fionna ships it


This is just so cute cosplaying time. I just don’t like brick as prince gumball. :o He should of been finn and pb of course blossom. While boomer is prince gumball while fionna is bubbles of course. o U o! But I love the rest.


“I have a duty to serve the libraries patrons, but also to protect the books… I can’t in good conscious let you take it home…. but… maybe I could… read this book to you?“

Help me, I’m shipping it.




Anime Matsuri has been so so soooo much fun so far!! Yesterday was my first time cosplaying and I had a blast! My girlfriends brother made all our props and they turned out ahhh-mazing 😁👌

@saraga-arts I’m answering all yours in one post I hope that’s cool!!

Flame Prince x Fionna:

6 = Nice ship, I ship it but as a side ship to other ships.

I used to ship it more when the Fionna and Cake comics first appeared but my interest really dropped after Five Short Tables haha


2 = Don’t see it, Don’t care about it, Don’t know it.

I really really don’t understand the appeal of shipping a character with themself? those are all very boring ships imho there’s no kind of dynamic whatsoever

Ice King x Finn:

1 = NOTP, Disgusting.

??? People ship that??? I’d like to give this an honorary 0. bad and cursed pedophilic ship.


1 = NOTP, Disgusting.

NO. NONONO. NOOOOO. Bubbline and Gumlee are good and precious ships we don’t eeever need het versions of them thanks.

1 = NOTP, Disgusting.

I’m assuming that that’s Fionna with Gumball? anyway PG is super old and an adult and Fio is a minor so. no.


1 = NOTP, Disgusting.

BAD SHIP. Fionna deserves better. I have also never seen fio//l//ee stuff that wasn’t super ooc (tho I also never looked for it so it might be out there? I don’t wanna say none of the content creators get them right I just never saw anyone get them right). and again, ML is super old and an adult and Fionna is still a minor. 


10 = One True Pairing (OTP). I will fight to the death for this ship.

While it’s technically still only my second fav ship it deserves a 10 bc. wow good ship I wish the show portrayed them as they are in the comics just once I’d be blessed for eternity. I’m still unhappy with its fandom but it’s a highly blessed ship.

thanks for asking!!! Have a nice day!