fionna au


Adventure Time AU : Jared as Prince Gumball | Margot as Fionna the Human

I feel like nothing was real until I met you.
I feel like we connect, and I really get you.
If I said, “You’re a beautiful girl,” would it upset you?
Because the way you look tonight, silhouetted, I’ll never forget it.

Bubblegum Blonde

“So can you explain to me how cheerleading is supposed to make people like me?” Fionna asked her new friend Bo as he lead her around the school. She had just moved from California to Arizona, and while she missed her balmy Summer state, she was excited to begin her senior year in a new beginning. 

She was brought to Bo Austin to shadow him since he was a freshman in high school now and was one of the most liked students from the year before. The two had bonded but she didn’t know much about him other than he was amazingly popular judging by the girls who swooned as he walked down the hall. 


For the Good of the Kingdom

“My king is my lord and keeper and I will remain as his wife and queen, fulfilling my duty as a caregiver and providing a son…”

The newly crowned queen stared at her reflection in the mirror, her trusted knight behind her as he helped her get ready for the morning. Her face was beautiful and glowing, her hair was golden blonde and her skin was pure as ivory, her collarbones marked with a few purple marks from her husband the night before. 

She adjusted her crown on her braided hair, letting out a sigh and glancing up at her friend shrugging her shoulders after she recited her piece. “As long as I am his wife my job is to provide an heir to France…the methods to his love may seem unorthodox but I can assure you he’s quite the gentleman,” She explained, assuring her knight that the bruises and bites on her hips and neck were a symbol of desire and not abuse. 


Keep My Secret

“I’m the bride’s personal friend, can’t you tell by the bridesmaid’s dress?” Fionna chuckled as she lifted the skirt of her navy gown and shrugged at the male before her. She licked her lips and continued to drink her champagne. “I’ve never seen you with Megan or Alex, are you a mutual friend from college or something?” She asked him. 


A Surprise


“Kaylee told me you wanted to see me?”

The intern walked into her boss’ office and shut the door, seeing him heavily invested in his work as usual. She didn’t normally bother him, especially now since she was on break and she had a new cup of hot tea in her hand. “I beg your pardon, Sir.” She said, taking a step closer to his desk since he wasn’t speaking yet. 

“Forgive my being blunt but couldn’t this wait until after my break was over?” She asked with a quick raise of her brow. 

The Woman In Gold

“Lord, someone help this poor soul.”

Fionna had been watching that man since he walked into the resturant an hour ago. He was nicely dressed, a black suit and red tie, a clean shaven face and a nice hairstyle. He looked like he was made to order at this fine eatery, and she assumed his wife would soon follow in with him. However a female nor a male ever waltzed in trailing after his heels. She sipped her wine as she sat at the bar, making small talk with the bartenders, and laughing at jokes of politics and social media with her other friends who shared the same higher class. 

But that man sitting along at a table in the end of the dining area near the window gave her a gnawing feeling at the pit of her stomach. No one should be eating alone, or at least sitting there pathetically as they knew their lover wasn’t about to show. 

Finally the woman in gold stood up from the bar, leaving her glass of wine and her payment, walking up and slipping past one of the waiters, making her way over to the man and making sure her voice was heard. “Oh, Darling my apologies I’m so late!” She huffed, sitting down across from him and grabbing the menu. “Traffic was terrible, you can’t find a driver to weave through New York properly,” She excused herself. 



Based off this AU:

“Ooh, Bonjour,” Fionna’s brow hopped up when scrolled back up to see the profile picture of the sexy male on her computer screen. She bit her lip, opening her chat icon and sending the man a message.

blondexkitten18: Hi ;) i saw your profile on here and i think you’re insanely attractive. can you give me a private show? I’d be willing to make it worth your while <3 

Where were her morals?

Out the window obviously, since she was hitting up random strangers on the internet. 


Tall Tales of Murder

Her blue eyes glance up to see the writer being brought into her office. She waved her hand and the officer who flanked the two forcing the brunette man into the room and they shut the door, standing protectively as the man is pushed into the chair in front of the woman’s desk. 

“Ah, Mr. Haddock, what a pleasure to see you.” She said cooly, taking a drag from her cigarette and exhaling slowly in his direction. 

She looks down at her quill and papers, stacking them neatly. “Do you know why I wrote a search warrant to bring you here, Mr. Haddock?” She asked. 


The Other Hero

“The difference between you and I is that you’re the one with the fucked up face and I’m the one with the killer stare and tits,” 

The bold mouthed blonde laughed at the man in the suit in front of her, shooting him a wink and she wiped the last of the blood off of the thin blade of her sword, and the tossed the once white rag over her shoulder, the fabric landing on the criminal behind her. “You’re all washed up, Deadpool, I got this.” She assured, sliding off the flat bed of the truck and she ran her fingers through her hair. 


Amour et Guerre: Love and War

“Bonjour, Monsieur. I can assure a safe place for you to rest your head and care for your wounds,” Henry said kindly as he led the American into his home. He looked towards the living room where a blonde woman stared at the man in uniform in fear. 

“No, Il est américain, nous prenons soin de lui…” Henry assured her, coming over to the woman and patting her hand. “This is my cousin, Fionna Marie. Say hello,” He smiled at the girl. 

“Bonjour, Monsieur.” She exhaled, glancing up nervously and skeptically, her hands wringing in the skirt of her lavender dress. “U-um, I’ll prepare the tea,” she nodded, skittering away.