fire alarm ed sheeran


An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request: ‘Fire alarm goes off at 3 AM and you’re standing across from me in your underwear’

Word Count: 3,362

Early mornings are something you dread.  It’s not just the blinding light from the morning sun peeking through the curtains, or the birds singing well before daybreak; it’s waking abruptly and not on your own terms in those instances.  You groan when you’re pulled from your soothing slumber with a high-pitched shrill.  

It’s just after three when the alarm sounds and you stir under the bedsheets.  In the vivid dream you’re laced in, it’s hard to pinpoint whether the sound is real, but regardless of being uncertain, you peel open your eyes in a squint at the harsh noise.  

Alongside the muffled yet piercing tone there’s a monotone voice and you peel back the blankets, springing to your feet once you make out the warning over the blaring alarm.

“Fire,” it states and though half asleep, you reach for your cell phone and head for the door.

Your bare feet pad down the short hall, the wood cool beneath your soles.  With heightened senses you breathe in, finding no evidence of a fire within the apartment.  You flick on a light in the kitchen, your brow pulling in and eyes shrinking to slits before you tap the metal door handle at the main entrance, checking for any sign of heat.  

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What I need to know …

Is if you love me ..

and I ..

Really need to know ..

Is if you want me ..

when you call..  

If you want me ..

when you call.

here’s a cutie-zalfie-cuddling masterpost

actually those are lyrics from Ed Sheeran song called Fire Alarm