fiona likes girls

hey, look, another otp that will never happen because reasons


R1Breakfast: BREAKING NEWS: Fiona went through with it! 1D hat, 1D flag, 1D t shirt, Harry pic! Oh… AND ACTUAL HARRY ❤️😱😱❤️
R1BreakfastBut who’s the mystery blonde putting the finishing touches to Fiona’s style⁉️We’ll let you know on tomorrow’s show!
R1Breakfast: We’re all feeling fragile after last night’s 1D gig. 😍🎉 Totally worth it. We made this happen. Harry Vs Superfan Fi


At rehearsal tonight, someone brought up the…

is that ogre fiona or human fiona tho

…That’s a good point. Because yeah, at the end of the show I’ll be ogre-Fiona at that point. And the fat suit I wear is REAL FAT. like REAL FAT

mmm maybe I can change back into normal-Fiona afterwards. Douse myself in cold-cream to degreen, haha.

Or just y’know. Embrace the orge. Love the orge. Love the skin you’re in. Or the fat suit.


From design to costume: Wig and flowers of the Hawai’ian Hula girl

The Hula girl is one of the truly elusive costumes in Masquerade. Only a handful of productions has had it, I think only West End, RAH, Germany and Japan.

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