fiona: shockwave

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Can I get Tfp cons kidnapping a human who is pretty nonchalant about it or finds it an inconvenience to their day?

Megatron is pissed. How DARE you not quake in fear before him?! IT WILL BE MORE THAN AN INCONVENIENCE WHEN HE TEARS YOU LIMB FROM- no. Your his bargaining chip. Unfortunately, he has to keep you alive. He’s gonna do everything he can to scare you, though.

Starscream is very offended, but he can’t do much. Any torture device they may have is too strong for a human as young as you, and he needs you alive. Try as he might, he just can’t get a rise out of you. When Optimus shows up though, you start to fake cry and really ham it up so Starscream gets punched extra hard.

When Soundwave comes to capture you you’re working on a school project. “Hold on,” you say. “This is for a huge part of my grade. I’m almost done, just gimme a minute.” Surprisingly, he waits. As long as you don’t start whining he couldn’t care less about your demeanor.

Knock Out is as annoyed as you are, “Oh, trust me. There are millions of things I’d rather be doing than capturing some slobbery fleshie.” You both end up complaining to each other until your rescue party comes.

Breakdown is secretly relieved you’re not crying or screaming. He may tell you to hush as you’re complaining, but overall you’re just another job for him.

Shockwave is curious at first as to why you aren’t afraid. Don’t you know what he could do to you, puny human? It’s mildly irritating, but he doesn’t put too much thought into it.

Sometimes I think about the fact that Shockwave was physically capable of wrecking the Wreckers and I wonder what else he can do. It’s my personal theory that “conservation of energy” actually plays into this scene… typically he is very slow-moving, but here we saw his speed and agility both massively ramp up. I think he deliberately expends the least energy possible in day-to-day tasks just so he can kick in that extra bit of effort when something like, say, his creation being bridged to the arctic happens.

It’s finally done… This took me waaaaaaay too long. This started out as a sloppy silly edit of the Mr and Mrs Smith poster, then it led to a sloppy scribble parody of that edit, which lead to half finished lineart that sat in my drawing folder for like a month. By the time I came back to it, I couldn’t recreate the style I was using for the lineart, so I had to start over from the beginning, and so on and so on for a total of 2 months. I worked on this for 2 months :’D

So here it is! a Shockblurr parody of Mr and Mrs Smith bc Spies.