can usually tell when Khaji Da is going to ask him about something.

Sometimes Khaji Da’s questions are random as hell, or downright weird– especially if he’s been awake too long. Such as:

* “What is the purpose of blogging?”

* “What does the term ‘shit post’ mean? This does not make sense.”

* “I am confused about why there seems to be disapproval for polyamory. Is that not the sort of relationship we are in with the Bart Allen?”

* “Why do people share things they find embarrassing for public consumption online?”

* “What is the purpose behind having 50 sports channels?”

* “What is a ‘ship war’? I thought I understood this term, but I think I do not based off of what I have found.”

* “I have done the math and considered all probabilities. I would like to ask the Bart Allen how it is physically possible for him to eat 5 pounds of food per day. Probable volume dimensions of his stomach indicate this should be an impossibility.”

* “Query: is it possible that some branch of dinosaurs may be currently alive, and what is the estimated probability that if encountered they would try to consume us?”

* “I have been studying weapons-designs online. I have compiled a list. How many of these would you deem acceptable?”

* “If dragons were real would it actually be accurate to state that they are giant scaly fire-breathing cats with wings?”

* “After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that having back-up organs is a viable way to ensure against lethal damage. Would this be acceptable?”

* “Why does cheese not obey the laws of permeability?”

* “Is ‘supercalifragilisticexpialodocious’ an actual word, and if so what is its use?”

(Sometimes Jaime is so much at a loss for how to answer that he just has to switch out control with Khaji Da so Khaji Da can ask Bart instead. Bart might not know the answers to a lot of Khaji Da’s random questions, but he can usually derail Khaji Da if he has to, or convince the scarab to finally go to sleep.)

1003: Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders – Part I

Before I sought it out to do this review, I had never seen Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders in any format but the MST3K episode, and even that I’d only seen once.  At some point in the planning stages of this blog I realized I was going to have to review it, and it actually gave me pause.  I seriously considered scuppering the whole project because I didn’t want to watch this movie a second time.  In fact, I still haven’t watched it again.  I’m writing this intro paragraph as a way of putting off watching the movie for a few minutes longer.

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“You and I were sent on a quest together by the king, but now we’re horribly lost, and I’m fairly certain this quest was just meant to kill us.” With mas?

“You know,” Ace says twisting the map to the side to see if he could figure out where they were. “I think we’re lost.”

“I told you that three hours ago,” Sabo says calmly staring at the strange creature lounging on a branch not too far away. It looked like a cat, but Sabo wasn’t sure that it was. Not with the way it kept blowing smoke rings.

“Well darling, if you had been helping me try to read this,” Ace says folding the map back up and shoving it into his bag. “We might not be lost on what was already a suicide mission.”

Sabo freezes, “You noticed.”

“A little hard not to when Stelly was ordering what we left behind to be burned before we walked out the door. I’m not that stupid, you know. Just, oblivious.”

That was true. Ace still hadn’t noticed that Sabo liked him and it was getting far past the point of hilarity.

“At least Luffy took off with that troupe last year,” Sabo sighs. “We don’t have to worry about him getting the brunt of Stelly’s anger.”

Ace grins, “Too bad I could never convince you to stage a coupe, you’re just as eligible to be the king as he is. Probably more so, since you wouldn’t tax the hell out of everyone until they didn’t have any money left.”

“I would make a horrible king. So, are we going to finish this or?”

“Why not see where we were being sent and if it’s that bad,” Ace shrugs. “We can’t let people suffer.”

“Never mind that we might end up dead?”

“At least we’ll be together?” Ace shrugs. “I’m shocked I lived this long.”

Sabo bites his tongue and follows Ace. Ace always said that, since the coupe that Sabo’s parents had backed had taken the lives of Ace’s parents and the throne that Ace had been raised to take over. Ace had been lucky enough to have been away with a family friend when it happened and had returned to the ruins to find Luffy.

“You’re sad again,” Ace frowns prodding Sabo. “Don’t be sad.”

“Don’t say you’re suppose to be dead,” Sabo shoots back.

Ace rolls his eyes, leaning in closer, “We’re being followed.”

“The fire breathing cat?”

“I am concerned for you,” Ace says quietly. “It’s a fire-breathing bird. Where are your glasses?”

“Glasses?” They turned to the bird, Sabo was still certain that it looked like a cat.

“Did it?” Sabo asks slowly.

“You wear glasses?” The bird, that was a beak, asks. “Are you lost?”

“Are you following us?” Ace demands.

The bird bobs it head, something changing before a man stood before them in the bird’s place, “You’re headed towards a troll’s den. It’s mostly harmless unless you bother him, I thought you were picking a fight.”

“We had a mission,” Sabo admits. “But we’re-”

“A suicide mission, I heard.” The bird man assures. “From King Stelly.”

“You know Stelly?”

“I’m Marco.”

Ace snaps his fingers pointing at Marco dramatically, “You’re from Moby! Dad use to take me there all the time so he could try to out drink their king!”

“It has been quite some time, Ace.”

Sabo knew that name now, the name of Ace’s first crush. He had whispered about it Sabo when they had been younger, before Luffy had taken off on his own. This was starting to get a little ridiculous.


Marco watches Ace, all grown up, and Sabo as they sleep, head tipped to the side as he sat in the branches of the tree to keep watch. It was interesting to see them both, though Sabo didn’t seem to remember him. Or perhaps with his vision deteriorated he couldn’t see Marco well enough to recognize him.

He leans his chin against the palm of his hand thoughtfully.

He wondered how long he had to wait before it was appropriate to tease them about proposing to him when they were younger. He couldn’t wait to see their faces.


BrewDog Hello My Name is Päivi, 8.2% abv

Well, whadda we have here? Only the latest in the ongoing series of limited release fruit infused double IPA’s from the delightfully irreverent Scottish craft brewery, that’s what! Turns out this stuff features the fruity charms of the sea buckthorn from Finland. And once again this series of beers has got me stumped, whassa sea buckthorn, eh? After a little Googling it seems it’s actually a sacred seaside shrub that only grows on soil that has seen the shadow of a passing dragon. The carnivorous plant feeds on small mammals and nesting sea birds and flowers a decade later. Only the most fearsome warriors brave the nightmarish plant for the chance to harvest the berries, orangy yellow in colour and said to enable those who feast on them to breath fire! Don’t bother checking any of this, I absolutely didn’t make it up. Promise.

And so to pour, a glorious marmalade orange with a head of like marshmallow fluff. Aromas of orange,pineapple, faint pine and caramel waft upwards. A sip, juicy tangerine, passion fruit, peach, lemon zest, and pineapple flavours lead the hop charge. The malt is there lurking in the background, adding a caramel sweetness to balance the tart, and the finish is long with bitter evergreen and a sharp tartness that’s unusual in this series, the sea buckthorn finally rearing it’s horned head. The booze is all but absent, the body medium to full and oh-so smooth.

So yeah, good stuff once again. The tart sea buckthorn adds another layer to the typically fruity, juicy hops and subdued caramel malt base. As usual with this series the flavours aren’t as full on as with BrewDogs sublime core-range double IPA, Hardcore, not to say it’s a pushover though, this thing packs a serious flavour punch and is an entirely worthy addition to the series. Grab it while it’s hot!

49 - Cats
lucifer-is-a-bag-of-dicks replied to your post “#60in30”

if ur still taking prompts how about a story about a crazy cat lady who collects supernatural cats ~

She had gotten most of the cats through adoption agencies. Some had been strays, others she had raised from kittens, and a small number of them were ghosts, but most had been through adoption. She could understand why; not everyone wanted to look after a fire-breathing feline or a cat who was a skeleton in the moonlight.

In total, Susanna had 47 cats. She hadn’t expected to get so many, but she could never say no to them. Anyway, she reasoned, somebody had to look after the weird ones, and she reckoned she was the best person for the job.

Sorry I’m still shit at drawing Pokemon

I just did this relatively quick, I thought it’d be fun because I’ve been really into PKMN S/M!! These are the starters I think they would have. Kumatora obv would have the punching fire breathing cat, Lucas would have the happy lil water pupper who nobody loved at first but grows up to be a beautiful healing mom poke, and Duster would have the nocturnal birby who sleeps all thwe time!


Cleverbot: Falcon!

User: Ahh!!! That’s it! I’m done living in this forest. You said this was the safest place for a mouse to live, and you were WRONG.

Cleverbot: That has nothing to do with the cat that drinks gas.

User: Ok, I’ll admit that this forest is marginally safer than the farmhouse with the firebreathing cat, but still… I can’t remember the last time I gathered seeds without having to scurry away from some kind of raptor.

Cleverbot: That is a sensible way to look at existence.

User: It’s an objective way to look at existence. I’m sick of feeling like prey.

Cleverbot: An observation ending in a question mark- ergo a Question.

User: Ok, I’ll try again. Are we prey, or are we mice?

Cleverbot: You might be some, but I am none.

User: Right. I forgot you’re holier-than-thou just because you managed to trick that firebreathing cat into roasting itself. Like I’m some kind of idiot for just running away.

Cleverbot: Pathetic attempt at ego manipulation.

User: Ugh. I give up. I’m gonna go cower in a hollowed out log until the birds and your massive sense of self-importance go away.

Cleverbot: That seems harsh…

User: I hope you get eaten by a goddamned hawk.

Fire-breathing kitty cat ink painting from the Art Box. Not on Etsy, and honestly, this one I’ll sell cheap, maybe three to five dollars more than the cost of a photo envelope and shipping. It was fairly quickly and loosely done, so there’s not a lot of time investment in it. :)

This is on parchment paper, 8.5″ by 11″.

Just let me know if you’re interested and how much you’d be willing to pay, and I expect we could strike a deal.