fiona is my queen

I won't settle for less than...

the ferocity of Michael and Fiona,

the passion of Buffy and Angel,

the friendship of Cory and Shawn,

the challenge of Harry and Draco,

the heart of Dean Winchester,

the reality of Doug and Carrie,

the laughter of Jack, Janet, and Chrissy,

and the family of Serenity’s crew. 

Dreaming of AHS (2nd time!)
You may remember me visiting AHS by @librariancrossing if you follow me for quite a long time. I had no idea of the series but now I watched the first 4 seasons of “American Horror Story” and I am totally obsessed! And THIS town is perfection! It is so detailed, that even the villagers names fit in well. If you love the show, you definitely need to see this town, omg! You will fall in love! And notice every single detail. What an awesome town! Mayor Fiona was my favourite! Jessica Lange is QUEEN!

ENJOY ! ! !

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Owner: @librariancrossing

shameless S07E3

Carl finding out the hoe he cut his dick for is cheating on him

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Carl snitching on the hoe like she deserves

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Liam actually saying sentences

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I’m an incredibly, stupidly sensitive person, that everything that happens to me, I feel really intensely. I feel everything very deeply. And when you feel things very deeply and you think about things a lot, and you think about how you feel, you learn a lot about yourself. And when you know yourself, you know life.
—  Fiona Apple