This is my first follow forever and I didn’t want to make it too extensive, which is why I’ve only picked my absolute favourite blogs. They are all wonderful and talented people who have contributed to making me irrevocably obsessed with animanga. So, kudos to them! The bolded URL’s are blogs that I stalk quite frequently and that will forever hold a special place in my heart. ♥

akiseru  |  aomiki  |  ayanime  |  babushkas  |  fiorecaps  |  firstsky  |  frogggy89  |  fullmetalshorty  |  grimoire-heart  |  hakurens  |  hatakes  | heartens  |  krizu  |  kurosai  |  mycomicbook  |  nejihyuugas  |  ohbirds  |  rhawkeye  |  roymustang  |  tenjiins  |  zarakis