fionna mertens

i read the Fionna and Cake issues (great read, btw) and in it Cake gets really upset that Fionna cuts her hair b/c she liked playing with it so much (in Fionna’s defense, it was on fire), so when i saw a pic of finn’s hair from Stakes i was pretty sure this is what would happen if there was a Finn and Jake/ Fionna and Cake meetup

AT Ship Week 2.0: Day 3- Fav AU Pair


Simone Petrikov, Senior, is a braniac who excels in her academic courses. The cost of her extreme pursuit of knowledge has led her to be dubbed the school’s “Ice Queen.” Tbh she’s just a socially awkward gay nerd that’s bad at making friends.

Fionna Mertens , Junior, is the school’s star athlete. Gets around and seems to know everyone around Aaa High. Not very good at subjects like math or science.

I guess a cliche plot would be like… Fionna’s currently struggling w/ one of her classes, and the teacher (Professor Petrikov) recommends his niece to tutor the her. (Gay) shenanigans ensue ;3c