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Hmm I have the second week of October off and I went through the old notebook to decide what to transfer over so i could pick a project, and apparently my options are:

  • Xiao Jingyan wins Mei Changsu in a game of Go
  • vampire au, mostly comedy, Minako and Yuri are vampires and the Katsukis their servants except they’re really close and the Katsuki family thinks of them as weird, slightly helpless relatives/pets and Yuri accidentally enthralls Victor
  • hanahaki au, MCS and JY try to pretend they aren’t suffering from it because of each other, funny but also extremely horrible
  • hanahaki au where the blossoms form on your skin, Yuri freaks out because he’s always had blue roses and the flowers change after he gets to know Victor
  • finishing sugar daddy
  • a story about being kinky without being into dom/sub with a really funny joke about safewords
  • Yuri P turns out to be a beta, is very happy about it
  • two short gags about Yuri vs Cold Water and Victor vs Cold Water and one about Victor having a cold
  • Yuri’s first heat in St Petersburg
  • one sentence of a joke about alphas grooming people that reads, in its entirety: “How would i know? Phichit only licked his hamsters.”
  • five sentences of the start of a joke about Yuri P and Minami being deathly rivals for Yuri Ks affections
  • yakov pov
  • Yuri and Yuuko doing a pair routine to “honey bunny” and Victor being very gay

anonymous asked:

Do you like Sansa?

On the one hand, I’m glad you asked me this because, with some of the Arya meta I reblog, I’m worried my followers are going to think I hate Sansa. On the other hand, I’m pained to be asked this because it means I haven’t been clear enough about my equal love for all the Starklings. Is Arya my favorite? Probably. Ok, yes. But I still love them all the same. Even little Rickon who we know the least about. 

Where I get conflicted is between show Sansa and book Sansa because they’re not the same, but I can’t honestly say I dislike either of them. Is she a flawed person? Sure. But aren’t we all? Aren’t all our favorite characters in some way? Book Sansa reporting Ned’s plan to Cersei was such a painful thing to read. But she was so young and she’s grown so much since then. Book Sansa giving Sweetrobin sweetsleep is the worst thing book Sansa has done so far, and I’m hoping for a morally right outcome there, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Those above two points are where I have issue with Sansa the most…but I still love her so much. Despite the mistakes she’s made/is still making, she’s a Stark.

Then there’s Sansa’s treatment of Arya to address. Did she bully Arya when they were younger? Yes. A lot? Yes. And the two have a lot to resolve, but I truly don’t think Sansa has a bad or malicious heart. My younger sister and I fought the most around those same ages, but our family went through a lot and we grew out of it quickly. Now she’s my best friend, the person I’m closest to. Not to say this is how Sansa’s and Arya’s stories are going to play out (though I hope it is). So do I want Sansa to eventually make it up to Arya somehow? Yes. Which is why I try to write them that way in my stories.

I wish I was more articulate. I see these glorious metas written by some awesome blogs on here and wish I could come even close to matching that, but my brain is too muddled for that, so the above is the best I could do. Long answer short, I adore Sansa as I do all the Starks and am hoping that her book narrative ties up nicely.

Thanks for the question, Anon!

My Jonerys Fanfics on AO3 and FFnet

Hi Jonerys Family!

It’s a beautiful day! Jonerys is still canon and BoatSex is still going on as far as we know LOL!

I FINALLY GOT MY AO3 account so you can read my 2 fanfics and future works on there. Just in time for Jonerys Appreciation week next week!

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Missed Moments (4 chaps, COMPLETE)

A re-imagining of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s relationship from the last episode of Season 7. Additional scenes building up to the Union of Ice and Fire in Season 7’s final episode, “The Dragon and The Wolf.” First Chapter takes place at Dragonstone after the Dragon Pit. Spoilers for Season 7!

 TUMBLR  |  AO3  | FFnet

The Half-Blood Prince and Dragon Princess (6 chaps, ONGOING)

A Game of Thrones: Harry Potter AU. Inspired by the work of @bloomsbury.

16-year old Jon Snow enters his first year of Hogwarts and meets Princess Daenerys Targaryen on the train ride there. Has elements of Harry Potter SS/PS, the GOT TV series and the ASOIAF books.

AO3 |  FFnet



AU where Ned told Robert the truth in time, they defeated the Lannisters together and Robert legitimized his oldest son. Gendry and Arya had their same adventures and maybe he followed her to Braavos and back… 

King Robert Baratheon and Lord Eddard Stark watched as their daughter and son, respectively, walked side by side near the river. As usual, the latter was mostly quiet and laughing at something the former, her usually loud self, had just said. Nearby prowled the familiar gray and white direwolf.

Robert’s eyes glistened with tears. “Oh, my friend,” he sighed wistfully. “But this is how it was meant to be.”

As he watched the two, Ned’s eyes looked haunted, as if he’d seen a ghost. Or two. And there was more than a hint of sadness in them as well. “They look the very sight of you and-.” His voice broke then, and he had to look away from the sight of the two of them.

Robert agreed with a silent, weepy nod. “Finally,” he choked softly on his words. “Our houses are truly to be joined.”

Ned glanced sharply at his friend and king. “Patience, your Grace. That will be up to the two of them.”

Robert scoffed and took ahold of his friend’s elbow so he was faced once again in the young couple’s direction. Ned’s daughter had just pushed Robert’s son into the stream and run away so the ex-apprentice smith had no choice but to run after her. “But they’re so clearly in love.”

Ned wasn’t sure he could deny the truth of the king’s words. “They may grow out of it yet.” He was only being stubborn because he had always thought, out of all his children, he would have the hardest time marrying Arya to someone. Not because no one would want her; she was beautiful like her aunt and just as willful. What man could not love her? Yet, he’d always been so certain Arya would refuse even the prospect of being with someone.

Yet, here she was. Clearly smitten. True, she was as of yet young and may not yet understand her affections. But they were there all the same. She’d struggled for two years in the war-stricken lands of Westeros side-by-side the smith-turned-prince. Now, Gendry was the first person she sought in the mornings at the Red Keep and on their current journey North. And Gendry was always the last person she saw before turning up out of nowhere to sleep.

Ned didn’t begrudge her the pairing. The truth was the boy was, despite his humble beginnings, more lordly or princely than any of the princes Ned had known since Rhaegar. Gendry was a fast learner who could now read, write, and recite the history of the Seven Kingdoms, among other talents he’d picked up in the time since Robert had legitimized him. The boy was brave and strong as well and had, if the stories could be believed, saved Arya’s life countless times during the years she’d been missing. Though she’d save Gendry’s life plenty too, Gendry never failed to reminded them.

“If ever there were two more plainly made for each other than these two,” Robert was sighing longingly again. “It was your sister and me.”

Ned disagreed but silently to the latter statement. Outwardly, he only nodded an acknowledgement to his friend. “They’re best friends and one’s just as stubborn as the other,” Ned allowed.

In truth, Robert and Lyanna had been nothing alike. In truth, Robert had never truly known Lyanna, could not ever have understood her. Ned watched as his youngest daughter and the new prince now crossed “swords” (Arya had challenged Gendry to a duel with large sticks from the forest) across the way. This boy, this Gendry, by contrast, seemed to know exactly who Arya was. A wolf. A warrior. A lady only by birth. And still he loved her just the same.

Ned recalled a conversation he’d had with the lad, shortly after his legitimization.

“I won’t make you marry my daughter,” Ned had told the red-faced boy gruffly. “Though it’s what your father desires.”

Gendry had stared at him in surprise then. “Make me?” He repeated the words as a question.

“Now that you’re a prince, boy.” Ned clarified. “Might be you’ll want to find a woman more suited to the title of princess.”

The truth was Ned just wanted to gauge both Gendry’s intentions and thoughts on Arya’s noble status in contrast to her behavior.

The boy grew redder in the face, though this time from anger, it seemed. “No.” He muttered stubbornly. “There’s no one more-.” He seemed to catch himself, remembering he was talking both to Arya’s father and a lord. A lifetime of submission to lords had followed him into the Red Keep. “What I mean, m’lord, is, for me, there could be no better match. But only if she’ll have me. In truth, no one could deserve your daughter, but-.” He seemed unsure.

Ned wasn’t sure he’d ever heard the boy talk so much at one time or, indeed, so passionately. “Go on, lad.” He encouraged him softly.

“I’m willing to spend the rest of my life trying to be worthy enough.”

Ned’s throat had gone as dry as a bone then. There would be no refusal on this end of the match. Ned had hoped he could depend on his fiery and fierce daughter to do so, but…

Ned thought then to the conversation with his daughter during which he’d broached the topic.

Earlier that day, Ned had noticed a chaste but intense hug pass between Arya and Gendry. Despite knowing what they’d gone through, it had never crossed Ned’s mind that his little wolf would have ever seen a boy that way. Sansa had always been the one singing the songs.

At supper that night, Ned had been explaining to both his daughters that, following the catastrophes that had befallen them so far, they didn’t have to marry anyone they didn’t wish to. Sansa had gazed at him gratefully. Her ordeals with the Lannisters had hardened her wishes to ever get married.

Arya, however, had looked curiously up at him. “If you were going to make us get married, who would I have to marry?” She asked in a voice of pure innocence.

Ned blinked in surprise at her. “I wouldn’t, sweet one.” He thought back to the hug from earlier in the day now. “Is there someone you had in mind?” He wondered out loud.

And for the first time in her life in Ned’s presence, Arya actually blushed. “No,” she murmured in the voice she used when she was lying. “I was just wondering.”

Then she blurted, “Is Sansa still to marry the prince, even though it’s a different one?” Her face was still red, but was it in anger now?

Sansa nearly choked on the honey cakes she was nibbling on then. They both looked at her father.

Ned was watching his younger one carefully. “Of course not, little one. Not if she doesn’t want to.”

Arya nearly glared at Sansa then. Sansa blinked in surprise at Arya, but a knowing smile grew on her face. “I just want to go home.” She murmured.

Arya actually looked relieved then.

As the king and his Hand gazed across the fields towards their children, both now laying on the ground next to each other and laughing, Ned realized he’d lost a battle he never thought he’d have to fight. Still, he surmised, as he watched the way Gendry gazed at Arya, as if never had there existed a more perfect person, he could have lost to someone much less worthy.

y̵̺̝͙͉̺͇o̤u̱͈̩͖͝ ̢̘̝͕̯w̸̫̞̖̥o͘u̢͍̺̭̙̮̬l͙̠̩̹̣d̻̣̘̞̝̙͙n̘͎͖̞̰͡t̳̝̖̺̜ͅ ̖̜͇̗̯b̫̮̰̗̗e̞̪̪͇ m̞̜̤y҉̼̠ ̩͙̼̲͇͞ͅf̵̰ͅḁ̵̙m̩̖̱̲̥í͓̦͉͚l̛͕̻̗͉͍̺y̤̯̠̯ ̸̙̼ý͔ơu̠̯r̻̭e͕̝ ̗̀b̖̘̗̭͕̹e̜͙̜͉͚̪ m̭͍͚̕i̩̟l͏̝a̘̙͍̠̕dy͈͡ ̯̝̭͘i͕̙̘̗ͅ ̛̮̗̯͔h͟a͙͈͔v͖͉̮͉e̞̳ ̛̭̖ͅa̺̮̖̺̕ ̸͍s͕o͎̬n̨͎ ͢y͎͉̰̲̺͠o͎̣͓̙̙̙̗u̟̹̻̣̲͟ ̝̲̰̘ͅͅͅh͓̞͔̣̠͔̯a͓̝͟v̧̤̮e ̲a̝̖̖̬ ̡͍͓͇̻d͈͞a̸̫u̮͕̣̻̙͠g̴͇h̰̝̫̫̭̫t͏̱͉͙e̪͈̺͓r͎̻͚̹̭̻ͅ ̸̖̭͕̻̫̰̲w̜͉͟e̙̼̠̤̝’͍̬͎͉͎̤͞l̯͍l͇̯̼͙̯͚ j̱͇̬̲̼͖ͅo̘i̲n̜̬͙̤ ̨̯̻ò̪͎͇̬̮̪u̞̥̲̫r ͉̻͉̠͜h̻o̶͖̙͔̣̭ưs̸̫͉e͙̮̼̝̮͢s͈ ͖̤̳̠̩̹͡y̪̙̺͚o̦̫͓͖̭̟u̞̫̱̮͢ ̲̝̳w̡͈͔̰̙͍ạ̛̘̪̬͇̹n͚̠͙͘ṯ̮ ҉͙̗̹̖̜̝m̵̹̻̪e͏͕ ̀t̨͚͔͚̱̻͉̩o̪ ̘ta̼̣͎̭̜k͚͘e̯̻͈ ͏̲͖̩̟̬m͕͇͞y̟̮̫͈͜ ̨̤̪̦͍ͅc̹͔͍̣̞͝o̬̩̠ͅͅͅck͔̠̤͖͉͓ ҉͖o̼̹͈͎̕u҉̞̩̙̬̱̜t̬͉ ̟̰͕̭͜ͅa̡̪̱̠͙̦͇ͅn̞̜d͓̝̦͖͚͕̠ ̟̞͉͚̩̘p̷̯̻̬̭͖̤ͅr̀o̺̣̯v̱̻͔͙͙e̷̻̜̹̭͔̬̠ ̰̫͈̥̩i̯̱t̡̠̺͓̮̫ ͉̗̘i̳͙̻̪̖̪̪ ̝̣̭̜͕h͖̖a̗̠̬̮͜v͙e̡ ̛̲͎͕͚͍̻n̟͘ot͏̫͉̯̩̙̠h͚̙͉̱̭̺ͅi̪̭̣̬̟̺̮n̦̝͈̭̝g̶̳̪̟ ̵͚͈̺̻ţo̧̩͍̻ ̸̹̫͕̣͍h̙̺̥̥͕̥̪i̵͓̤̻͉͖͚̞d̳̮͍͉̟e̗̲̩͎̬͓ ̧̹̫̼̱͍̺̦h̳e̩̗ ̣͈m̭͔̥̖͢e̖̞̰̭̙a̮̲̗͍̺̙̪ns͏ ̀t̘o̰͙̹͈͇̜ͅ ̶͇ḻ̣̜̞̩͓̼e͔̺̟̜̗̟͈a̺̥͍͕͕̻͖v̦̺͍ͅę̟̮ͅ mẹ̵ ̭̰t̹̰o̘̗̜o ̸̬she̞͙̮̭̣̭̺ ̧̖̣̳̗c̨̝o̖̪u̹̥̪ͅl͖̰̠͕͖̳d̦͍ ̀r̯͎͖͝ị͙͚͍͇͘d̨̰̪̦̰̩͚e̷͉̠̭̱̦̦͙ ͔w͍̠̝̗̩̝͞į̤̱̱̜̟̺t͞h̯ ̞͉̫͍̭̞g͍͖̺̻͚̘͠e̦͖̳͙̲̝͍͞n͍͉d҉̜̘̺̪r҉̻̝̺̺̪ͅy̤̫ ̮̹̀a̷̝̻͍͎͚͇n̡͓̤̲̜̺̝d͏̼̲̪̠ ̗͓̳̤̺̼͙beͅ ̡a͉̙̦͖̖̕n͕̗̪̭̞͚ ̼̰̭̖͝o̬͇̱͍͍̦u̮̻͓͍͉ṭ̲̯̯͚͟l̳̘͖̯̫͜a̫̱̻w̪̞̥͙͖̺̲͜ ͏l̻i̟̠̱̫̞k҉e̵̼̜̺̣̜ ̣̬̘ͅw̡̲e͈͕̦̭͉̪n̜̻͓͈͇̝̼d̫͡a̤̜̝ ̢̫̪̥̫t̙̼̫̞̖h̤͎ͅe̺̫̱͙ ̘̥̙̠̖w̸̞h̷̟̘ite̢͓͇ ̘͎̗̟̩̱ͅf̟̥̠̯a͏̰̥͉͈̣w̻̝n͎̘̼͜ ͍̣́i̷͈͙͎̖ń ̘̻̤͈͈̮ͅt̵̫̘͔̹̤̩̟h̡͎̙̰͕̙e ș̫͜o̶̮̜̘̦n̨̯̺̠̤̼̠g̘͔̘͉͚̥̼s̛̥͕̝ ͙̞͇͜b̷̠͉̭̪u҉̭̼̤t̞̤̟̟̣ ͖̪̪͈ͅt̨̗̺̞̥̳̦ͅh̪̗͍͓͕̰͎͜a̩̣̖t̘̝̭̜̬ ̠͍w̭̩͖̙͇̖ͅa҉̟s̼̫̥̕ ̛͚͙̤j̼͇̦͚̮̪͜u͎̤̦̦ͅs͇̙͠t̻̩͉̜ ͕̖s̞̖͓̀t̸̳̩u̡̘̮͔̬̘p̫̪͢ͅi͍͝d͇̻ ̯̘l͕̲͇̰̱͜i̞͓̥̺k͉̺͎͖̟̬̰e͓̳̰ ͉̯͈s͚͚ơ̻͈̩̗̙̠͚m͍̝̩̜e̷͓̹̳͇̖̫̲h̖͕t̳̪̯̹ḭ̵̬̙͇̣̞n̞̣̗̗g̺̺͖̞̲̱͠ ̪̠̲̺̭͎sa̡̮̪n̲ş͓͚̰̭̰͖a̡̙͎̫ͅ ̯̫͢m̥̺͈̭ͅi̶̭̣̻̰̟̺g̯͇͖̣h҉͓͈t͉ ̫͙͡d̺̺̟͕̣r̥̣̪͈̘̬̞͟e̮̯̲͈a̜̼̲͙m ̶͈̟̝s͕̝̭͈͜ͅe͎̱̺̣p̯t͕̠̞̻̹̩̲̕a̧̖̞͚ ̨̣̤mo̹̻̝r̷̥da̦͔̙̱͖̣n̻͔͙̻̹͟e͎ ̰sa̝̬͍͠ͅy̵͙̩̗̟s̸̫̟͔̦ ̰̲͜s͟h̡̰͉̯̻e͕̙̘̫̠͕͕ ̛h̵͈̭̞̰a̟͖͖̮̟̫̺s҉ ̘̬̟͞t͍̠͓̘̙̗͝ḩ̼̯e̡̯̝̤ ̮̱͠h͟an̩̮̹͚͔d͚̻̦́s̹ ̣̪̦̳̞̮ͅo̭͔̹̥̝̼ͅf͇͙̼͔͓͕ͅ ̩a̢̼ ̷̘b̞̫̼̩ͅla҉̜c̻͖̜ͅk̛͈͔s̟̳̩͞m̡i̥̰̞̘̙t̷͓h̗͓̰ ͈̜w̶͕̯̥̺h͏a͕͠t̢͙͕̹ ̝̗̟͕͉̻͠t̸̘̝h̬̖͖̲̻͙͎o̵se̠̜͚͔̝̝̙ ͙͈̻̼̗s̛o̞̭f̴͉̜͇̻̪̤t̼̝ ̨͖͎͙l̻̞͢i̢̳̭̟͔t̥̕t͓̦̱̤͚̜̹͞l̕e̮̱̮͍ ̰t̹h̜i͓̝̳͈̪̩͞ͅn̙g͓s̨̩̻̪͚̻͎̤ ̵̲̖y̵̘̦̮o̱̦̠̖̠̮̺u̴ ͏̰̟͚͍̝c̪̥̘͓o͈̞̦̪͉̘̲ụ̜̻̪͖̮̲l͚̩͙̭ͅd̯̤̺͞n͍̣͞t͍͔̠̰͞ ̣̬̜͍͙̗e͡v̪̗̲͚̩̻e͈n͏̻͖̬ ̜̳͉͉͜h̩͈͉̮̯̙̬ol̙̯͍̤d ͚͉̮̠͈͙͞a̤̗ ̵͙̣h̜̙a̞̳̺m͏m̢e̘͎̟̙̘̳͡r͇̫̲ ̳̣̲͇s̖̙̣̪͜t͉͙͙ṷ̺͖̖͞p̼̩̺͖i̮̖͎̖d̵̘͔͇͉͍̹ ̴͉̩͔̻b̻̟̣̼u͖̪͘l̯͇͉̱̟̀ͅl̢̤̮̦͎ ̻̗̤̙à̯̱l̲͚̹͓͝l͔̮̱̦͇̰̀ ̠̩̼̦͖͘t̥̯̪͙̥̩͎h̴͔̠͙̼̫̲a̜͉̻͇͓̖͟ͅt̹ ̥̦͉̙m҉áț̖͎̦͇̺t̢͚͍̠͓͚̰̠e̪͉͉͖͕r̼͠ḙ̡̝͕d͔̪̣͉̫͙ ̭ͅw̜̞̭a̫̮̲s͖͈̞̞̥̖ ҉͔͍͍t̪̲͝h̤̭̠̹͚̹a̸̫̮̜͖t͍͓̖͙͘ ̯̪̭t̮̱̥̖͎̗he̮̳̳̦y̮ ̛̳͖h̴͔͈̙̫̭̝̻a̠͍d̙̱͔̥͔̭͢ ̷̠̦̫͙g͡e̵̝̖̟̣n̶̘̬d̟̗̲͘r͕̭̩͓͓͞y̱̯͇̻ ̸̟̘

I can’t decide who I ship with Robb more: Rhaenys or Arianne. I’m dying on the inside, and I need to talk to someone about it due to two potential fics. Help?! (My inbox and messages are open, feel free to start a conversation about this with me)!

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anyway lance has been in love with keith since the garrison, but he mistook his crush for jealousy and didn’t realize he had feelings for keith until the bedroom scene when keith tried to comfort him. keith, however, started developing feelings for lance during/after the bonding moment and has been pining, completely aware of his feelings, since then. this is canon trust me i asked dreamworks