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lili_hayes teaching Fiona Apple how to sing her favorite song! :))  Full video:[x]

Trying to work out the concept behind this photo of Fiona Apple - she is bent over, and also looking up the camera with an expression somewhere between mortified and “WTF am I doing”

or maybe she was tying a shoelace, that could be it - she was tying a shoelace and they took a photo, so she is like “WTF dude, I’m tryna tie a shoelace here”, but then they just published it in ‘Teen music magazine′ anyway.

luca’s top 10 favorite (music) albums

[as of 26 mar 2017; previously updated on 3 dec 2016]


honorable mentions (albums that used to be on the list but have been bumped off): we started nothing (the ting tings), nevermind (nirvana), led zeppelin iv (led zeppelin), dark side of the moon (pink floyd), odelay (beck), tragic kingdom (no doubt)


(the album that got me into muse years ago; it still sends a little tingle down my spine with every listen.)


(it’s so fun, yet it’s so haunting; it’s so energetic, yet it’s so heartbreaking. it leaves me wishing for more, but it’s still an overall delight to listen to.)


(it’s somewhat conceptual without trying to be, it’s catchy as heck, it’s thoughtful and personal, and it’s often beautifully written. the album may be too long for its own good, but i will never get bored of its tracks.)


(its lyrical material is somewhat heavy, but it’s still easy to listen to. depressingly enough, it’s also easy to relate to. its obvious standouts–especially lucky–are amazing, but for some reason, they don’t fit in with the rest of the tracks for me; it’s the understated songs that truly make the album.)


(in my opinion, this is one of the most unfairly underrated albums of all time. its sound is reminiscent of the beatles’, but it still manages to be unique (and in my opinion, it outdoes them). a few of its tracks are somewhat weak, but the rest of the album definitely compensates for it. its lyrics can be confusing, but i find that to be kind of endearing. this album makes me wish ryan ross and brendon urie never had any ‘creative disagreements’, but at least we got this album before they did. kudos, panic!)


(a beautifully done homage to the band itself. it has a characteristically odd sound, but it’s incredibly compelling and i can’t get enough of it.)

3 (tie)

(honestly, i was really tempted to place the latter album above tidal as muse is my favourite band, but for some reason, i couldn’t bring myself to do it. both of these albums hold a load of personal meaning to both me and their authors. that is really all i can say. as such, they can be difficult for me to listen to, but whenever i do play them, i feel uplifted even though their material can remind me of some of my darker moments. tidal is a beautifully personal and poetic album [and, impressively enough, it was written by a teenager!], and black holes and revelations can’t help but make me feel so many things at once that i want to explode with emotion…yet not because i wouldn’t be able to listen to it anymore.) 


(this album. i cannot get enough of it. it calms me down. it helps me through creative projects. it makes me nostalgic for advanced art class, the environment in which i first experienced comfort with myself and others. it is as beautiful as heaven and as addictive as hell. it has turned my head into a radio. it has turned me into a fan of radiohead. and it has forever changed me. i cannot thank the band enough for releasing it.)


(i may be incredibly biased, but this is an album everyone needs to listen to at some point in their lives. it covers a wide range of topics that are often sung about in mainstream pop music, but dave moisan’s takes on them are insanely intelligent and fraught with creative metaphors that somehow manage not to make his songs sound too stilted. and even then, they hold so much meaning that it takes a deep look at their lyrics to truly understand them. the album’s production is incredibly unique and a delight to listen to, and its instrumentation is amazing despite the obscurity of the team that brought it together (also, dave plays quite a few of those instruments, which is extremely impressive). and last but not least, dave is a really freaking amazing singer–he may not be the best ever, but his voice is both soothing and seductive, it’s versatile as heck and full of emotion, and both his characteristic falsetto and his warm chest voice are ear candy. i tend not to enjoy pop music as much as that of other genres, but this album has shattered all of my expectations, and the fact that it has gone relatively unnoticed since its release six years ago shatters my heart. please go listen to it. i will love you forever.)                                                                                                      

Ian's Mickey-Given Nicknames

• Carrot Top
• Mumbles
• Sleepy Face
• Private Ryan
• Fire Crotch
• Cinderella
• Gallagher
• Red Head
• Tough Guy
• Mary Poppins