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Hey what's up with 1dff??

I guess it’s down. I think all of us are having trouble accessing it. In the meantime here is a list of fics that update on tumblr:

(It’s long)

This list doesn’t include stories with only one chapter, or one-shots. For one-shots, try some of the fic exchange blogs:

These are just the ones I read/know of and I’m sure there are plenty more. Happy Reading!

Fire of Soul
Fire of Soul

“Fire of Soul” - by Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga 

And last but not least we have Avdol’s theme. Another great work by TOMMY, representing so well Avdol’s character.

If you can see these flames, I shall tell you
There is nothing to fear, it’s all part of destiny

‘Magician’s Red’ Burning Justice! 

Forget about what you lost
Just take back your lost pride

‘Magician’s Red’ Crimson Hurricane

Don’t get too hot
A calm flame has no place in the scorching heat
We’ll definitely reach our destination
Our journey ends with your scream
I’ll get you back, for sure!

The nightmare I saw that day, the fear that invites me closer
Next time I won’t run away, we’ll fight together 

‘Magician’s Red’ Crimson Bind

In order to advance, this is the best promise
To the men that fight, I give the Ankh’s blessing

‘Magician’s Red’ Crimson Hurricane

Aren’t you 10 years early? 
Experience guides my prophecies
If I were to fall…
…just keep going forward  
This is the noble way of life

Don’t get too hot
A calm flame has no place in the scorching heat
We’ll definitely reach our destination
Our journey ends with your scream
I’ll get you back, for sure!


: This of course refers to when Avdol met Dio in Egypt.
: Avdol says this to Polnareff when they are fighting (”You’re 10 years early to fight me, a fortune teller, with your predictions”).
: Again, the words he says to Polnareff when they’re about to venture into Dio’s mansion.




Now people gonna draw hunky red and slimmy blue/green. See my another post of jojo red

it’s pretty neat when you turn on japanese voices for FE:Awakening bc you get to hear these people!! One of M!Robin’s voice is old Joseph from Jojo’s Venture (and F!Robin is Jolyne’s!). Validar is Dio’s…..

We're All Just Stardust

FIRE SIGNS are comets, aphelions diverging out of orbit like lightning quick arrows, as sharp as the licks of their own flames | Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

EARTH SIGNS are steady, magnetic planets, gathering in intricate systems around suns; they raise their own life and keep outsiders out by their own cautious atmospheres | Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

AIR SIGNS are the aftermath of supernovas, clouds of beauty and color and shimmering gas; a spectacle to witness and adore | Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

WATER SIGNS are peaceful moons, often half hidden away, both dark and light; they have the power to shift tides and are capable of even eclipsing the sun with their own beauty | Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


You know when I said I knew little about love? That wasn’t true. I know a lot about love. I’ve seen it, centuries and centuries of it, and it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable. All those wars. Pain, lies, hate… It made me want to turn away and never look down again. But when I see the way that mankind loves… You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful.

Cheer up film list

Pass it on and add your own, a few to get started:
(read up on these in more detail for specific content warnings)

  1. Stardust
    (a soppy romance that isn’t annoying; featuring fairytale witches, adventure! magic and happily ever after! Ricky Gervais is silenced!)
  2. The Princess Bride
    (a fairytale like no other, of fencing, fighting, revenge, giants, bad men, good men, escapes, pirates and a battle of wits, and rhymes)
  3. Fired up
    (annoying dudebros realise women are people while at cheer camp)
  4. Hot Fuzz  
    (buddy cops bond over japanese peace lily and fire gun up in the air while going aaa in tiny rural english village)
  5. how to train your dragon
    (dragons! vikings! pet dragon!!)
  6. mad max: fury road
    (an epic told in the form of a car chase, fire guitar)
  7. Mean Girls
    (‘Uplifting comedy about teens destroying each other, not dissimilar to The Hunger Games’ -theflyingromana)
  8. Matilda
    (reading is great and so is found family, also telepathy)

Our hearts break as we say to another fantastic actor and musician.. Who gave us great entertainment, great joy, and so many great pieces to watch until the end of time. We will never stop watching his films, listening to his music that he left for us.. and the great amount of laughter, clever humor and tears along with  all of that.

We will miss you, very dearly.

David Bowie, (1947-2016)

Stardust & Fire -- Chapter Four

I did it! I updated! I won’t put the links in this post, because for some reason tumblr is fucking with writers and artists and generally being a little shit, but here’s chapter four! 

Again, please review and comment and tell me what you’re thinking! I love hearing from you guys. This chap is over 5K, but initially it was going to have waaaayyy more, so hopefully I can get the next one out sooner rather than later.

A crowd of eager onlookers gathered around Lucy as she pulled out the golden key and held it out, ready to summon Leo again. She felt her magic swirling within her, and knew she could handle summoning the spirit, at least for a little bit. Hopefully, he would remove the block on her memory today.

             “Alright everyone, take a few steps back, give the girl some room,” Gray said, pushing back the mages as he sent Lucy a wink. Lucy rolled her eyes. She’d met him earlier that morning, when she was eating a piece of toast for her breakfast. He’d introduced himself and then promptly threw his shirt off, continuing as if nothing was wrong and caused Lucy to choke on the warm bread in her mouth. Luckily, Erza was around and she wacked Gray upside the head and told him to stop stripping with a dark glare.

             “He has a stripping habit, says it was a part of his training but I think he’s just a pervert,” Natsu had whispered in her ear. Lucy shrieked and hit him in the face. She yelled at him for appearing out of nowhere and demanded that he never surprise her like that again. Gray laughed at the stunned expression on the drakon’s face, then the two started to brawl until Erza broke them apart. From what Lucy could tell, the trio had their routine of the boys fighting and arguing for no good reason and Erza threatening them into submission. Lucy would never admit it aloud, for fear of Erza’s wrath, but she thought their interactions were adorable.


             “Open! Gate of the Lion, Leo!” Lucy yelled, pulling at her magic. There was a flash of light, then Leo was once again standing before her, his head bowed. Lucy heard the excited whispers from those watching and her cheeks flushed. Was her magic really that strange? Given the fact that magic was real, she assumed summoning someone out of nowhere was no big deal. Apparently, she was wrong.

             “Lucy! Glad to see you again,” Leo said, pulling her into another hug. Lucy pushed him away and kept him at arm’s length.

             “You said you would explain?” She asked him. Leo nodded, pulling Lucy away from the ears of those around her. He glanced nervously at the guild hall and Lucy  briefly wondered what the spirit could be afraid of.

             “There’s so much I need to tell you, but first we need to take care of that curse. Once you have your memories back, it’ll be much easier to explain everything. I should be able to break it myself,” He answered. Lucy felt him tense as another arm landed across Lucy’s shoulders. She felt his strangely intense body heat warming her side, and Lucy bit back a scream.

             “Yo, what’re we talking about?” Natsu asked with feigned innocence. Smoke curled from his lips and Lucy shrugged his arm off. He stuck close to her side, however, and she glared over at him, cursing his lack of personal space. “Natsu, Leo was talking to me.”

             “Yea, I got that part, I’m just wondering what he wanted to say,” Natsu said nonchalantly, as though he wasn’t invading her privacy. Luckily, Erza stalked over and grabbed the back of Natsu’s shirt, dragging the protesting drakon away, lecturing him about minding his own business as she went.

             “Oi, Erza! I was listening to what the cat bastard was sayin’ to Luce!” He yelled, trying, and failing, to work free of the fierce woman’s grasp. Erza whispered something in his ear, and his normally golden skin went white and his limbs slacked as the fight left his body.

             “Man, I knew Valkyrie’s were scary but she’s on another level,” Leo chuckled as he watched Erza drag Natsu’s limp body away. Lucy turned to the spirit, her brow raised. She crossed her arms expectantly and waited for him to explain. The affection she felt stirring in her chest at the sight of the spirit confused her even more than the strange magic powers she now possessed.

             “Right, back to the explanation,” Leo coughed, he cracked his knuckles and placed his thumbs on Lucy’s temple and closed his eyes in focus, “I’m going to draw on your magic, and it won’t be pleasant but this is the only way I know of to break this curse. It won’t be pleasant, but I have to do this first because it will help explain everything.”

             Lucy clenched her fists in preparation for the weakness she knew she would feel when he finished. She decided not to question his actions, partly due to the trust she had in him, and the other half from her curiosity about her past. She felt Leo pulling her strength into him and heard him mutter a phrase in a language she couldn’t understand. He repeated the phrase, and her magic started to thrum within her chest as her veins glowed under her skin. She could vaguely hear Natsu’s voice calling her name, but all her senses went numb as she was tossed into the depths of her memories with a choked gasp.

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you are made of starlight my love
you crashed and splintered and shattered
but that didn’t diminish your majesty 
it didn't destroy your power
if anything it made you stronger, it turned you into an echo

and your starlight is well matched with his fire
the burning warmth, the warrior’s inferno
the heat of loss leaving marks on his soul
yet the flame in his heart persists 
making his every action governed by the fire within

the devotion between the two of you far outstrips desire
empires rise and fall in the time it takes for the two of you to fall
yet the stars will create constellations in your honor
for the world was created in starlight and fire


Blazing Stardust by Abby S

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( @marauders-groupie) LANA!!!!! I know that technically your birthday is tomorrow but I had this written and I couldn’t resist giving you your gift early. the poem is inspired by your beautiful words, endless courage and incredible kindness. I’m so lucky to call you a friend!