2 more days and begins to court (Dvor)!

Two former participants of farms that are constantly strove to appear in a new rijalitiju on Pink, Milos Bojanic, Ivan Fece Firči. On the 16th Dvor January will enter and Ekrem Jevric, and whether and Wendy will find out when it starts rijaliti.

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This winter will be hot! The new rijaliti “Dvor Srbija” 16 January will join together two former farmers who are on a knife while in zakrvili Lisoviću.

Of course, Milos Bojanic, Ivan - Fece Firči. It is enough to recall to their quarrels and conflicts and come to the conclusion that their relationship will not change even under the new conditions. The former drummer EKV recently, when his name began to be associated with šouom that will be broadcast on Pink, tried to make the atmosphere in a fiery start.

Then he was not sure whether it will accept the role, but already had in store for the singers. - Well, if that ‘you know why it was called the Dvor? It will take them court jester. And he is just perfect for this role - he said Firči for a weekly one month ago. Bidding future courtiers is over, so it is now definite that he would be Milos together rijalitiju. War of the announcement …

In fact, his resume. Dvor Srbija first photos! Exclusive look, we ran a trap in which the familiar face to compete for attractive prize of 50,000 euros. The castle will be in size and appearance to match the old courts, provided that the buildings in Šimanovci abound luxurious amenities such as spa, golf courses, bowling and the like.