fiona drink

  • Keith: Lance
  • Lance: Go to sleep Keith
  • Keith: This is important Lance
  • Lance: What is it
  • Keith: in Shrek 2 the potion changes Fiona because Shrek drinks it and they both become beautiful because she's his true love. So did dragon change when donkey drank it or did she stay the same?? Like she's pregnant with the DonkeyDragons at the time/just gave birth since they're able to fly so?? Did the babies have to deal with Dragon just changing suddenly?? Did she not change because she's not his true love???
  • Lance: ohmygod Keith she just didn't change she's already perfect as it is, look at her
  • Keith: You're right. I love you.
  • Lance: I'm going back to sleep
  • Keith: Night babe
  • Lance: Night
That Voice (Jared Kleinman x reader)

[Soulmate AU where the voice in your head is that of your soulmates until you meet! My own idea but tbh it’s probably been done before lmao. Also this wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be I’m sorry -Fiona]
FYI: Mild swearing, drinking

You were 6 years old when you asked your parents why the thoughts in your head were a little boy’s voice. They smiled to each other before sitting you down and telling you about soulmates. Somewhere out there was a boy that you were destined to spend your life with. His voice is the one you hear in your head telling you your every thought. And when two soulmates find each other, the voice in your head becomes your own. As your mom said - it’s like you have a part of the other, and when you meet you give it back. Hurts like hell though apparently.

It took you a while to get used to this voice. You decided very quickly that the boy who this voice belongs to, never takes anything seriously. Even your darkest thoughts had a hint of sarcasm or humor in them. Sometimes that helped to make you smile, sometimes it pissed you off even more.

Around the age of 13, this voice started to go funny. This was probably the happiest time of your life so far, mostly because you giggled a lot whenever the voice broke. Poor boy must be going through The Change , wherever he is. Thankfully it wasn’t too long until the voice settled into a lower register than what you’d heard for the last 14 years.

But you were 17 when you and some of your friends were invited to the biggest part of the fall. Honestly, you weren’t so keen on going but you knew a lot of people there so you thought you’d at least show your face for an hour or so. There was a school-famous DJ and her obnoxiously large music equipment you had to climb onto a podium to get to. You only had one drink, because you knew your limit from bad past experiences. With all this in mind you didn’t expect to enjoy yourself, but the party was actual okay and you ended up staying longer than you originally intended.

Around 11pm you were standing next to the DJ’s station watching your completely drunken friends dance. A crowd of boys entered the room…actually staggered is a better word. They all seemed to be surrounding someone, begging them not to go, you couldn’t see who. You heard, in the center of the gathering, a loud and conspicuous laugh,

“I know, guys, I’m sorry! But I gotta go!”

You froze, your legs start to shake and your hands became clammy. Because you knew, you knew that voice. That voice was speaking in your mind that very minute. He’s here. Your soulmate is here.

“Kleinman, you’re so boring!”

“At least I can walk in a straight line, pal. Sobriety is the key to basic bodily control, my friends.” That voice again! Jesus Christ, this was actually happening.

The group of guys started to break and he became more clear. But all you could see was the back of his head, and he was walking towards the front door. He was leaving, shit! There were too many people in your way, you’d never reach him in time.

Well then, you’d just have to get his attention some other way.

You climbed onto the DJ’s podium. In your peripheral vision you saw the front door open, so you pulled every plug you could see until the deafening music cut off.

“STOP!” You yelled across the now silent room. The boy turned around. A chorus of annoyed and confused teenagers rose until the DJ got the music going again, not before giving you an earful for “touching her tunes”. But that didn’t matter, what mattered was the boy in the doorway was now staring at you with his mouth slightly agape. He knew, and you knew he knew.

The next thing you felt was the sharp pain in your brain, you held you head in your hands and stepped down from the podium. Through your strained, half-closed eyes you saw the boy steadying himself against the wall, clearly in pain too. At this point some kids nearby had noticed and were asking if you were okay. Then you heard a droning in your skull, the hurt died down.

You felt a hand on your arm.
“Look up.” A voice in your head told you.
A different voice.
Your voice.
You look up and meet his eyes.

“Jared Kleinman.” He said over the noise, with that voice you knew so well, you recognized his tone from every time you ever felt nervous. He wasn’t much taller than you, the front of his hair hung down his forehead, just above his glasses that framed his face perfectly.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You replied once you found the breath. Surprisingly, he laughed giddily then took your hand and pushed through the crowd until you were standing outside.

“Say that again.” He said, the excitement spilling out of him.

You held back laughter through your words, “Jared, my name is Y/N!” You announced dramatically.

Jared cackled and ran his hands up your arms, “Jesus, that’s so weird! I’ve been hearing that voice all my life and now there’s, like, a person behind it.” You both laughed again, hysterically, “I’ve always felt sorry for the poor soul who’s had to hear me in their head for 17 years.” Jared said, suddenly sheepish.

Then you remembered everything your parents told you as a child; there’s a connection almost instantly, five minutes of knowing your soulmate can feel like a lifetime. They were right. Suddenly you could hardly remember life before Jared Kleinman.

“Kiss!” A new voice shouted. You and Jared looked back at the house to see a crowd of drunken teens had formed at the window. One boy hit another in the arm,

“Didn’t you hear, jackass?! They’re soulmates! Don’t make it weird!

You looked away, hoping no one saw you blush. Jared was visibly holding back a laugh.

“Do you wanna get outta here?” he asked you, nodding his head towards the multiple peering eyes on you.

You smiled widely, linked your arm in his and walked together away from the cheers being called behind you.


** This is an updated version of the shameless drinking game that Jill (mm-milkovich) and I created last summer, so it includes season 4 now. ENJOY!


  1. Every time you see naked boobs.
  2. Every time they mention ROTC or military.
  3. Every time Fiona is at a new job.
  4. Every time Sheila shows her agoraphobia.
  5. Frank does something shitty to the kids
  6. Every time Fiona gets laid
  7. Whenever Frank offers a round to the bar – bonus drink when he actually follows through with it.
  8. Every time Vee does medical things.
  9. Every time Fiona questions the other kids motives behind something.
  10. Every time Jimmy/Steve flashes his money.
  11. Every time the family mentions paying a bill or groceries or money of any sorts.
  12. Every time Lip – the smart kid – does or says something stupid.
  13. Every time Debbie or Carl does something nice for Frank.
  14. Jimmy/Steve and Fiona have a fight.
  15. Every time Fiona isn’t wearing a bra.
  16. What you missed last week.
  17. Every time Kev and Vee have kinky sex.
  18. Every time Linda yells at Kash.
  19. Every time it is mentioned that Frank never pays his tab at the Alibi Room
  20. Every time Frank worries about getting paid by the government (ie disability checks, fraud injuries)
  21. Whenever Ian is working at the Kash and Grab (mentioned or otherwise)
  22. Whenever Mickey denies his feelings for Ian
  23. Whenever Kevin or Vee mentioned babies or having kids.


  1. Every time Lip has a run in with the law.
  2. Every time Ian is in army wear.
  3. Every time someone gets robbed.
  4. Lip and Ian have a heart to heart.
  5. Every time they mention that Lip’s full name is Phillip/he’s called Phillip.
  6. Monica is in an episode.
  7. Every time Frank is brought home drunk.
  8. Every time Fiona breaks down and cries.
  9. Awkward slomo scene.
  10. Every time they make fun of glee.
  11. Kash and Grab sign is seen.
  12. Every time Karen is a mega bitch.
  13. Cute family moment.
  14. Every time Mandy is jealous of Karen.
  15. Frank gets kicked out.
  16. Carl drinks.
  17. Frank goes missing
  18. Every time Frank does something homosexual.
  19. Every time someone gets punched/beat up
  20. Every time Carl does something psychopathic.
  21. Mickey makes a threat.
  22. You see a naked butt.
  23. Every time Mickey doesn’t understand Russian.
  24. Every time Mickey hates on old skeezy men.
  25. Every time Sammi does something creepy with Frank.
  26. Whenever Fiona hates on the Milkoviches.
  27. Awkward moments between Mandy and Lip.
  28. Every time Debbie obsesses with her virginity.
  29. Every time Chucky is eating.
  30. Every time Liam is at College.
  31. Every time Carl bullies someone/it is mentioned that he’s a Bully.
  32. Mickey and Ian are a domesticated couple.
  33. Whenever Ian is wearing Guy-liner.

FINISH DRINK (Three drinks if you’ve already finished a drink in the episode)

  1. Someone refers to Jimmy/Steve as Jimmy/Steve.
  2. Every time Mickey gets shot.
  3. Every time Mickey gets out of jail.
  4. Every time Lip thinks sex can cure homosexuality.
  5. Every time someone is at the train station.
  6. Lip and Ian have a fight.
  7. Every time Mandy is oblivious to the fact that Ian and Mickey are fucking.
  8. Every time Debbie gets mad at Frank/beats Frank up.
  9. Every time Terri tries to kill Ian.
  10. Everyone Mickey gets angry about someone calling him gay.
  11. Ian calls Mickey “Mick”
  12. Every time Mickey initiates a kiss with Ian.
Lights Will Guide You Home

“…and ignite your bones”

Ian wakes up on morning, distraught over leaving Mickey, to find a stranger by his bed. Or was he a stranger at all?

Ian walks home from work filled with exhaustion in so many ways. The journey almost pitch black from the shitty street lights not working. He opens the door, the light from inside killing his eyes, and finds Lip and Fiona drinking on the couch.  

“Hey, man,” Lip greets him. “Wanna join?”

Ian offers a fake smile to his siblings. Not having a genuine since…  He things Since you broke up with the man you loved and did nothing as he got chased away with your gun toting half-sister…or was she your cousin. Who the fuck knows. It’s not like your siblings pay enough attention to you to realize your smile isn’t real.

“Nah,” Ian says. “Had a long day. Think I’ll just go to bed.”

“Aww,” Fiona groans, she already seems to be drunk. Drunk Fiona was always a lot of fun. Ian thinks before he shrugs lightly still smiling and heads to the stairs.

Ian’s face drops as soon as he’s out of sight. He gets to his bedroom, Lip’s old one, and starts taking off his clothes.

He sits on the edge and sighs. Another day end, another failed relationship that couldn’t fill the void that was left by-

Ian can’t say his name. Doesn’t want to. It’s left at the back of his throat and he swallows it down hard.

He lays his head on the pillow and welcomes the dreams that will let him escape this reality, at least for a little while.


The morning comes too quickly, the night was filled with tossing and turning and Ian wakes up as he usually does…still tired. His mind is full of regret, guilt, and whatever the hell else kept him up at night and haunted him in his slumber. He rubs his eyes, his body acting hungover despite him not having a drink last night. This is typical until he gets some caffeine in him. Though not even caffeine could hide the disgust and general hatred for himself he felt whenever he thought about…him… Mickey. He lets him think of his name. The man he loved and left again and again. He tried to bury everything he felt with man-hopping and his new job but it didn’t work and Ian knew it.

The bright sun blinds him as Ian looks towards the opened window.

He sighs and turns over to his side and notices a large lump by him on the bed. At first he thinks it’s a pillow but quickly realizes it’s a person. He quickly shifts all the way to the other side of the bed. It’s probably someone Frank let in for some cash or drugs. Won’t be the first time.

Ian leans back and extends his leg slowly pushing the person further and further off the bed until they get close enough to the edge and Ian kicks them off as forceful as he can.

A loud thump is heard and a groan soon after. Ian quickly jumps off the bed and grabs the bat he always has by his bed.

“Well that’s one fucking way to wake up.” The person says. It’s mumbled enough that Ian can’t quite make out if he knows them or not.

He comes over to the side of the bed the person fell out, his grip on the bat tightening. He can see now it’s a man though most of his body is still covered by the sheets that fell with him.

Ian holds up the bat higher and is about to shout at the man when the man’s arm escape his cover prison to rub his head and Ian sees his hand.

The bat slips out of Ian’s fingers and crashes down on the floor making a worse noise then the body that hit it a few minutes ago.

It can’t be he thinks but he sees it clearly.



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Truth or Drink - fckyeahgallavich - Shameless (US) [Archive of Our Own]
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It’s Gallagher game night! The first of a tradition–or so they hope. Mickey was unwilling to start off with, so how will he feel by the end of the night when Lip is the one asking the questions?
Inspired by an Anon prompt on my Tumblr; Asking for a game of Truth or Drink for Ian and Mickey!

American Horror Story : COVEN- Drinking Game

Take a Drink/Shot every time

1.Nan says “I could be the supreme”

2. Anyone says “You’re the next supreme” drink twice if someone says “I’m the next supreme”

3. Someone says “Bitch”, drink two if Madison says it (she says it at least once an ep)

4. Cordelia shouts or screams 

5. Someone dies

6. Misty mentions “Stevie” or Fleetwood Mac

7. Someone uses their powers

8. Every time someone says “Witch Bitch”

9. Every time Delphine is racist 

10. Someone comes back from the dead

11. Someone mentions the seven wonders

12. Every time someone ignores the fact Zoe could be the supreme

13. We get a FLASH BACK

14. Fiona kills or tries to kill someone

15. Myrtle says something witty and hilarious

16. Cordelia says or does something that makes you go awwwwww

17. Every time you see blood 

18. Someone says the word Supreme

19. And Finally Every time there is the “la la la” music in the background…. Yep have fun getting alcohol poisoning bitches BYEEEE

Drinking Can Be Good?

(A little Snowbaz fanfic that I wrote to take my mind off fucking Biology. This was inspired by Imperfect Tense by Frank Turner- small warning about all of the very strong language in this.)

Naked and wretched and retching on a hotel bathroom floor. Why did I have to get so drunk? Stupid Snow. Stupid fucking Simon Snow. Always infiltrating my fucking head with his brilliant, beautiful, gorgeous curls. The golden boy was always fucking killing me.
The idea of having to go back to school to stay with the golden boy made me want to cry. I couldn’t sleep next to that golden boy, I was physically incapable of sleeping in the same room as this fucking boy without wanking my wrist muscles away.
So, after complaining about the brilliant, hated, fucking incredible golden boy to Fiona for the last six months, she decided to take me out drinking in Yorkshire. Overnight we stayed in a hotel and I got completely fucking pissed like the complete moron I am- shit, I’m literally almost as stupid as Simon fucking golden boy Snow. The chosen one has never left me.
Fiona left to drink with her old punk friends, leaving me alone in a gay bar. A boy, a pretty boy, but not as fucking pretty as Snow, bought me drinks, too many drinks. Three tequilas, five shots of vodka and a pint of beer later, I’m alone in my hotel room, throwing all my fucking guts up. We were going to fuck- Archie and I. But then I threw up. Now, I’m curled up in only a towel, explaining Simon fucking Snow to him.
“I’m sorry; this is probably the literal shittiest hook up you have ever fucking had.” I sob to him. Being the lovely guy he appears to be, Archie just shrugs it off.
“You need to tell this Simon boy how you feel, it will make you feel better and you never know, you might get a relationship out of it.”
I cry for a while on Archie before he hands me my clothes, turning away as I dress. He then brings me six crackers and a pint of water to help me sober up. Being the complete sweetheart he is now revealing to be, this man holds my hand and rubs my back as I text Simon fucking, Simon brilliant, Simon golden boy Snow.
‘Simon, I wouldn’t normally do something like this by text but I don’t think you would actually pick up if I tried to call you and I have literally no idea how to find you, so I’m texting instead. Okay? Look, the thing is, Snow, I love you. I have literally been in fucking love with you for the last five years, okay? You mean so fucking much to me and I have just been a cunt to you for all this fucking time because I really love you, okay? If you want to do anything about this, want to see me, or have anything to see, I’ll be in the upstairs of the Queen’s Arcade Starbucks in Leeds City Centre between 10am and 3pm tomorrow. I love you, okay? Baz.’
Like the fucking lazy arsehole piece of shit, thing that I love, amazing boy, brilliant thing, Snow doesn’t fucking reply to me. Fuck him, the divinely gorgeous boy that he is. But, I make it to the Starbucks on time and order a pumpkin spice latte, taking it upstairs with me and curling up in an arm chair, book out as I wait, but fucking incapable of concentrating, just waiting for the golden boy to turn up.
In standard fashion, he does manage to, but about 15 minutes late. A cup of tea and a scone in hand, Snow slowly walks up the stairs and sits opposite me, grinning shyly. “H-hey,” he stutters, spilling tea down his jumper due to the shaking of his hand. “I didn’t know if you were plotting something, I was worried you wouldn’t be here, but I had to turn up because that text meant so much to me.”
“For fuck’s sake Snow, I’m not always fucking plotting you dick, I was actually being serious, I-I do actually love you.”
His face softens, melts into a grin. “Fuck me. You actually meant it? Jesus fuck.”
“You know I want to,” I wink, loving the sight of him blushing at this. “Come here?” I pout at Snow, fucking Jesus golden boy.
He slinks round to me, brushing his ever present fucking scone crumbs off him as he stands up, making his way over to my seat, curling up in the one next to me, grabbing my hand in an act of bravery and boldness that I am surprised to be surprised by from fucking Snow who fought a dragon, in true Chosen One style. Gathering all of my fucking courage, I lean in to kiss the golden boy, our lips interlocking and latching.
My hands snake around his waist, pulling him up onto my lap, pulling him as close as I can to my body, how I have wanted to do since I was fucking eleven years old. His hands whisper their way up into my hair, pulling on it, dragging it out of my well planned and organised hair. Of course the first time that I actually get to fucking kiss Snow, he would have to fuck with me and the one thing I actually always put fucking effort into every single day. Somehow though, this doesn’t piss me off as much as it normally does when Snow ruffles my hair. I guess that’s what having the love of your fucking life kissing you, on your lap in a Starbucks will do to you.
Countless minutes later, we break apart, pulling away finally. We stand, fingers interlacing together, we leave together, Snow leading the way into an H&M, where we both buy matching dark blue sweatshirts. Not that I would normally wear a sweatshirt- I’m much fancier than that. We stand in the queue, probably pissing off the cashier with our longing gazes, arms thrown around each other and my insistence on kissing Snow on each and every one of his shoulder, cheek and neck moles.
I can’t stop fucking grinning, beautiful, gorgeous, golden, chosen boy Snow is actually mine. I guess that the moral to this little story is that if you are in love with a boy from when you are eleven years old, you should be a cunt to him for five years, get really fucking pissed with a man in a gay bar, cry drunkenly on the bathroom floor of your hotel room, tell the man you picked up in a bar about your crush, text your crush and meet him in a Starbucks and make out with him in said Starbucks.

Back when she’d finally gotten wind of the announcement that Sydney would be the location for the show’s sixth season, Fiona had silently praised herself for nixing the Australia trip from her list of places to travel to during the break. She’d been there years before, but enough time had passed that everything looked and felt entirely new as she watched out of the window on the ride from the airport to the house. Over the break, she had been able to organize get togethers with a few of the people from the cast that she was closest to since the idea of going three months without seeing them felt almost painful. With those visits still fresh in mind, Fiona was most exited to be reunited with those that she hadn’t been able to make concrete plans with. Ditching all of her luggage off to the side of the front door and deciding to wait to move it until she found someone willing to help, she headed straight for the kitchen. After searching through a few cabinets with little success, she finally located the glasses and picked one to fix herself some water when she heard footsteps nearby. “Hey, do you want something to drink?” Fiona asked, without turning to see else had entered.