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I'm curious... Why do you ship Hartwin? I watched Kingsman 3 times, and I cant ship it. (Probably because Harry is probably in his late 40's and Eggsy is in his early 20's and I find hartwin kinda creepy)

Oh, hello

Oh god, this question is bringing flashbacks of my meta writer days in my prior fandom. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a meta. I promised myself never to write one again. Well I ship them for a variety of reasons

I’ve studied film for a few years, so it is easier for me to spot the subtext (any kind of subtext, not just romantic) when it is used. This movie definitely used romantic undertones between the two characters, which was both surprising and interesting to see. 

You may be wondering what subtext I’m talking about, so I’m just going to go ahead and list it  

Goon: if you are looking for another rent boy, they are at the corner of Smith Street

This line is very important, as it does two things; first of all, it places Harry and Eggsy in a sexual scenario and a sexual relationship, and it implies that neither Eggsy nor Harry are straight. 

It can be taken as an insult, yes, but there’s also the fact that the man knows Eggsy personally, which therefore adds validity to the statement, and further calls into question Eggsy’s sexuality. 

It is also important that Harry turns around and beats the crap out of everyone there, defending Eggsy’s honor after he was called a rentboy. That is a common trope used in romances; the prince swoops in and defends the princess. regardless of what one might think of the trope, it is still widely used, and it is always important to have in mind. 

Eggsy: How deep does this thing go?

Harry: Deep enough

These two lines are heavily laced with sexual subtext. While textually they are referring to an elevator, the subtext refers to penetration. In this case, it is an allusion to Harry penetrating Eggsy. You see that’s the beauty of subtext when it comes to writing it’s more complicated once you add cinematography; it’s all about subtle wording.

Harry: One does not use fitting room two when one is popping one’s cherry 

Eggsy: *grins like a lunatic at the tailor* 

Again, wording. For years, cherry popping has had sexual implications (both in film and in real life). It was first used to “politely” talk about taking a woman’s virginity. By phrasing it like that, the director once again places the two characters in a subtextual sexual scenario. 

Another important aspect is that the movie compares Harry’s and Eggsy’s relationship to those seen in the following films: Trading Places, Nikita, Pretty Woman, and My fair Lady. 

Out of the four, two are romances, and the one Eggsy suggests - and they both agree on - is a classic romantic musical. 

It is important to note that in Pretty Woman, Vivian is a prostitute, who while working for Edward falls in love with him, and Edward in turn is charmed by how she defies expectations, and he too falls in love. The fact that Harry uses this movie is especially telling given the comment about the rentboy. It serves to give legitimacy to the veracity of Poodle’s comment, and it ramps up the romantic undertones in the film. 

In my fair lady, Henry Higgins brings Eliza Doolittle under his wing to teach her how to be a lady the same way Harry teaches Eggsy how to be a gentleman. Throughout the musical, you can see how Eliza goes from disliking the man to being infatuated with him to then being hurt by him as she feels used. In the end, Higgins realizes he has fallen in love with Eliza, but cannot confess his love and instead tries to get her to marry the man she used to love and he thinks she still loves. However, Eliza comes back to see him after their fight, and we don’t get to see whether they end up together. 

The reason why it is so important that they are comparing them to Romances is that there is absolutely no need. There are many movies that portray a mentor/student only relationship where the student learns and grows to be a better person; for example the karate kid, the mask of Zorro, the emperor’s club, Firday Night Lights, etc. And yet, they purposefully decided to go with two of the most famous romances, that add romantic undertones to Harry’s and Eggsy’s relationship.

Now, those are the reasons why my nerdy filmmaker mind ships them. The other reasons are

1. I love the dynamics in their relationship. I love how they both learn from one another, how they are both nonconformists that refuse to follow the strict societal rules set out for them. I love how loyal Eggsy is to harry an dhow he looks at the man like he holds all the answers. I love how soft Harry seems to become when he is around Eggsy, and how nurturing/protective he is. I love how they are very much human, and fuck up, and then try to make amends. I love the spark that they have. 

Ohhhhhh man lookit this headcanon over here yooooo quick oneshot about that now whooooooah whaaaaat (also, firday night headcanons? ask me headcanons, give me prompts, feed my love for my child and help me get through this XD)

My Supreme Ruler

Amami could barely believe his luck, He truly did not know whether this was the wildest stroke of good luck to come across a man or the worst possible union by chance… but it was truly something to behold.

The bad luck? Being forced to participate in a mutual killing game. Imprisoned within an Academy for Gifted Prisoners,  a strange bear who dubbed itself ‘Monokuma’ had set out the rules of their game, to kill each other and get away with it, complete with a class trial, investigates and executions. What a despairing situation, that just about anyone, talented or not, would falter under. How could anyone be lucky in a scenario such as this?

Well… Amami was. Amami had told everyone he couldn’t remember his talent, an amnesiac. And for the most part, it was true. He couldn’t recall what sort of amazing talent he might possess that qualified him to be a part of this murderous mess, but, he was fairly certain of what he did to be confined in here.

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