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Alternatives to white guest stars getting treated with kid gloves and Shinwell being fridged for fake ass Joanlock drama:

The beginning of season 2 opens with Sherlock learning of Moriarty’s death in prison. In episode 2x12 they find her daughter and make sure she goes into a loving home after her first adoptive parents are murdered. Mycroft visits for a time but both Joan and Sherlock sense his insincerity from the beginning and Joan calls out his bullshit about saving Sherlock from prison. She also slaps him, both for wanting her to feel sorry for him and expecting his sacrifice for Sherlock to make her forgive him for her kidnapping. Mycroft still fakes his death and leaves their lives forever. Sherlock and Joan have a healthy discussion eventually about why Joan needs to move out. They go solve a case in London together. Joan returns to New York, Sherlock chooses to stay.

Sherlock and Joan exchange letters frequently during the 8 months he’s in London. He tells her about Kitty.

Kitty returns after Gruner commits suicide in prison, leaving no proof or testament behind that it was she who disfigured him. She finds a girlfriend in New York, and they move into a place not too far from the brownstone, and often join Joan and Sherlock on cases. Kitty and her gf have a child through a sperm donor. Kitty is the pregnant one. Joan and Sherlock still become godparents. Joan loves babysitting. Sherlock takes longer to get used to it.

Joan dates Andrew for a while, and discovers she’s aromantic. After discussing this with Andrew, they stop dating but remain good friends and have a sort of open relationship. Sherlock sometimes joins.

When Sherlock relapses and beats Oscar, he accepts a prison sentence for his crimes rather than be blackmailed by his father. Joan and he exchange letters during that time. Andrew and Joan live in the brownstone together for some time, though Andrew goes on frequent business trips. Joan learns more about beekeeping. She, Alfredo, and Kitty visit Sherlock in prison at least once a month each. Joan sometimes visits more often when she’s on a case she knows he’ll like.

After Sherlock gets out of prison, Morland tries to help them on a case. Days later he’s murdered. Moriarty’s successor is behind the crime, and Joan and Sherlock set out to dismantle their empire for good. Sherlock doesn’t so much mourn his father as much as he regrets the man never understood why he always held May’s death against him. Joan and him have a much deeper conversation about May’s addiction after Morland’s death. Joan gets the ring.

Sherlock and Fiona date for a few months but decide they’d rather be friends. Sherlock loves sharing his work with her, but understands he can’t share everything he wants because there are some things she’s not comfortable with. She helps him begin to like cats again. Fiona frequently visits the brownstone, and Joan always makes her favorite tea, and they talk about the bees, poetry, technology and computers, different developments in their respective fields.

Shinwell survives. Joan avenges him and makes the first inroads in dismantling SBK while Shinwell is hospitalized. Sherlock comes to understand Shinwell wanted to make amends for his friend’s murder just as much as he wanted vengeance. He tells Sherlock he would’ve never let any harm come to Joan - he would’ve rather died. Shinwell confesses to the murder and goes back to prison. Joan and him exchange letters for the rest of their lives. The three of them collaborate on cases, rather covertly sometimes, as Shinwell forms different alliances in the prison system.


You want to know why we only ask about Mickey?


You took Fiona and made her from the selfless hardworking women trying her best to provide for her family and care for siblings to a woman who was so engrossed with a man she met for months that she neglected and practically starved her family for a marriage that lasted 5 hours.

You took Lip and made him from a genius who could get into a top tier university with a scholarship into a man who was sleeping with his professor with the consent of her husband and felt absolutely no moral repercussions for it.

You took Ian and made him from a young man who was doing well in school, ambitious and hopeful into a man who seemingly has given up on everything, let his mental illness pretty much dictate him, and gave up on the one good thing in his life.

You took Carl and made him from a cute troublemaker who loved his family very much into a boy who didn’t care about the consequences of him going to jail, left, and basically destroyed his future. (Even though it’s because Ethan wanted a normal childhood but there are better ways to deal with him leaving temporarily).

You took Debbie and made her from a little girl full of ideations about love and family, had a sensitive soul that cared deeply for everyone around her and tried to cheer everyone up because it was who she was and you made her into girl who raped her boyfriend to get what she wanted and lied to her second boyfriend so she could cheat her way into his family via pregnancy.

You took Mandy and Sheila, who were integral to the story, with Mandy being Ian’s best friend and Lip’s one good and stable relationship and support and Sheila being the voice of conscience in Frank’s ear, and you sent them away.

I won’t mention Frank because frankly, I don’t actually recall what he did in season 5.


You took Mickey and made him from a homophobic asshole that denied his feelings for Ian and who hated his wife because of the forced marriage and who couldn’t even hold his child because of it and made him into a young man who was now on good terms with his wife, loved his child very much, and was having a good life with Ian since he finally came to term with his feelings. This man liked his wife, loved his child, loved Ian, who was so worried when Ian and Yev went missing, held them so tight when they were found, and was loyal and faithful, and he will be gone.

And you wonder why we ask about Mickey?

Tales From The Borderlands has such an amazing cast!

Laura Bailey [FIONA] 
Ashley Johnson [Gortys] 
Erin Yvette [SASHA] (she voiced Snow White in the wolf among us ^.^)
Nolan North [AUGUST]
Chris Hardwick [VAUGHN]
Troy Bake [RHYS] 
Patrick Warburton [VASQUEZ] (also did the voice of Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove) 
Dameon Clarke [HANDSOME JACK]  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Adam Harrington [KROGER] (aka Bigby Wolf)
Dave Fennoy [FINCH] (Lee Everett)