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Interviewer: What are you trying to say in Juicebox, Julian?

Julian: Ahhhh, let’s go party in space. *laughs*

Interviewer: Is that where the album title comes from?

Julian: No. No.There’s a bunch of stuff going on. I’m always a little all over the place. I don’t know, trapped in a place you love? I don’t know man. It’s a pretty crazy song. 

I always intended to be a little schizophrenic from the beginning so I didn’t try to pin it down. The other songs I thought are a little more neatly wrapped up you know. Purposely left it a little abstract. Sort of different parts of the song are like from different places. Even the name’s slightly detached.

It was sort of a joke about. I think…there were like serious death metal bands playing all around us, where we rehearsed. I don’t know how, the music building turned into like the death metal building. We’d be rehearsing and then I’d be “We should put in the record just like the bands upstairs.” Like OOUUUARRRRRR! like the hardest metal you can imagine.

It was the toughest when we were doing the slow songs. It made me hate some of our like majory songs you know.

I remember Razorblade was like the toughest. They were like slaughtering animals upstairs…and there’s like our funky bass line…anyway. *laughs*

Interviewer: We’ll get on to Razorblade soon. Let’s hear Juicebox and um, let’s go party in space?

Julian: I don’t know where I went on that one. *laughs*