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Its main issue is it is trying to be more epic than Lord of the Rings, when The Hobbit as a story is fantastic (i preferred it as a kid to lotr) but Lotr will always be more epic by the nature of its story of ending all evil.

I agree, The Hobbit should have been an adventure movie and should have not tried to be an epic saga. The storytelling is much better in The Hobbit book, than it is in the LotR books. LotR cut out a LOT of scenes from the books, making it a story and not a historical documentary.For The Hobbit a LOT was added that wasn’t supposed to be there, so it’s more like LotR.

It’s a shame Guillermo Del Toro did not get to direct it. I would have loved to see his version and not Peter Jackson’s second LotR.

Hi I’m Fiona, from the UK and I go by FionaCreates on almost everything.

I’m a marginally professional illustrator and designer working in digital/traditional mixed media (that means I just can’t decide and use something new each time :P). On a personal note I love to draw fantasy illustration because who doesn’t? But I just genuinely love to draw all things.

I’m FionaCreates here on tumblr And on dA and you can find my portfolio here.

Looking forward to getting to know you all more :D

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At the same time I was aware your name is Allison… so I really am not sure at all where Astrej Lau came from… maybe it’s your Alter Ego.

haha maybe!! I love hearing how people sound out usernames though, it’s so interesting to see because you KNOW when we’re all scrolling down we have shorthands for everyone, doesn’t matter if you know what it’s actually supposed to be. so yes, LOVE IT. haha~<3

I’m going to an event this week (a bit last minute) where I needed business cards, but the ones I ordered with all my new work on them won’t arrive until after the event. The local print shops failed me so I had to figure something out with my inkjet. So after a little messing about and taping back together to figure out the perfect window size this is the new limited edition design.. WOO!

Foldy design with a little window, so that the information and picture can be printed easily on the same side of the paper, I’ll then hand write my initials “FM” on the front by the little triangle window. Woo go me. I now think these are better than the boring old regular ones I have on order…

Just to buy some decent paper tomorrow and then it’s cut out hell til I get maybe 20-30 or these babies.. XD

The best design decisions come from working with restrictions, not open doors. No matter what little things you have access to, if you really want to make something, you can make it work.