fionna au


in jelly’s and my cku!au, flame princess is a cheerleader and fionna is a football player soooo yeah lol have some after-game-awkward-asking-out thing

also fi’s wearing the protective cup cuz she thinks it’s part of the uniform


Adventure Time AU : Jared as Prince Gumball | Margot as Fionna the Human

I feel like nothing was real until I met you.
I feel like we connect, and I really get you.
If I said, “You’re a beautiful girl,” would it upset you?
Because the way you look tonight, silhouetted, I’ll never forget it.

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Maybe for your shrek au, since fionna turns into an ogre, fiddleford turns into long fiddleford?

jESUS CHRIst no ok im sorry I havent gotten back to shrek au but fidds turns into old man mcgucket at night and then like when donkey is talking to fiona its like mcgucket like WHO COULD LOVE A CRAZY OL HILLBILLY LIKE ME YALL and stans like WELL UR KIND OF A CRAZY OLD FART.. AND FORD IS A CRAZY OLD FART.. U HAVE A LOT IN COMMON… and fords like outside the door w a sunflower and hes like “well i saw this flower and i thought of u.. i mean not cuz ur pretty or anything but the way sunflowers have that fibonacci spiral going on in the center is fascinating and i thought u might like it”

Grass Prince Fionna to go with Grass Princess Finn

People wanted it and plus someone suggested Fionna would be a better Grass Princess, and I decided no let’s just keep subverting ideas of gender instead.

Prince Fionna doesn’t have a psychic spirit arm because…

I have no idea… I might stick these two in a convenient image set tho.

Bubblegum Blonde

“So can you explain to me how cheerleading is supposed to make people like me?” Fionna asked her new friend Bo as he lead her around the school. She had just moved from California to Arizona, and while she missed her balmy Summer state, she was excited to begin her senior year in a new beginning. 

She was brought to Bo Austin to shadow him since he was a freshman in high school now and was one of the most liked students from the year before. The two had bonded but she didn’t know much about him other than he was amazingly popular judging by the girls who swooned as he walked down the hall.