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The (Not-So-Very) Illustrious Founding Of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

It isn’t particularly derived from anything in the books, but you will never shake my headcanon that Hogwarts was founded completely by accident.

Four kids in the Middle Ages in their late teens, just about old enough to get married, fight in wars, take up adult responsibilities, who really just want to fuck around and study cool magic all the time, meet up with each other and discover perfect kindred spirits.  Obviously the only thing for it is to stake out a spot in the middle of nowhere where they can practice brewing potions and blowing things up just for the hell of it.  They’re witches and wizards.  They’re going to live like a century.  Why would they settle down and be responsible now?

So they end up with this badly-built little shack on the top of a cliff in the middle of absolute nowhere

(”This is our storeroom?” Rowena asks skeptically, eyeing the sad little pile of logs.  One entire wall was nothing more than a drape of oiled cloth.  “You want me to keep my books here?”

“Sad, soggy noble,” Helga mocked.  “Are you even going to look inside, your majesty?”

“Oh, come on,” said Godric, and lifted up a flap of cloth.  Inside, Salazar was lounging in the middle of a room twice the size of the shack from the outside, on what looked like an old log, half-Transfigured into a wide couch, plush upholstry and all.  It still had sprigs of branches coming off the bottom.

“Your Transfiguration’s a mess,” Rowena said.

“It’s artistic,” said Helga.

“It’s comfortable, at least,” said Salazar, and then, “Let me guess, Her Ladyship thought we were going to live in squalor?  At least it’s better than the fens.”

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It was our honor to show SONG OF THE SEA…our run ended a bit early for St. Patrick’s Day, but still. The film is chock full of Irish mythology with a twist, starting with the names. For instance, Cú means “dog” in Irish, and Saoirse is “little seal.” Which is appropriate as she and her mother are Selkies, legendary magical creatures who are human on land and seals in the water. It’s just stunning

There are two! Lirrie Solen and Lissia Eluenn.

Lirrie is a minor farlooker. We don’t know much about her, other than that she’s married to Rachie and is friends with Fionnula. It’s not known if the name Solen was originally Rachie’s or Lirrie's—presumably the former, because she’s a year or so older.

Lirrie is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, though she does tend to say things without really thinking about them. She’s very kind and caring, but also a bit of a gossip. She’s very different to her wife—counts it as something of a miracle if Rachie looks up from her books for five minutes. Rachie is currently working on a new theory about magic, and when she finishes her book on it it’s going to be about a thousand pages long. Lirrie, meanwhile, will not write in her free time unless you superglue the quill to her hand.

Lissia… well, I can’t say very much about Lissia. She’s almost a spoiler, so the details about her character are for me to know and you to find out.

Special mention goes to a character who I’m pretty sure had a name beginning with L. He no longer exists. He was only mentioned in passing anyway.

Special mention two goes to Lunira Imirae, one of the characters who was combined with two others to become the character known in the final draft as Miruna Jiranthis. (The other two characters involved were Lunira’s cousin Oruné Imirae, and, um, Miruna Jiranthis. A DIFFERENT one, though. Basically, I realised that I didn’t need three characters, and making them one person would be a lot easier.)