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Shrek appreciation post

 I thoroughly enjoy the Shrek movies. They have comedy and heart and…they’re just good movies.

 I love Shrek. And I love how much he loves his children. One of the first questions he asks when he wakes up in Shrek 4 is “Where are my babies?” and the way that line is read absolutely breaks my heart.

It sucks that Shrek has become a very inappropriate joke on the internet cause he is such an emotional character. He’s been judged for so long that he learned to shut everyone out and grew to hate people, but inside, he just wants to be loved.

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And I grew up with shrek. I felt his pain deep in my heart. And this is why his and Fiona’s relationship, to me, was so cute. I just love everything about them. They each saw each other as beautiful in every movie despite how they looked.

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and the movies gradually got better animation. And I just love how much emotion they show.

look at that tear though

This is my favorite scene because this is actually the first time we see Shrek cry out of all of the movies and it really touched my heart. I just love his character and his character development throughout the movies.

Hats off to you, Dreamworks, because I absolutely love these movies no matter what anyone says.


Life Without Archie. What a line up of cover artists!

Bravo, Archie Comics.

  • Fiona Staples
  • Fracesco Francavilla
  • Adam Hughes
  • Ramón Pérez
  • Mike Allred
  • Cliff Chiang
  • Jill Thompson
  • Tommy Lee Edwards
  • Walter Simonson
  • Alex Ross
That one time Fiona Staples drew the Authority

… and it was (predictably) glorious.  This is from ‘The Secret History of the Authority: Hawksmoor’ by Mike Costa and Fiona Staples.  It is seriously one of the best Authority stories out there, a fantastic study of Hawksmoor’s origin and powers, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Beautifully written and drawn throughout.


This Season on Shameless

With Jimmy MIA, Fiona is moving on. “She’s dating her boss [Mike] at the cup factory,” reveals stars Emmy Rossum. “She has, for the first time, a normal existence” – complete with an income and health insurance! But of course, this is Fiona, who’s addicted to chaos, so “she’ll start to get antsy and begin to self-sabotage” herself with Mike’s brother and by making “a huge mistake” that gets her arrested.

Frank desperately needs a liver – his only match, Fi, denies him – leaving the patriarch to drop a big family bomb.

The kids, meanwhile, are growing up: Debbie gets some new “progressive” friends,

Lip discovers he’s not the smartest one in the room at college and Ian returns drastically changed. 

Ian will return around 408, which airs in March.

I don’t think it’s right that every other major Gallagher couple - Fiona and Jimmy, Fiona and Mike, Lip and Karen, Lip and Mandy, Frank and Monica, Frank and Sheila - all had decent periods of happiness before the shit hit the fan, whilst Mickey and Ian have really just never had that. I know that it can’t be perfect and fluffy because that’s just not right for them or the show, but they deserve some happiness before hell hits.

[HQ] Shameless 404 “Strangers on a Train” Airs on Super Bowl night

Fiona continues her secret affair with Robbie, but her infidelity is threatened to be exposed when Mike shows up at Robbie’s apartment while Fiona is there. Meanwhile, Frank tries to contrive an “accident” that will net him a big insurance payout, so he can afford a potential liver transplant.