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“That’s not a puppy, that’s a behemoth!”
“Oh, she’s not that big.”
“Ma, I couldn’t even fit her in my living room! Have you seen our apartment? It’s a shoe box!”
“I know you told me not to, but the shelter had no room, and I couldn’t…C’mon, Louie, look at her! Look at them! Look how happy she is!”
“…I’m living in a Beethoven movie.”


so i uh…. i made a voltron shrek au…

(part 2 here)

  • keith is galra and he lives alone in his galra habitat, everyone stays away from him bc they think he’ll eat them or whatever
  • meanwhile varkon (not zarkon, i’ll explain later) sends all the alteans/arusians to keith’s land
  • and keith is like what gives
  • so varkon is like if u can bring me this goreous prince lance from the highest room in the tallest tower ill give u ur swamp land back
  • and so keith and red (i honestly couldn’t think of anyone else to be donkey) go to rescue lance but guarding him is *gasp* the blue lion
  • anywho they end up getting lance out of there while keith is still like yeah yeah whatever im just trying to get my place back
  • and lance is like nono u must be my true love
  • and keith is still like noooononono i am a GALRA arent you scared of me??
  • blah blah blah keith crashes the wedding everyone’s friends, the red and blue lions get married and all is well
  • this whole thing basically came from one night at 2am when i was like…huh….. keith is a lot like shrek..

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Emhyr var What Am I Doing With My Wife-Emreis

False Ciri: Stop murdering people.
Emhyr: You don’t understand-
False Ciri: I said stop it.
Emhyr: ಠ╭╮ಠ