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What size tank do you keep Sol, your fire bellied newt in? Sol's really cute! Are fire bellied newts easy to keep? I kind of want one(of course i'd wait, and do a lot more research on them to see if they're compatible with my lifestyle) after seeing Sol! What else do they eat other than bloodworms? Temperature they need? Any special care? Can they have a in and out of water tank? Thank you! :)

Yay, Sol ask! :D

I keep him in a 20 high (standard 20gal), though I am looking to putting him in a 20long because it suits his needs better.

They are very easy to keep! They do have some unique care requirements though, so you have to keep those in mind. But day to day maintenance couldn’t be easier.

They eat plenty of things! Bloodworms (good staple), blackworms (good staple), brine shrimp, chopped earthworms (good staple), chopped red wigglers, or pinhead crickets.

Temperature is one of those special requirements. Unlike most exotic things, these guys need to be kept cool! Temperatures of 78F or higher for extended periods can kill them. So there are a few ways of doing this. Personally on hot days I put Sol in a kritter keeper and put him in the basement.

Adults are entirely aquatic but freshly metamophosized babies are hydrophobic and can drown if not given land. So I gave Sol a piece of cork bark to get onto, if he chose. He spends~ 60% of his time there and ~40% of his time in the water. He is kind of weird, most fire bellies spend 90-100% of their time underwater. So pretty much set it up like an aquarium with a slightly lower water level and a piece of cork bark.

As for care specifics, give all of these articles a read. Yes, all of them.

General Care Guide

Aquarium Cooling Methods

Filters (Safe vs Hazardous)

Preventing Escape


And give all of these a read if you get the time. 

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So I've been considering getting a fire bellied newt in the next year or so when I move into my new apartment.I know you have a cute little one by the name of Sol?I was wondering if you have any tips on owning one and if you could post some pictures of the buggers tank set up for ideas on set up?

:D !!

I do, actually! I was asked something like this a little while ago (my bad, haven’t tagged everything yet.) So check it out here.

As far as pics, here you go! This is the most recent pic.

I have him in a 20gal (want to change to a 20 long) with a metal mesh lid held down with clips. 

To make space for the tubing for the sponge filter I cut a tiiiiny hole in the lid, just enough for the tube to go through.

I have a piece of cork bark floating in there if he wants to exit the water.

And the water is always 75F and under!

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Fire Bellied Newts- Is a 10 gallon acceptable? Will I need a chiller like you do for Axolotls or is the natural water temp of 65*F okay for them? What's the best way to build land-things for them? Thanks!!

10 gallon is perfectly acceptable for 1-3 newts!

If the water stays 60-74 then no need for a chiller. However, air temperature is also important so you want your entire room to be cool.

For my guy, and this is the simplest, I just threw a piece of cork bark in there. It floats and they can easily get on top of it. However, commercial “docks” are also useable! Some people even buy plastic shower caddys with suction cups and fill those with moss (I personally love the way they look). Whatever works!

this is my newt. a month ago, this newt escaped from his tank. after a week of looking, he was presumed dead. tonight, I happened to glance inside of the sump pump, and guess who I saw sticking his tiny head out of a tiny cave? this idiot. he survived for a month with barely any food and very little water. I lured him out with bloodworms. he has been captured and idk what to do with him now. his tank is in use because I thought he was dead. he’s in stupid idiot jail now, a 5 gallon bucket with water and some islands in the bottom, topped with a layer of mesh, a divider one half, a glass lid on half, and weighted with the heaviest rocks I could find. he’ll be in there until tomorrow when I can set up a stupid idiot tank in my room with a super secure lid. I can’t believe he’s alive.

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Hi there. What kind of a tank did you keep your cynops orientalis in? And with what kind of plants? Also, any other information or links is very appreciated. Thank you!


I keep my buy in a 10 gallon, currently. He has a sponge filter, sand substrate, piece of driftwood, and a fluorescent light. His plants are Anubias nana! Here is a picture.

Here are is a good care sheet for them! Been meaning to write one myself but I never have the time or motivation.

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I kinda wanna get firebellied newts, so I'm figuring out what sort of set-up I could potentially do. I've got a mesh-top 10g tank, and I'm wondering if I could have plants in the water part? Are things like flourish and root tabs okay for newts? Sorry for all the questions; do you maybe have a care sheet?

The “water part” should be most of the tank! Fire bellied newts, as adults, are primarily aquatic. As an example, here is my newt tank.

Fertilizer is not safe with them, but I have heard that root tabs are ok. I use neither in my tank and choose low maintenance plants that don’t require anything extra.

The only thing I wish I had in there are shrimp to eat the algae.

As for care sheets, this one goes over everything!