For, like, a good seven to eight months we have been writing this book and you know all, you know, drawing the whole Dan and Phil sim thing. In December we were planning loads of the tour stuff because all that stuff has to be decided way in advance and then in January we did the Brits. In February we did Playlist live and then the nicer internet thing and then the Brits and then we had to hand in our book like three weeks later, the last five months of my life have been the most insane five months in our entire lives. And March was when we had to hand in the book and I am honestly, like, this last week since the weekend, and this Monday and Tuesday, I’ve just been completely exhausted. Its really weird just cause we’ve been working on this huge thing in secret for so long, like this book is, it’s the best thing that we have ever made. We’ve put more time and creative juice and passion into it than anything, and not just the amount of work but the quality of it. Like, obviously I’m going to say this and you aren’t going to find out for 6 months so I’m not going to talk about it too much but, uh, honestly it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. We poured our heart and soul into it. When we had to hand it in I did three nights in a row where I was up till five AM rereading the entire thing from front to back, changing, like, any single word that I didn’t think was absolutely perfect. And then immediately, once we handed in the book, they were like ‘and now we’ve decided that we should announce it in like three weeks!’ and we were like ‘what?’ So then the last three weeks were just doing this trailer cause, you know, we care about this book so much that we didn’t, not that there’s anything wrong with just sitting on a bed and going ‘I wrote a book!’ but we wanted to do something a bit, you know, different, and epic. I explained in the explanation video the nostalgic, romantic idea behind the book, you know, the whole point was it didn’t necessarily have to be a book but just thinking about Dan and Phil and all the people out there, the Dan and Phil fans. I just wanted to make something that was not just, you know, little videos but to make something that was like the best thing, so I always felt like we did it justice so there was this Dan and Phil thing once and then we made this amazing thing that was good and then the tour is just us thinking about what’s the best, you know, we’ve done the radio show, we’ve done the SuperAmazingProject, we’ve done videos together but if me and Phil, what is our maximum potential? What is the best thing that we could possibly create together? And that’s why we want to do the tour, to just absolutely make the best Dan and Phil thing ever. And then it was all like leading up to that Thursday, and now that it’s just out there I don’t know how to live anymore because it was just like 24/7, um, and now it’s like, it’s over for six months and everybody knows our secret, until it’s out and it’s just so weird now. I’m like ‘what do I, what’s my purpose in life?’ strange.

Dan Howell Talking About The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

Do not read that then tell me they are only doing it for the money. They truly cares about us


No matter how many times I loved you, no matter how many times I resented you
This tightly bound thread gently ties me to you.
That’s why I have to say it, that even so, I still love you.

Hey, while saying things like, being alone is lonely, or that I’d rather just die,
I trouble you tonight as I tell you my honest feelings.
It’s alright now, because no matter future may awaits us,
I will never let this red thread be cut.