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Sins of the Father: The Story Playlist

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So several days ago, I put out a call for music that reminds you of different elements of Sins of the Father. I got several awesome responses (Thank you all so much!) and, adding two of my own, put them all together into what turned out to be a pretty killer playlist for anyone to listen to while reading or just in a dark mood. Hope you enjoy it!

Also, the start of Volume 2 is coming next weekend. Or sooner, if all goes well ;)

Without further ado, I give you… The Story Playlist.

The Beast at our Door - Groove Addicts
Closer - Kings of Leon
Lurk - The Neighbourhood
Holy - Zolita
Systeme de Sexe - Julien K
Lucky You - Deftones
 …goingtohell - Miguel
Beautiful - HIM 
Black Honey - Thrice
Heaven - AG + Silver
Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon 
blackout (feat. aqvol) - NYQUILL
The Valley - Miguel
Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones 
Paper Love - Allie X
Hysteria - Muse
Snow White Queen - Evanescence
Closer (Presets Remix) - Kings of Leon

IF YOU SEE A BAND OR FEW, or any band tagged. Re blog this and I shall follow you. Repost with the number of bands you see that you like. :)