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Apocalyptic Degrassi is seeking Imogen Moreno !

Bio:Imogen saw the apocalypse as a blessing in disguise. Her father died painlessly in his sleep and while she was devastated, she was happy to know that he wasn’t going to have to live in the new world. Imogen was turned into an architect, due to her creativity and her interior design skills. She enjoyed her work, although she missed Fiona dearly. She didn’t dare go and visit the other girl, not wanting anything bad to happen to her. Imogen was scared of Simpson and what he could do to her or someone she cared about. She had heard the stories about Dallas and Owen, and she didn’t want to become a story, although she was a Class A that didn’t necessarily matter, especially when it came to Dallas.

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Between Fimogen, Eclare, Zaya, Jatie, and Beckadam...

12.5 is going to do some wild things to my heart. 

I ship all five! Usually the couples I like are never together/possibly getting together at the same time!!!! 

By the end of it my heart could be either really happy or torn to shreds.

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