fionna and cake spoilers

it’s weird, i think fionna and cake and fionna has been my favorite episode of this week so far? there’s only been two others so far but i really loved the mystery behind it. i wasn’t sure where it was going and it kinda surprised me! it might be my favorite fionna and cake episode so far actually, because it actually connects to the main timeline, which was something the other episodes lacked that i think was holding them back.

something tells me the transmission of fionna and cake stories into ice king’s mind while he sleeps is going to have more significance in the future. there was too much foreshadowing of that in the episode for it to be just a silly throwaway thing imo. maybe it is though! who knows. the red light made me think it was GOLB which, would be pretty out there but it’s possible since GOLB seems to have some connection to the multiverse.

AT SPOILERS - Five Short Tables Review? Overview? Thoughts?

Okay, that was my first episode of Adventure Time in a LONG while. I did refresh on most of the Fionna and Cake episodes today though. Here’s my review? My thoughts is better. Tl;dr:

Flapjacks are the BOMB. Loving Cake and Fionna fam vibe.

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Gumballs new voice actor isn’t terrible? Not too good either. But hey, I liked him.

GUMLEE HINTS PLEASE alike to stakes with Bubbline.

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Flame Prince? Damn, his voice. I never knew I wanted that, and I WANT AN EPISODE ON HIM NOW. He’s literally so hot and so gay. Best character.

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Marshall is really just a cutie, ain’t he? He’s taking care of LSP and acting out little skits. He DOES care.

Fanfiction in side fanfiction that the author wrote? INCEPTION! BWOOOO–

But seriously, I love the little british curly hair finn and jeeves? The raccoon. Also, ice president. Dapper as hell.


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