fiona johnson

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Name: Tyanna 

nickname: T, Anna 

height: 5′6″ 

Ethnicity: Australian but I’ve got some Maltese in me 

Favourite fruit: plum

Favourite season: autumn

Favourite Book: Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte’, Girl in Pieces- Kathleen Glasgow, How to Love- Katie Contugno and Every Man in This Village is a Liar- Megan Stack

Favourite Flower: frangipani

Favourite animal: dogs

Favourite beverage: black coffee or ice tea

Favourite fictional characters: Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Kevin Keller, Marshall Erickson, Hermione Granger, Charlotte York, Fiona Maxwell, Shelly Johnson

Number of blankets you sleep with: anywhere from none to three depending on the season

dream trip: Canada, the USA, central america and then Greece, Italy and Malta

blog created: I think about a month ago roughly

number of followers: 543 and i love every single one of you

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Tales From The Borderlands has such an amazing cast!

Laura Bailey [FIONA] 
Ashley Johnson [Gortys] 
Erin Yvette [SASHA] (she voiced Snow White in the wolf among us ^.^)
Nolan North [AUGUST]
Chris Hardwick [VAUGHN]
Troy Bake [RHYS] 
Patrick Warburton [VASQUEZ] (also did the voice of Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove) 
Dameon Clarke [HANDSOME JACK]  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Adam Harrington [KROGER] (aka Bigby Wolf)
Dave Fennoy [FINCH] (Lee Everett)